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Porcupine Tree – Lazarus Lyrics 8 years ago
There is a passage in the Bible about the raising of Lazarus - a believer in Jesus who falls ill and dies. Jesus is said to visit his tomb and raise him from the dead. So, generally speaking, I think this song is about recovery from ills and moving on to new beginnings.

I get the impression that the subject of the story, David, has endured a fairly miserable existence, raised by "twisted folk" in a "cheerless town". He is aware that he can have a better life, however (seeing light, i.e. the moon, through the fog). A voice (perhaps a religious/spiritual presence, or maybe his subconscious) then implores him to move towards the light of that moon - towards a better life. "Moonlight is bleeding from out of your soul" would hint at his yearning to reach that light.

I'm unsure what the ghost of the twenties is about, though...

This is my first attempt at interpreting a PT song, so don't bash too much. :P

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