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Paul Simon – The Boy in the Bubble Lyrics 12 years ago
agreed with most commenters -- the song seems to highlight the aimlessness of modern technology.

"And the automatic earth" sounds so much like auto-makers :)

now if he only had a mystic reference to the internet and its potential ... for porn

Paul Simon – Loves Me Like a Rock Lyrics 12 years ago
Some ppl asked, so I thought Id clear part of it up ~ "mama" in the 1st stanza is literal, in the 2nd stanza it's his wife, and in the 3rd stanza it's even more broad, perhaps the American public, I would say. That's why he's a "consecrated boy," then a "consummated man," and then a leader with the "Presidential Seal ... on the Presidential Podium."

Paul Simon – St. Judy's Comet Lyrics 12 years ago
My dad used to sing me this song when I was little. Solid proof that I have been loved in my life, if you ask me :)

Paul Simon – Gumboots Lyrics 12 years ago
(not to be confused with pleasuring yourself)

lol, fiesta. I read it the exact same way. Except I would add one thing: The way you think and feel about yourself is almost completely based on how others treat you. So when a "senorita" doesn't want to get married to you, then you re-think who you really are. That's the first way I read it.

But the people are left intentionally vague in the song, so there's lots to play with.

Paul Simon – Kodachrome Lyrics 12 years ago
You can pretty much read drug-use into any song, if you want. But at least you made it half-interesting, papker :)

Yes, I think the song is about stark reality versus imagination. And trying to balance the two, "please don't take my Kodachrome away."

It doesn't matter if you're a scientist, an engineer, a medical-researcher, a photographer, a painter -- if you want to accomplish something new, you need at least a little creative / semi-original thinking. High school tries to take that away. That's only good if you're a straight-laced accountant, lawyer, or brick-layer and, even then, you might need a little creative thinking sometimes.

Paul Simon – One Trick Pony Lyrics 12 years ago
My favorite Paul Simon album, definitely. I wonder who or what inspired him to write this song. I gotta say, Paul Simon seems to play effortlessly. So I guess he fooled me.

"All of these extra movements I make / And all of this herky-jerky motion / And the bag of tricks it takes / To get me through my working day."

Paul Simon – American Tune Lyrics 12 years ago
Always comes across as a very sad song for me. American blue-collar workers try to scrape by and earn a better life for themselves and their children and they find themselves getting further and further behind. With less money comes less opportunities, especially in education. Greater liberties for less people, less liberties for more and more. Not America to me. Every kid deserves a shot to achieve.

Paul Simon – Duncan Lyrics 12 years ago
Could be a simple longing for 'love' / 'finding love' song. Believe me, that's the country life for ya.

But, it would also make a great bio-song. We just need a part ii, part iii, etc.

M.I.A. – Paper Planes Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is definitely written from MIA's perspective while in the US and the West. Visa-immigration issues, questioning the value of her art and her contributions to culture, poor job opportunities for immigrants, a belief that minorities are likely to be criminals, a general belief that immigrants are somehow bad for the economy, it's all there.


The "bang bang bang bang" and "ka-ching" overpowering the kids' voices really says something, I believe.

What I reallllllllly loved about this song, that basically sold me on it, is the "some some some I murder, some some I let go". The first time I heard that, I thought she was speaking Arabic (Sam Sam Salaam Alaikum, Wa ailakum Salaam means Hello and Good Bye)

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