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Cake – Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle Lyrics 5 years ago
Some people drink pepsi, some people drink coke
the whacky morning dj says democracy's a joke

Portugal. The Man – The Sun Lyrics 5 years ago
I really wonder what he means by "slip on down from that sun, to climb down to earth"

Phantogram – Black Out Days Lyrics 5 years ago
This seems an obvious interpretation but I will say it.
This song (like many others) always reminds me of when I was too deep into the drugs. I knew that they were making me insane but giving them up would be to "hide the sun". I longed to know how to stay away from their influence. The resulting cognitive dissonance made for experiences that were intensely frightening (the head voices), a strong contrast from the initial feelings of euphoria.
"I don't even recognize you anymore"

Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus Lyrics 5 years ago
I do not disagree that, when used colloquially, a double negative serves to reinforce the negative instead of nullifying it. That said, the ambiguity of language allows for the embedding of multiple meanings into a single statement allowing for either interpretation to be correct. I agree, it is unlikely that the lyrics are meant to be interpreted outside the colloquial sense but the possibility remains. If you are willing to acknowledge PTM's status as a cultural vector for a particular influential non-public organization, this possibility seems much more likely.

Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus Lyrics 5 years ago
If you take into account the double negatives(triple in one instance) this song is subject to multiple conflicting interpretations.

The content of the verses is somewhat unsettling in regards to the state of modern thought:

"We can sell your dreams"
Commercialism. Everyone dreams of fame in some form. Have you ever fantasized about being a rock star? Note the usage of "we" throughout the song.

"You don't need sympathy
They got a pill for everything"
Pharmaceuticals - Don't worry about those troublesome emotions. Suppress with technology.

"We're the ones who start little fires
Yet they burn out"
Recreational drugs - Yes, I know there are other interpretations to this verse. They have a powerful effect when "on the rise" but leave you wanting when you come down.

"Who cares if hell awaits?"
"We know that we're helpless"
Apathy - Lack of concern about the future. Unwillingness to improve even in the face of consequence.

We have all these problems but we don't need religion. Do we? Perhaps this artist thinks we do. Maybe not Christianity, but something that's better adapted to our modern condition and, above all, not governed by materialism.

Double Negatives:

We don't need no modern Jesus = We need modern Jesus

'Cause we won't sell you nothing You can't use = We will sell you something you can't use

The Killers – Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song is just Brandon bashing on Fall Out Boy and the Bravery. Fall Out Boy did release a song called "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race"
I could be wrong though im not a fan, just a Wikipedia junkie

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