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Sea Wolf – Priscilla Lyrics 8 years ago
I think this is about a couple who is constantly fighting; I feel from certain lines that this seems to have become a love/hate relationship.
"But when I watched you coming
and I saw you brush up against the ferns
All i could think was
if they're wet will they ever burn?"
Almost like he is dreading to see her coming; and all he wants is for her to be gone or to burn with the ferns?

All in all, I love this song so much and I love how with the mood that the music sets you have to listen to it more than once to realise that it's not a lovey dovey story that it tells :)

AFI – Cold Hands Lyrics 10 years ago
To me this song had a very personal meaning. I always felt it was about liking or loving a person because they give you an image of themselves that actually turns out to be false.
It happened to me, at least.
It hadn't occurred to me that it was about an artist selling out :P

My Chemical Romance – DESTROYA Lyrics 10 years ago
I love Gerard's voice on this one :)
At least on my very personal opinion, on how the song makes me feel; I think it talks about how people view you as an "enemy" if you are different, if your opinions differ from theirs. (Especially about not believing in god lol)
And also about how society has come to define who you are by what you have.
I love MCR

My Chemical Romance – The Only Hope For Me Is You Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this song so much. I don't live in the U.S. so I have to wait for my brother to go and bring me the album for X-Mas. I can't wait :)

Combichrist – fuckmachine Lyrics 10 years ago
Pretty obvious what this song means haha
One of my faves from Making Monsters

Combichrist – just like me Lyrics 10 years ago
YAY!!! I waited and waited and waited for the lyrics to the songs from Making Monsters!
I have to say "Just Like Me" and "Throat Full of Glass" are my favourites :D
I couldn't quite understand what was said at the beginning of the song.

Metric – Eclipse (All Yours) Lyrics 10 years ago
In my opinion, this song is about Bella making the decision to marry Edward and become a vampire to live with him forever...a lot of people may hate her for this choice (Jacob, Rosalie, her parents) but she is decided and won't back down; and her new life as a vampire will begin.
I totally love this songggg <3 it makes me want to fall in loveeee :(

Blaqk Audio – Ill Lit Ships Lyrics 11 years ago
so melancholy...

Late Night Alumni – Eros Lyrics 11 years ago
i agree with simdanes
it's referring to how lust makes everything waver and how relationships that are based on only that can't stand up for long
I LOVE this song :) i wish it had more comments!!

Panzer Ag – When Death Embrace Me Lyrics 11 years ago
I like this song so is so deep and means much to me...
This Is My Battlefield is a great album... :)

Perry Farrell – Go All the Way (Into the Twilight) Lyrics 11 years ago
it's nice if you don't pay attention to the lyrics cause they kind of suck and agreed @synthaesia; the girl is annoying

Suede – Animal Nitrate Lyrics 11 years ago
didn't they say in Seven Ages of Rock that this is about...fear of sex...or something like that? I love it due to this because I am realizing I might be asexual =)

Hyde – Season's Call Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is beautiful :)

AFI – Darling, I Want To Destroy You Lyrics 11 years ago
i love this song
it's just so sobering...i don't know
and it perfectly describes what i'm going through right now.
a relationship that started out beautifully and with illusions but that i now find hateful and sickening.
i want to destroy him.

AFI – Medicate Lyrics 11 years ago
the song is about a chemical romance...
in which two random people get drugged and have sex.
that's it =D
woo i love the fact that one of my favorite band's name (MCR) became the topic of another of my fave band's song

Combichrist – Today I Woke To The Rain Of Blood Lyrics 11 years ago
lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this song i can't stop listening to it!!

Underoath – A Love So Pure Lyrics 11 years ago
i'm not even a christian and i know that jesus is the same as god...
the trinity, dood! """""god is father, son, and holy spirit""""

Underoath – A Love So Pure Lyrics 11 years ago
christianity sucks
all religion is hipocrisy

AFI – Medicate Lyrics 11 years ago
it's like the perfect fusion between Decemberunderground and Sing the Sorrow, IMO
looove it :)

AFI – Medicate Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is too amazing!! :D
AFI will never cease to rock my world!!!!

Taking Back Sunday – New Again (That Is Quite Enough) Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is amazing and it is my anthem to starting anew

Emily Bindiger – Aura Lyrics 12 years ago
i love this song!
it brings different feelings all at once

Hyde – A Drop of Colour Lyrics 12 years ago
i love this song
my fave Hyde song, i must say
and i think i kind of know what it talks about because i'm going through something similar right now
he likes someone, but somehow they got caught up in a body of lies.
all the world is giving them is lies, omission, or errant thoughts.
they have fallen into a confusion.
they are being fed the lies and opinions of everybody around them; and now they don't know what to think by themselves; the lies are the "noise" that drown his thoughts of the person.
and he feels that due to this they may lose their chance to be together and experience all the good things that may come...
that's why "there are so many things to show to you"
i think it's something along that.
i may be wrong.
but that's exactly what i'm feeling right now hahaha

Daft Punk – Face to Face Lyrics 12 years ago
i love this song
Discovery was the first CD i ever had ^^
i'll never grow tired of it
this is probably my favorite song
and i believe it talks about the fear of going into a relationship or into something serious with a person
the singer says that his pride made him distant
maybe he is afraid to commit
there's things about the other person that he dislikes a lot and that he doubts a lot
maybe rumors he's heard of them
and they're growing apart because of that
but he realizes that the only thing he can really do to make the situation better is to confront this person to find out the real, actual truth; otherwise, they might both get caught up in just more lies and rumors and stuff like that
i think it's something like that
i must say i'm going through something similar and that gave me the chance to think on this song a little mor deeply

Aya Hirano – Bouken Desho Desho Lyrics 12 years ago
i love this song
it always cheers me up
Haruhi Suzumiya rocks

AFI – Love Like Winter Lyrics 12 years ago
well lots of people say that this song is un-AFI but hey! it was originally intended as a Blaqk Audio project
hence the upbeat rhythm and electronic feel

i also have to say that i am fed up with people saying that they've become sellouts just because their sound has changed from the original...THAT'S WHAT'S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN dipshits!!!!
i don't think you'd like to hear the same beat and rhythm and structure over and over again and ad infinitum
and what...are they sellouts for doing something they like!!???

AFI – Love Like Winter Lyrics 12 years ago
it means "forever"

don't always count on babelfish!

AFI – Kill Caustic Lyrics 12 years ago
AFI aint emo

AFI – Kill Caustic Lyrics 12 years ago
AFI doesn't suck and neither does The Clash
they're the best bands everrrrrrr

YOU suck!

Blaqk Audio – Between Breaths Lyrics 12 years ago

The Vapors – Turning Japanese Lyrics 12 years ago
i think something like this is what they intended to create....CONTROVERSY AND CONFUSION!
mwahahahaha xD

The Clash – Rock the Casbah Lyrics 12 years ago
by the way...
FUCK all you haters!!
if you hate the song so much, wtf are you doing here!?

The Clash – Rock the Casbah Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is simply AMAZING! I'm ashamed to say that the first time I hear it was in January this year. But i instantly LOVED it!!!! And when I found out the depth of its lyrics, I loved it even more. It got to fall deeply in love with The Clash. I've probably heard it more than 2000 times already (and I'm not joking) and I don't intend to stop anytime soon! I'll never grow tired of this song or of The Clash!! THE only band that matters!!!

...RIP Joe =[

The one and only true PUNK band!!!!

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