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Joshua Radin – Star Mile Lyrics 11 years ago
To me, this song is about a relationship in which the guy is neglecting his girlfriend due to a blossoming career. He just keeps on letting her be second best, taking it for advantage that she'll always be there. Eventually, she leaves him and he begins to fall apart without her- 'you might need to fill a prescription to kill off the sirens' could be taking pills to ease the regret he feels for letting her go. He knows it is his own fault, and regrets it with all his heart, but it's too late.

Nickelback – Far Away Lyrics 11 years ago
God, I used to listen to this song all the time.
It reminded me of my best friend, who I was hopelessly in love with... he was the king of mixed signals, so I never did know where I stood with him. We'd had an on/off relationship before, but I just wanted to make a proper go of it with him, and the lyrics seemed to relate to me so well... 'I loved you all along.' I never stopped loving him. I used to sit and dream of the day where he'd 'hold onto me and never let me go'... cheesy, but there you go.

The Saturdays – Issues Lyrics 11 years ago
Hello, story of my life.

I can't say I'm a big fan of The Saturdays but I do like this song.. reminds me so much of this stupid guy that I just wish I could move on from. My feelings for him are so cnflicted; cos on the one hand I love him so much, and on the other, I know he doesn't treat me right. I know I deserve better and I know I should give up and move on but somehow I just can't. Like Kazabena said, you still have those feelings even though you know you shouldn't.

Little Boots – Meddle Lyrics 12 years ago
It always sounded to me like a girl is talking to her friend's ex boyfriend. Her friend is vulnerable and hurt over their relationship, but she still likes the guy and he's starting to like her again. The friend is telling the guy to be nice to her friend or back off. Just my interpretation, though.

Eminem – Deja Vu Lyrics 12 years ago
This and 'Beautiful' are the best songs on the album, I think; chronicalling his struggles with addiction and his feelings of loneliness, amplified by losing his best friend, Proof. He tried to cope with his troubles by abusing sleeping pills and alcohol.

Hilary Duff – Now You Know Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm not usually a fan of Hilary Duff- she's often a bit too saccharine for my tastes- but this song has something cute and honest about it. Obviously about a girl confessing her feelings to a guy and hoping he feels the same way :)

David Bowie – Kooks Lyrics 12 years ago
I totally agree, brings a tear to my eye! Ah, such a cute song.

David Bowie – Kooks Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song. Something about Bowie's voice means a smile spreads to my face whenever I hear it.

To me, it's a sweet song that Bowie wrote after his son was born. He's telling him that he loves him and they're gonna look after him until he gets old enough, at which point he can either leave or stay with 'a couple of kooks' (his parents). He also talks about throwing homework on the fire, telling Zowie not to get too stressed about schoolwork and yeah, I reckon there's a reference to Bowie's eye getting damaged in their somewhere. It's very cute. Just my take on it.

The Cure – Close to Me Lyrics 12 years ago
Is it just me who thinks Lady Sovereign has killed, maimed, tortured and spat down the severed neck of this amazing song? Sorry, I know it's not related to song meanings, I just had to say it somewhere!

Tommy James – Draggin' the Line Lyrics 12 years ago
This song totally captures the 60's way of thinking. It's essentially laid back, hippie stoner-rock, and I think it's about the daily grind AND drugs. You know what they say; "If you can remmeber the 60's, you weren't there." I do love this song- gets me feeling all kinds of perky.

Trip – River Phoenix Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song :) It's pretty obvious really, it's a date getting wrecked. Trip are amazing!

The All-American Rejects – Straitjacket Feeling Lyrics 12 years ago
I hear 'yesterday was hell.'

This song reminds me so much of the relationship I;ve just gotten out of. I was with this guy who I liked so much, but he treated me terribly. I finally got up the strength to get rid of him, and although initially it was difficult, I'm over him already, whereas he says he's starting to regret the way things went. (Yesterday was hell but today I'm fine without you)

Metronomy – Heartbreaker Lyrics 12 years ago
Although this probably isn't the actual definition, this song reminds me of a situation I'm in- my best friend is in a relationship with a girl who's a total bitch, and he's been sort of neglecting me for her. We only get close again when she cheats on him or something, but he always goes running back to her. I really miss my friend and I hate her for treating him like shit when he's worth so much more than that.

So these lyrics fit pretty perfectly:
"the girl's no good for me and you
she hurts me too"

"but in my eyes she's done us wrong
enough times for you to side with me"

Panic! at the Disco – Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off Lyrics 12 years ago
All I can think of when I hear this song is the character of Alice from Closer. Not only is the title a quote from her in the play/movie, but some of the lyrics really remind me of her, especially during the strip club scenes of the movie.

The Psychedelic Furs – Pretty in Pink Lyrics 12 years ago
I'd tend to agree with the theories of a promiscuous teenage girl than the transvestite simply because there seems to be more evidence in the words.

Caroline laughs and it's raining all day
(She laughs even though her life isn't great, and it's 'raining')

She loves to be one of the girls
She lives in the place in the side of our lives
Where nothing is ever put straight
(She likes to feel like she fits in, and flirting and having sex with guys makes her feel that way. 'The side of our lives' means she's not an important part of the lives of the guys she has sex with, and the situation between them is 'never put right' because she feels for them and they just see her as a meaningless booty call.)

She turns her self round and she smiles and she says
"This is it that's the end of the joke"
(Maybe chatting up a guy in a bar?)

And loses herself in her dreaming and sleep
And her lovers walk through in their coats
(Dreaming of better things, maybe where guys actually like her rather than just use her.)

Pretty in pink
Isn't she
(To me this feels either ironic or, like someone else said, a reference to being naked.)

All of her lovers
All talk of her notes
And the flowers
That they never sent
(This sounds to me like she was thinking there was something serious with these guys, so sending them love notes that they ignored. 'Flowers that they never sent' shows that they didn't care about her enough to send her flowers.)

And wasn't she easy
And isn't she
Pretty in pink
(Pretty obvious- an easy shag, basically. And the guys commenting how good she looks naked?)

The one who insists
He was first in the line
Is the last to
Remember her name
(She thinks the guys genuinely care about her when in reality, they don't even care who she is. They'll promise her the world and then abandon her when they've got what they wanted.)

He's walking around
In this dress
That she wore
She is gone
But the joke's the same
(Stealing her things and taking the piss out of her, even further emphasising her not being accepted)

Caroline talks to you
Softly sometimes
She says
'I love you' and 'Too much'
(She attempts to give her casual encounters some level of romance, without much sucess.)

She doesn't have anything
You want to steal
Nothing you can touch
(Perhaps she's not so well off, which makes her the way she is. There's nothing these guys want from her except what they've already had.)

She waves
She buttons your shirt
The traffic
Is waiting outside
She hands you this coat
She gives you her clothes
These cars collide
(Waving goodbye to yet another guy who is leaving straight after getting what he wanted. She is obviously beautiful as the traffic stops for her 'These cars collide'. Maybe the writer was trying to imply that she was better than that and just had to relaise it.)

The Police – Don't Stand So Close To Me Lyrics 12 years ago
The reference to Nabakov makes it fairly obvious that this is a modern reimagination of Lolita, no?

Joy Williams – We Lyrics 12 years ago
I think the lyrics of this song are pretty self explanitory- even the most beautiful people and those who seem the happiest could be miserable, and there's always more to people than meets the eye. So true- this song meant alot to me when I first heard it. It's basically saying don't be so quick to assume people have perfect lives because everything has its faults.

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight Lyrics 12 years ago
I know that this song wasn't written by Phil Collins about any true events, but I like to believe the song is about the drowning urban legend. It's far more interesting to me than the dissolving of Phil's marriage, I guess, and if the lyrics fit, I don't see why we shouldn't bend them to fit how we want them to.

Enrique Iglesias – Not In Love Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm surprised how few comments this song has. I think this song is about a guy who is in love with a girl but is in denial about it (hence not in love). Perhaps he doesn't want his friends to know, or he's afraid of commitment or something?

Coldplay – Warning Sign Lyrics 12 years ago
I can't hear this song any more without crying. It reminds me of my best friend- I lost him recently and I miss him so much. I can't get out of my mind all the things I should have said to him (like confessing that I had feelings for him, for a start) and this song sort of captures that.

The Reindeer Section – I'll be here when you wake Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, to me this song is about forbidden love, too- maybe an affair. I always found this song reminded me of the relationship between Kevin and Leslie in St Elmo's Fire- well, sort of anyway. Like, the forbidden element (although in this song the woman is aware of it, wheras Leslie isn't for a lot of the movie). But it kind of reminds me of the scene where they have sex just before Alec finds them.

Just my opinions. They probably don't make a lot of sense to anyone else. I do really love this song- I love the vocals and the woodwind in the background.

Pulp – Underwear Lyrics 12 years ago
I've been listening to this song non stop lately, as I had a bad experience which is entirely summed up in these lyrics. Basically I was really drunk and ended up in a bedroom with this boy, who I thought I liked until we got there. I suddenly decided I didn't want to be there any more but it was too late so I ended up doing things that I regret. The next morning I felt so grubby and ashamed of what I'd done. That is what this song is about.

I don't think the line about giving his life is meant to be taken too literally. I reckon it's just from the outside male's perspective (who I think is the girls best friend) and it's used to emphasise just how much he desires her. I think Rose4Richey has it covered.

The Subways – Alright Lyrics 12 years ago
I LOVE The Subways, loved them ever since a friend convinced me to go and see them in Peterborough.

To me this song is about someone who's just got out of a relationship, but is optimistic about the future, hence the 'alright'. Its fairly easy to read.

Pink – I'm Not Dead Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, seems to me as though this song is about an unstable relationship in the way that it's on again/off again. And yeah, I agree with nd_adam about the 'scars' thing.

Pink – Fingers Lyrics 12 years ago
I read on wikipedia this is about her videoing herself masturbating.

Busted – Sleeping with the light on Lyrics 12 years ago
This song kind of reminds me of an ex boyfriend who moved abroad.

Yeah, the lyrics are obviously about a gradual break-up, where the girl is slipping about from the guy, who doesn't know what to do about it. And then, suddenly, it's over; and he's hearing aout her new life, her being 'engaged'. The guy is going over and over their relationship, although he knows it isn't good for him ('Cos I've been searching in my head for the words I thought she said for too long.')

Busted – 3 AM Lyrics 12 years ago
People should stop spamming and just write about the lyrics, that's the point.

I was a fan of Busted in my younger days- I even went to see them at the Peterborough Embankment!

This is one of the songs that I can still listen to without feeling about five years old. It's less childish than most of Busted's stuff.

The first few lines ('I don't give a damn about you,' etc.) are meant to be sarcastic- he's pretending that he doesn't care, but he does.

This song is about a failed relationship that the male is desperate to rekindle. He things that the couple are 'meant to be' and is hysterical for the majority of the song about their break up.

Matt Willis – Hey Kid Lyrics 12 years ago
These lyrics are wrong..
But the song is definately about the split of Busted.

'It's a shame we had to bail,
you know we put on quite a show,'
This is him saying that he thinks it's 'a shame' that Busted had to end as they did, and they were good while they lasted.

'What am I gonna do?'
Obviously him lamenting about what to do next, wondering if he has a career without Busted.

The correct line instead of ''Cause I've been sick of taking over all the good guitars' is 'Cause I've been sick of thinking over all the difficult times,'
hich clearly means that things had been strained within the band and he wants to remember the good tmes rather than the bad.

'I'm ready to start all over again,'
This is Matt saying he is stepping up and moving on from Busted.

'And I need some pieces from you' is actually 'patience,' blatantly talking to Charlie Simpson (who left Busted and effectively broke the band up.)

That's my take on it, anyway.

The Libertines – Up The Bracket Lyrics 12 years ago
I thought the 'shadow men' on Vallance Road were a double entendre a nod to the Kray twins, who lived there as well as being the police.
'Up the bracket' means to punch someone in the throat (it's from the Carry on Films, right?).
I reckon, if you want to put a plot to it, it's the narrator being chased around London by the police, and giving them the 'finger' (swearing at them)

The Libertines – What A Waster Lyrics 12 years ago
Two bob = £2. Just to clarify ;)

Yeah, this song seems to be about a prostitute with a drug habit (probably heroin, cos of the 'much preferred it the other way' reference and 'straight up her nose').

I love the Libertines. For me, they're the ultimate British band. I love how it's difficult to understand their lyrics unless you're British.

Dolly Parton – Jolene Lyrics 12 years ago
I think the meaning is pretty obvious. It's being sung by a fairly insecure girl to the beautiful Jolene, who she feels is jeopradizing her relationship. She is simply begging her to let her have hi, as Jolene is so beautiful, she can 'have her choice of men.'

Belle & Sebastian – Dress Up in You Lyrics 12 years ago
In my opinion, this song is a girl singing about an old friend. She always considered herself to be much prettier and cooler than her friend ("You're the loser, I won't dismiss you out of hand") but now, several years on, the roles have been reversed. The 'old friend' is now the beautiful, successful star and the so-called cool one is stuck in a mundane, everyday existence. The 'I always loved you' stanza is her begrudgingly admitting that her old friend deserves what she has now, and was indeed more beautiful than she ever gave her a chance to be. It is also implied that the old friend is missed ("I wish that you were here, we would have had a lot to talk about")

Belle & Sebastian – Expectations Lyrics 12 years ago
To me this song is just about being a teenage outcast. All the references to being different from the other kids ("Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange" and "Because you can't afford a blazer, girl, you're always wearing clogs") and being frustrated about it.

Another aspect of this song that strikes me is the representation of pressure put on young people about the rest of their lives ("Do you want to work in Debenham's, because that's what they expect") and the teenager in question becoming frustrated at the mundane prospects of their life, and the fact that everything they do will have consequences forever.

Mainly, though, I'd stick with the social misfit theme. The tone of Stuart Murdoch's voice just radiates alienation!

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