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Rammstein – Das Alte Leid (English) Lyrics 14 years ago
Wonderful, Rock Hawk has given the right meaning of the song, he got it! I just can add that the other key word other than life and sex, is the delusion of love. Love is the master at the head of this fake mechanism of sex and life. Thank you.

Rammstein – Morgenstern (English) Lyrics 14 years ago
So, I’ll go more over the subject. As Drkrts says, Morgenstern is Lucifer and as Soliloguy says, Morgenstern is Venus planet an Venus myth too. Then, as Doberwolf says, This is not a love song at all as “Amerika” teaches. But I’ll add another notion starting with anther thing that this song is not. This song is not about a girl who is ugly and depressed of being ugly.

Artists like Lindemann (or the artists who are behind him) don’t write about so simple subjects. Or better, it just seems they are writing on a simple subject as the importance of nowadays beauty for women in society. But this is the first appeal the songs gives to be economically accepted from the most part of the masses. This first appeal is just a metaphor. Behind Rammstein songs there is instead more and more. They are sometimes like prophets or great poetry men of the past. Do you really think Rammstein, with their powerful guitars and Flake’s ancestral keyboards chords can talk about the problems of a young teenager with his beauty? Of course not! Or better it may be true only for people who just take out from the song the primal economical appeal.

So what is the song about in my opinion? What is in reality this ugly girl? This Girl is Gea! This ugly woman is the earth and the mankind at the same time. So now the frame is fill up. Don’t worry, I don’t go away without giving you proofs of the availability of my thesis:

She's so ugly that it gets dark
when she looks into the sky

Its too much exaggerated to use the metaphor of the sun who is frightened for the sight of a girl. How can a girl be so ugly to make the sun going away and becoming night? This is too much for a ugly woman! If this girl is view as the humankind it can be true because normally the sun is God in all religions. So God can be frightened of the bad daily life humans conducts. So it goes away and the night comes.

Then the light is frightened
It shines into her face from below

Supposing it is an ugly girl, how can the sun light this ugly girl face from below? Under the feet of this girl there must be the earth. If the sun goes down and it gets dark, its true, the sun is supposed to be under her feet but her face can’t be lighted because there is the earth planet between this girl and the sun. So on which face the frightened sun is shining on? Obvious! It’s shining on the other face of the earth where the sun was not shining before and where now is night and the supposed girl is standing and walking alone in the dark. In reality the song is till here talking about the earth evolution around the sun. But in this mare song, the sun is turning around the earth instead of the contrary.

She sees a star shining in the twilight and pleads
Paint beauty onto my cheeks

Here there is no doubts. Earth/mankind are praying Lucifer on a side because we are on the way of the sin if we watch our days from a catholic point of view. We are praying Lucifer to reach the material beauty. The Venus Morning Star makes so much light just before the rising of the day. So this Vanus is Lucufer (The Light Bringer). The most shining light in the sky after the light of the sun (God). If mankind is praying to Venus/Lucifer for beauty on earth, it just means that they are praying for their destruction (the same destruction of Der Meister song). In fact, most conspiracy nowadays theorists think that terrorist attempts dates are calculated on Venus planetary transactions to get more astral power. Mayas did the same thing to chose the right day to make a war and to be sure they will gain. Destruction of mankind is view in the song as a purification of the earth from all bed things of humanity like the pollution or the wars. So the earth is the woman who is ugly because of mankind and pray to Venus to become beautiful destroying mankind.

Ugly, you are ugly
You, you are ugly

Here mankind are saying ugly to the earth. Because Earth is not ugly because of mankind but even because natural laws are bad, that’s why then people are for the progress.

But the progress makes ugly the nature so then the earth pray like this:

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the visage of mine
Cast a warm light
onto my frightening face

Here is the earth which is talking to Venus. To be free from progress and mankind.

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the beloved of mine
Cast a warm light
onto her frightening face
Tell her she's not alone

Let’s come now to the most strong proof that this girl is our earth: As you can see in this second refrain of the song. The subject change. Now it’s not the earth who is praying for herself but it’s someone else who is praying for her. Who is the narrator who is singing now? Who is the narrator everybody is asking about? Someone thinks this is the lover of the girl. This would change Morgenstern war song in a love song. But think about this. How can this innate horrible creature that makes the sun go down be a girl and how can this repulsiveness creature have someone who loves her? Well if we consider that this ugly woman is the earth with his cruel natural laws, of course she has a lover! The lover of this ugly earth is mankind who cannot live without her even she is naturally ugly or she became ugly because of the same mankind.

But look at this:

Humans are just creatures of the eye
Beautiful things are what I want
But you, you aren't beautiful, no

Humans are creature of the eyes means that they wants to see beautiful things. But it’s not a social problem if a girl is ugly. It couldn’t be a problem till this point. This sentence is to much important to be confined to the beauty of a girl. Humans here are not the view as the bad poor society. But humans here be humans in the higher and deepest sense! Even if sometimes they do wrong things, human’s aim is the beauty. They are not done to be animal and stay under the control of natural laws. Humans aim is the beauty since the Greek culture. They are creature of the eye reefers not only to the aesthetical side of human wanting but even and more to their spiritual needs that natural laws make impossible for the human to reach. Why they are creature of THE EYE? The eye here is the central eye, the eye of the pineal gland, the part of the brain that makes spiritual elevation in yoga and where dreams are created!

So at the end this is a war song between earth and his inhabitants, natural laws and spiritual laws where there are no good or bad party. We can consider it a love song too only if we consider also the hate:

Hate and love of people versus their condition and their own lives.

And the star wants to shine
onto the beloved of mine
It warms my breast and shakes
where life beats
To see with the heart
she is simply beautiful

This is a good ending. The Venus/Morning Star or Lucifer/Light Bringer is finally bringing the light of the sun, the light of a new day for the earth. This light is so powerful to come inside of the souls and to make the humans see how beautiful is in reality the beloved place they are living in. So the war is ending and maybe a new conception of life is coming where people can join their physical and spiritual need without making the earth a bad and ugly place to stay like a paradise. But in reality the new days are the age of Aquarius coming on top in 2400 and beginning his effects on 2012 with the planetary alignment which will cause most of problems Morgenstern song is try to denounce. 2012 is the top of this strange war that this Rammstein song is trying to explain.

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