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Mike Oldfield – To France Lyrics 11 years ago
Mike Oldfield wrote this song about Mary Queen of Scots, although it is quite abstract.

Holly Valance – Kiss Kiss Lyrics 11 years ago
Haha, this song makes me laugh because it's just saying "you don't need to seduce me, I'm a big slut!". Love it.

Do not love wading through lots of comments about what poeple think of Holly Valance, when this site is supposed to be about song meanings :)

Madness – House Of Fun Lyrics 11 years ago
If you watch the video, Dave_Who, it will be clear that the Mrs Clay is an neighbour who comes into the shop as he's trying to buy the condoms - that's when the rest of the band jump into the shop in old-lady dresses and dance around. He wants the chemist to hurry up before Mrs Clay sees him buying condoms and goes to tell his mum or something. Then at the end the shop tell the kid they don't sell "party gimmicks", having failed to understand his euphemism for condoms, and so he gives up, just as old Mrs Clay wishes him "Many Happy Returns" for his 16th birthday. Def nothing to do with prostitutes!

Lol I love this song, hilarious, I love the bit when he adds "a toothbrush and hairspray" like he's just trying to be casual!

Little Richard – Lucille Lyrics 11 years ago
I always thought the lyrics were different... I just googled it and there are about a million variations.. The one I know goes "You don't do your Daddy's will/ Ain't nothing to you, but I-I-I love you still." When I was little, the only words I could make out were "Ain't nothing to you, but I love you still", so I always thought it was about a short, skinny young girl but he loved her anyway!

The Beatles – Rocky Raccoon Lyrics 11 years ago
I think you can read too much into the Nancy/Lil Magill lines. Basically, her real name is plain old Nancy Magill, but she prefers to be called Lil, as in Lily or Lilian, not as in 'little'. Nancy is quite a plain name and Lil sounds like the name a Wild West showgirl might have. Haven't you ever met anyone who hated their name and tried to get you to call them by some obscure nickname or their middle name, and then it turns out that all their family and old friends call them the old name? Lil is just plain old Nancy Magill putting on airs, and that's all there is to it. She traded in her name for something fancier, and then she traded in her man for the more dashind Dan. I really think this is just a playful song with no hidden message or deep themes :-)

The Beatles – She Came In Through the Bathroom Window Lyrics 11 years ago
Oh yeah, and the line "But now she sucks her thumb and wanders/By the banks of her own lagoon", I imagined that she was a spoilt little rich girl who had made her own troubles by running off and was quite fragile inside, stewing in her messy life. Again, totally my imagination, I've no idea what it really means, if anything!

The Beatles – She Came In Through the Bathroom Window Lyrics 11 years ago
I didn't know about the break-in until I read it here, but I'd always vaguely imagined that it was about a girl from a privileged background ("protected by a silver spoon" - 'born with a silver spoon in your mouth'), but who was playing at being bohemian. I have an image of a girl with blonde hair climbing through a window to see her lover. She had abandoned her wealthy parents' hopes for her and was working as a dancer in clubs or the stage, even though she didn't have to, unlike the other girls, and still had the comfort of knowing she could go back to her parents.

The lines "And so I quit the police department/ And got myself a steady job/And though she tried her best to help me/ She could steal, but she could not rob", well, obviously a policeman is a steady job if ever there was one, so I took it ironically to mean he turned to crime as it paid better, 'steady' in that sense. And then I thought maybe the girl was a bit useless at robbing, and the line "she could steal but she could not rob" I imagined might be about how the middle/upper classes that she comes from "steal" from the working class by taking advantage of them, but are unprepared to actually go out robbing houses.

But that was just my imagination, I don't know what they were thinking of when they wrote it! The burglary at Paul's house makes a bit more sense of the context, but the last verse is still a bit of nonsensical fantasy, I think.

I love this song.

The Beatles – Lady Madonna Lyrics 11 years ago
I totally agree with Kyomara. An exhausted mother living on the breadline, everything needs doing, nobody's there to help, little kids running around and growing up... Maybe she even has a husband, but he's feckless, or out all day working at the docks and out all night drinking and doesn't want to be bothered with the kids when he's home. "Who finds the money when you pay the rent...Did you think that money was heaven sent? " is not an innuendo, it's contrasting the hard everyday realities of an average poor mum to the perfect image of the ultimate mother, the Madonna. And maybe the woman had been naive about marriage and kids to begin with, and didn't realise how little support she'd have.

The "lying on the bed/Listen to the music playing in your head" line, I always pictured her with a migraine, just taking some time out to rest when the baby finally goes to sleep for a while.

And "Friday night arrives without a suitcase" - I always loved the personalisation of the days of the week which come fast and relentlessly with a new set of obligations. I don't really take that line literally - I think it just gives a sense of people expecting her to care for them and sort all their problems out, like a guest who turns up without any stuff.

The lyrics are so evocative, both abstract and sometimes specific (the stockings with a run... and no, having laddered stockings has nothing to do with prostitution and a lot to do with being poor and having to wear the same pair day in, day out). I think this song is a real work of art! And I love the jaunty tune.

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