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Iron & Wine – Carried Home Lyrics 8 years ago
"The cat was choking on a rattlesnake bone"

The cat has killed the dangerous rattlesnake and eaten its corpse, but the snake wins in the end due to the cat's greed. Could be a critique of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, considering the soldier imagery throughout.

I'm baffled by this line, though:
"The late judge teetered in a jon boat"

A jon boat is a flat-bottomed boat that's great for fishing due to it's stability. However, it is limited to calmer waters because it rides over the waves rather than cutting through them. (

I mean, is the judge dead in the boat? Did he die because the boat tipped?

What I love about Iron & Wine's lyrics is that you somehow intuitively feel the meaning even if you can't pin it down logically.

Iron & Wine – The Devil Never Sleeps Lyrics 10 years ago
The first stanza is about a boy going to war.

The second stanza is about the same boy reminiscing about his own father being off at war, and wondering whether he would come home or not.

The third stanza is the boy's mother telling him that his dad is dead, and reveals her extreme bitterness at the world.

Overall, I think the song is about two generations of soldiers, more likely WWI and WWII than the Iraq War.

Iron & Wine – Free Until They Cut Me Down Lyrics 11 years ago
If the girl truly begged the man to take her home, why doesn't she speak up in defense of her lover? Probably because she's afraid of the backlash. This especially makes sense if the man was black and she was white.

Unless the man is lying, and he simply raped the girl and murdered her. But then the song is sort of weird and pointless, except perhaps as a story of egotism and blindness to one's own faults.

Iron & Wine – Muddy Hymnal Lyrics 11 years ago
Here's my storyline:
1. Man loses his wife sometime fairly recently. (The kids aren't grown up yet, but the wife has been buried already, so I don't think it's a murder).

2. He gets angry one night and wants to drown himself. He drops the kids off at the tavern, and has them tell everyone that he's drowned.

3. He heads off to the river, where he tries to drown himself, but something happens after he's in the water. Maybe he panics, or realizes the value of life, or his wife's angel stops him.

4. In frustration, he tromps off to the church in his muddy boots, where he creates a huge mess, kicking hymnals around, and leaving mud prints everywhere.

5. For some reason he wants to vandalize the church, but wants everyone to know it was him. He grabs the only thing nearby (a table fork) and carves his name above the door. Maybe he feels forgotten in his misery, and is crying out for attention.

6. -- The rest is pretty much what everyone else has said, except for the murder bit.

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