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OneRepublic – Stop and Stare Lyrics 1 year ago
This song is the story of my life. How about you? It's pretty obvious in my mind what this is about, I think a lot of "Millennial Generation" folks can relate to this. You're going nowhere in life and getting OLDER.

You keep trying, but you've "become what you can't be"; you're doing something, and you've become something that you're really not.

Worse yet, if you're like me, you hate where you were born or live. "I've got my heart set on anywhere but here", literally anywhere would be better than where I currently live.

I think I'm not only sick of this cold town, but "I think it's sick of us". It's time to make a move, it's time to make one last appeal before you're too old for the life you want to lead, because as it is we're moving but going nowhere; steady feet don't fail me now!

Seether – Save Today Lyrics 1 year ago
This song is absolutely brilliant song, but of course it's sad. The song likely relates to the suicide of his brother. It could be from the potential point of view of his brother, and himself.

I never learned from my mistakes I guess I don't have what it takes, right? The mind of someone that lost a family member from suicide. I wish that I was strong, that I could walk away All this time I've lost, I feel the cost repaid.

Has to do with the time lost with his brother, or someone from suicide. Time you could have had, but you'll never "find again" because they are gone.

"I wish that I was wrong, that you'll come home again", "So save today, the secret's that you prayed for", and" I'll see you on the other side". He's saying that he wishes his brother would come home again but that won't happen, and there are secrets his brother had before he committed suicide; save them, because I'll see you on the other side when I die and join you.

Peter Frampton – Baby, I Love Your Way Lyrics 2 years ago
This song invokes feelings of being with that new Girlfriend or even a long-term lover on the side of a mountain far from the city as a gorgeous euphoric sunset is occurring.

A beautiful sunset invokes intense feelings and emotions, but it also creates an almost electric enchanting feeling in the air, as it cools off from a nice summer day. You know how it is when it's still daylight but the sky lights up as the sun is about to go down with oranges, blues, browns, and grays?

Not only is there a magical feeling in the air, but people almost look different. You're spending that special moment with your lover, and suddenly the day turns completely into night overlooking the city lights.

That's what the song appears to be trying to inspire in people that hear it, at least that's my interpretation of Peter Frampton's cool song.

The Moody Blues – Your Wildest Dreams Lyrics 2 years ago
"When the music plays I hear the sound I had to follow.

While I agree this song is about the band this is also symbolic of hearing songs you can relate too about failed relationships (including this one ironically).

When I hear this amazing song I hear a story that I had to follow. Relationships that you thought would work but ended, and then sometimes late at night seperated by years from that person, you can't help but think "I wonder what they're doing and if they ever think about me in the slightest?"

At that point it becomes very sad to think about.

Huey Lewis and the News – Hip To Be Square Lyrics 4 years ago
This song represents the extreme yuppie culture that came with the economic Boom(s) of about 1975-1983 and then started again in the late 1980s to about 1992 or so and the transition time of the late 1980s where the hippie anti-war culture of the late 1960s was almost completely gone. Movies like Wall-Street were popular where "greed is good" and businesses suits are common.

The movie American psycho encompasses that very well too and was as satire on the yuppie culture of that time. Everyone is so materialistic that they don't even remember the names of other people. People think they have had dinner with"Paul Allen in London" even though they can't even remember who he really is.

People are so wrapped up in their own personal materialistic lives someone like Patrick Bateman could get away with murder. This is why this song fits in so well for the movie and for what it is.

The song came out in 1986 where just 20 years prior to its release hippies were protesting the Vietnam war. The rebels and the counter culture of the era just prior to this song. "He used to be a renegade, he used to fool around" but not anymore he's playing it strict he even cut his long hair.

Now he's wearing business suits, making money being a square and conforming to everyone else. He's even working out most everyday and watching what he eats.

An excellent song that encompasses the ridiculous yuppie era on the 1980s that transitioned from from the hippies of the late 1960s probably cutting their hair and becoming businesses executives etc themselves.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love Lyrics 6 years ago
This song is weird lol just saying.

Jimmy Eat World – Always Be Lyrics 6 years ago
This is just my opinion.

Jimmy Eat World – Always Be Lyrics 6 years ago
It's about a guy that wants to express his love for a girl and they are either just friends or it's a relationship from the past.

The said guy thinks back when he was a boy, and remembers thinking that as a young boy he thought he would grow up way smarter then he is, and also that he would find a good relationship/love easily. These were childish thoughts; in reality. It's much harder then he thought.

We all want someone we really like to live life with. We don't want to be alone. He doesn't want to be alone and he wants to love this girl but he knows in reality it probably won't work because she's a little far for him to reach for whatever reason. So in reality he's alone in this i.e. his life and this world right behind what's happening (missing life opportunities) and she's lost in this like she'll always be i.e. without him.

Green Day – Last of the American Girls Lyrics 7 years ago
She's a runaway of the establishment incorporated. I think that says a lot about America doesn't it? Wal Mart nation? A Nation where people are fake like the large corporations inc. around us? She is the working class. She gets screwed by the rich and the corporations on a daily the same time she won't conform...she's her own person unlike most people these days. She's rugged and reliable. She knows like her a lot of people in prison are there for petty reasons like pot. (She's a sucker for all the criminals breaking the laws).

She's one of the last unique people...she's the last of the American girls. Great song.

Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees Lyrics 7 years ago
Add: In the end you know if you could be who your partner wanted it would work..but you can't, you can only be yourself in the end because gravity wins.

Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees Lyrics 7 years ago
Come on we've all been there right? In our fake plastic love? You know? That person that you knew deep deep down would never work out, but you thought they were beautiful or special, and thereby you were being fake pretending to be something you were not with that person.

Trying to make that person happy by being fake. It wears you out. Somehow though you keep hanging on for along time because he or she tastes and looks like the real think if this relationship ends you might blow through the ceiling; you can't help the feelings you still have for the person...but the relationship wears you out and you are living on borrowed time as you know in the long run it could never's fake and plastic.

Coldplay – Paradise Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree with most of the reviews here on this one. It's about how when we are younger we expect the world; we think things are easy and will work out great. We will all be rich, become actors, astronauts, then as we get older we realize we were obviously childish.

We then think things will still be easy and workout, then we realize life is much harder than it seemed when we are a child. This reality can tear you up make you sad; things aren't the paradise you expected they would be even back as a High School Senior at age 18...every teardrop is a waterfall at that point. You've grown up but you still have your dreams in a world and age that is tough on everyone.

As Blood Runs Black – My Fears Have Become Phobias Lyrics 7 years ago
I think this song is about someone who has no clue what they are doing with their life and chains holding them back. Unfortunately if you look though it greed and power and mentioned; perhaps he or she wants success and to remove the chains holding them back, but they want to succeed for perhaps the wrong reasons i.e. power and greed. Just a thought.

Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown Lyrics 7 years ago
Everyone has different skills and talents to change the world; Green Day is using their talent as a band to not only make entertaining songs, but try to show people what is right and wrong with the world. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. I say good for them.!

Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown Lyrics 7 years ago
I think you're an idiot. Why is there's always some retarded person posting something like this about anything remotely political. This song has nothing to do with the NWO which doesn't even exist. The singers in Green Day are smart enough it appears to know that which is why they supported Obama.

You conspiracy nuts are just retarded. Sure, there is a lot of corruption in America, but it has nothing to do with a small group of families trying to kill almost everyone like Alex Jones says that's just fucking retarded. Put down the crack pipe.

The Moody Blues – Your Wildest Dreams Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is amazing..think for a minute it's pure poetry done amazingly well...Think about the phrase -When the music plays, when the words are touched with sorrow when the music plays I hear the words I HAD TO FOLLOW. What this means is you're in a situation like in your car listening to the radio and you hear a song with words that are touched with sorrow and as the music plays you hear the WORDS you had to follow. Basically you hear a sad love song and it resembles your experience with your partner/lover that you used to have. THIS IS A SAD song but damn it's good :]

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