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Steely Dan – Dont Take Me Alive Lyrics 11 years ago
The bass line on this song kicks ass! Its actually following the vocal line with a few classic Chuck Rainey flourishes.
I think the cyborg reference is so far fetched it could actually be true but I think its too futuristic for a pair of cynical 70s jazz musicians. Sounds more like a criminal on the run (I know its elimentary but it seems so obvious).
Just a great brilliant song that just doesn't seem to want to be categorized (is it jazz, rock, funk, blues etc?) You decide!

Steely Dan – Any Major Dude Will Tell You Lyrics 11 years ago
Easily as melodic and singalong as anything the Beatles did. They got me through my difficult exam period and this song really lifted my gloom.
"The people on the street have all seen better times" and "When the demon is at your door in the morning it won't be there no more" have to be some of the the most uplifting lyrics ever.
Love the musicality so much. Hail the Skunk!

Steely Dan – Charlie Freak Lyrics 11 years ago
Very very eerie and moving song. Sends a shiver down my spine with the lyric "when he sighed his body died in 15 ways." What could be a great film script is played out in a song lasting 2:45. Was there no end to these guys creativity?

Steely Dan – FM (No Static at All) Lyrics 11 years ago
Has anyone seen the live DVD "Plush Jazz-Rock TV Party"? They play a great version of FM and many others besides. Got it for Christmas and its got the most crystal clear sound.

Steely Dan – Show Biz Kids Lyrics 11 years ago
This song has only one chord which I find very unorthodox for a Steely Dan song. This song just grooves effortlessly despite no progression and there seems to be so much going on. Anyone catch the Reelin in the Years riff at the "They got the Steely Dan t-shirt"? I know you all did!

Steely Dan – Rikki Don't Lose That Number Lyrics 11 years ago
Apparently Horace Silver wasn't pleased at them using his bass line in this song which sort of surprises me. Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter expressed their admiration to these guys quite a lot. I must say this song has a very unusual chord sequence (as did most of them). Musicians I meet often comment on how strange it is to play bizarre jazz chords and change key unexpectedly. I pity the cover bands! Right on!

Steely Dan – Do It Again Lyrics 11 years ago
I knew very well that Steely Dan is a dildo from "Naked Lunch" at age 18. Is it worth reading? The whole bizarre nature of Steely Dan in general is summed up in their name. Pretty good debut song this. The Denny Dias electric sitar solo just hits all the right notes and peaks at the right time. Just a fab fab song!

Steely Dan – Babylon Sisters Lyrics 11 years ago
I think its about the glamour business. A guys picking the girls out (tell me I'm the only one), falls in love with one and things go awry (son you're playing with fire). I don't know. I don't think they'll divulge the secrets to us. The Bernard Purdie shuffle does it for me. So precise and faultless and playing this song on a sunny afternoon (preferably in a luxury house in LA) is just amazing.

Steely Dan – Your Gold Teeth Lyrics 11 years ago
I love it how it goes all jazz-rock at the end. Wish it went on a bit longer. I bet they had some intense jams!

Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce Lyrics 11 years ago
I think the explanation by hubofhip has hit the proverbial nail on the head so hard its bent double. Well done. Love the line "Semi-Mojo whos this kinky so and so?" Lovely song that completely belies its rather sordid and sad story

Steely Dan – Chain Lightning Lyrics 11 years ago
Wow. A song about Hitler or jazz. There are so few lyrics to get a clear idea but the Hitler one sounds plausible. The lyrics to Dan songs are so cryptic and obscure the interpretations could go anywhere! Its like an everlasting journey albeit a fascinating one.

Steely Dan – Midnight Cruiser Lyrics 11 years ago
How come Jim Hodder sang this and not Fagen or Palmer? I quite like the slide guitar motif at the beginning and the piano playing. As ever, the harmonies must have been overdubbed like 30 times! I don't think Steely Dan ever made a bad song, frankly. Each one has its merits

Steely Dan – Dr Wu Lyrics 11 years ago
Yup, Doctor Wu was indeed a real life doctor who helped the band with drug addictions and this is their tribute to him. I love it how theres a saxophone solo playing over the rest of the band playing stabs. Very jazz fusion-esque.

Steely Dan – Black Friday Lyrics 11 years ago
Is it just about a stock market crash from all perspectives i.e. Joe Ordinary clearing up the businessmen jumping from buildings and the fat cats escaping to Australia with virtually nothing. I think the hole digging and soul satisfying is where hes basically going to top himself. Only Steely Dan can write a great song about financial ruin

Steely Dan – Aja Lyrics 11 years ago
I have my dad to thank for getting me into the Dan. He said the drummer here is Steve Gadd and I just thought "WOW!" I was 16 and I've never looked back (I'm 19 now so thats not too far). They're probably the best cult in the world! They'll always be there for me and everyone who appreciates brilliant music

Steely Dan – Bad Sneakers Lyrics 11 years ago
I've always loved the intro to this song. Has anyone notices the slightly hyperactive piano comping during the guitar solo? Steely Dan arrangements are just so deep. Every time I hear them I pick out something new every time even if I think I've got the song sussed.

Steely Dan – Pretzel Logic Lyrics 11 years ago
Is that what the pretzel reference is? Twisted logic? I never saw it that way. I thought it was a.someone out of touch with society and modern times or b.Don and Walt having a laugh. Either way, love the bluesy shuffle and immaculate harmonies

Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne Lyrics 11 years ago
How many times does this song change key? The chord structure is just so odd! Bet Carlton was scratching his head when presented with the score!
The lyrics are genius and I think the outtro is terrific.

Steely Dan – King of the World Lyrics 11 years ago
My favourite Dan song. I heard a live version of this from 1974 and it was faster and louder than the studio version. Just kicked me in the face (if they're capable of that). Love the keyboard bit

Steely Dan – Your Gold Teeth II Lyrics 11 years ago
What the hell do these lyrics mean?
What time signature is this song?
Was Jeff Porcaro 20 or 21 when he played on this? Is it Denny Dias that plays that lovely guitar solo? How did Steely Dan become to be so amazing?! So many questions! One of the top 5 bands ever!

Steely Dan – Razor Boy Lyrics 11 years ago
I think its Becker and Fagen being cynical again. Perhaps they're singing about a successful guy who needs to be moved down a peg or two and they're saying yeah well what happens when you lose it all (the razor boy will take it). I think a razor boy is a Spanish street urchin who steals by way of threats with a razor blade. God I love this song! The latin feel and the vibes are just perfect!

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