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Honeyblood – Choker Lyrics 4 years ago
According to the band's website, the song's inspired by the short story ‘The Bloody Chamber’ by Angela Carter.


Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me Lyrics 4 years ago
The singer Molly Rankin spoke about the song in an interview:

Rankin does not write autobiographically, and while her high-school friends are pursuing marriage, picket fences and jobs with pension potential, she craves a different kind of buzz. “It’s an open assessment on the idea of marriage,” she says, when asked about the tracks Archie, Marry Me and Adult Diversion. “Archie specifically is about this thing that you become an adult and now you should get married. Unfortunately, the love that gets no attention is the wild kind of attraction that leaves you in jail together. Nobody talks about the adventurous kind of love.”

(Taken from

Primal Scream – Velocity Girl Lyrics 7 years ago
It should be 'Been playing with a spike'

Then, the chorus is 'I don't need anyone to HELP me'

Blur – Blue Jeans Lyrics 7 years ago
The song's specifically written about Damon Albarn living in Nottinghill with Justine Frischmann. It's mentioned in an interview here:

"He mentions Blue Jeans, a song from Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993), written in the first flush of his relationship with Justine Frischmann. Until their break-up in 1998, the two of them shared a house in Notting Hill and jointly plotted the ideas that initially defined Britpop, before Oasis took it somewhere else entirely. The song mentions Dr Martens and Portobello Road, before a chorus in which he sings, "I want to stay this way for ever".

"Blue Jeans just makes me feel like being in love, and moving to this part of London, and falling in love with the place," he tells me. "There's an innocence to it. It sounds like being 23.""

Lily Allen – Everyone's At It Lyrics 9 years ago
It's not obvious if English isn't your first language.

When something is "poking it's head round the corner" it's as if it's an actor waiting to go on stage, poking it's head round the corner to look at the audience, just about to go on.

Dubstar – Not So Manic Now Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm undecided as to what I think it's all about, but personally, I wouldn't read it so literally.

The Slits – Instant Hit Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm sure Ari-Up said this was about Sid Vicious at one of her gigs.

Aberfeldy – Summer's Gone Lyrics 10 years ago
Also it's "aim to win" not "ain't a win"...

Aberfeldy – Love is an arrow Lyrics 10 years ago
Or with the same sex. There's nothing about the song that's implicitly heterosexual.

Regina Spektor – Edit Lyrics 10 years ago
As well as a reference to cocaine and/or lines on a page, it just dawned on me that "white lines" is very similar to "white lies". Unintentional, maybe, but it's always fun to see how many different ways you can interpret Regina's lyrics.

Elastica – Stutter Lyrics 10 years ago
As well as the obvious physical connotations, I think it's also about a failing relationship. The guy not being completely honest and open about it, and her desprately clinging to straws, willing to bend over backwards to save the relationship.

Elastica – Waking Up Lyrics 10 years ago
This is practically theme song. It's pretty self-explanitory, it's about apathy and laziness. Dreaming of being a rock star, but never getting round to actually doing anything about it.

Camera Obscura – Knee Deep at the NPL Lyrics 10 years ago
Not that it's very important to the song's meaning, but just a wee note - NPL stands for National Pop League, which is a monthly indie club night in Glasgow.

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