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Neil Diamond – If You Know What I Mean Lyrics 2 days ago
This song always gets to me emotionally. I never really knew what it was about, especially since I first heard it when I was 10 years old, but I feel it's some of Neil's best work.

Bell X1 – Ameila Lyrics 11 months ago
This song is pretty straightforward in terms of meaning, and it does a nice job of telling the story in a tender way. Right around the time this song came out, there was a movie about Amelia Earhart, and I feel this song would have been the ideal "roll credits" mood setting for the ending. But, alas, that didn't happen.

Some personal thoughts: the production reminds me a lot of 10cc's "I'm Not In Love", which is amazing so that's a high compliment. Also, the line "It's just like flying" always gets me all emotional. The "it" is death, of course. I love everything about this song.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Country Girl Lyrics 3 years ago
Truly this song is a masterpiece. I think the lyrics above need a small correction, though. In place of "first flowers bloom", it should say, "first fall was new".

U2 – Wire Lyrics 3 years ago
All these years I might have gotten the lyrics wrong, but I'd like to offer them as a unique take.

I hear the opening as "innocent of innocence I am", which also means guilty. This part is a quibble but I hear "such a nice day to throw your life away".

At the end I always thought it was "I'm on dope. I give you hope. Use the rope. Use the rope. Give me my cigarette." Like he's a condemned man.

Owell just some right thoughts about wrong words :-P. It's so hard to unhear what goes in during youth!

Sheryl Crow – Safe And Sound Lyrics 4 years ago
Sheryl Crow performed this song at the concert for the firefighters and other heroes in the aftermath of the Sept 11 2001 attacks. There was still so much fear that the concert was broadcast from a studio in an undisclosed location. The song pierced my heart then and still does today. As much acclaim as Sheryl Crow has received in her career, I still think she is underrated.

Suzanne Vega – Ironbound/Fancy Poultry Lyrics 7 years ago
I can't believe there is only one comment on this song so far. This is an incredible song and in my opinion it's vastly underrated. Suzanne has said a few things publicly about the song so I'll keep my remarks personal.

The picture that coalesces in my mind as the story unfolds is that of a single mom who cares for her child in part by selling herself. An analogy is drawn between the butchering and selling of poultry parts and the equally unfeeling way her body is treated like nothing more than parts.

Here are the lines that stand out or me. The "blood and feathers" are literal, from the butchered animals, but they foreshadow how cruelly people are treated also. When she "fingers the ring, opens her purse, feels a longing", she remembers past economic security and happier times, perhaps when a husband was still alive or around, but then feels keenly aware of her lack of economic security currently.

At the end of the song, her body is offered, metaphorically through the poultry seller's cry. "Breasts and thighs" represent the sexual part of herself which she surrenders. "Hearts" reveals that it breaks her heart to offer herself in this way, so in effect her "heart", the part of her that loves, is also for sale. The pause before the word "Hearts" is genius artistic timing, allowing the emotion to settle in the listener. "Backs" refers to plain old hard work. The kick drum hits on the word "backs" for the first time in a while, literally putting effort into the lyric. "Backs are cheap" means in some way that her labor doesn't fetch enough money for her to care for her child.

"Wings are nearly free" is more elusive to me. It either means that she still clings to her dreams, though she feels trapped for the foreseeable future, or it means, as the previous commenter said, that she almost feels free. "Wings" could also refer to her ability to leave the situation (perhaps to move from the city) and seek a better life. "Nearly free," then, could either mean that she can't quite make it happen, or more poetically that dreams and plans for a better life aren't worth much in the cruel economy of real life in the city.

I also just have to say the band is incredible on this track. Mike Visceglia has had a big influence on my bass playing.

Stevie Nicks – Sleeping Angel Lyrics 7 years ago
This is a very underrated and overlooked song, in my opinion. It conveys very sweet and powerful emotion and was used brilliantly in Fast Times. I'd love to know who played on the track.

U2 – Another Time, Another Place Lyrics 8 years ago
I find so much to love about this song. It always makes me think of missing my first love. Here's my take on some of the lines.

The first verse seems to describe waking up and being alone. The lift ("I'll be with you now") describes wistful longing. In my case, it made me think of the only girl who had ever really loved me.

When I first heard the song, I thought the lyrics were "We light on a cloud", meaning land there, which evoked a very sweet image for me. Lying on a cloud is of course also wonderful, but the final "We lie" makes me think of telling lies. Perhaps the song juxtaposes (hooboy I'm in analysis mode now, with a word like that!) reality and fantasy. The singer wishes to be with his partner, and in the fantasy, they are lying (as in lying down) on a cloud. But in reality that isn't happening, so the wish is a lie? Or maybe the relationship was only ever perfect in the singer's mind, and that's the lie. Or maybe it's just about lying down, and I'm overthinking things!

The second verse is again about waking up and missing someone special. The tear suggests that the longing is profound, but the part about the morning sun (I thought it was "she ran with the morning sun") implies that the relationship right now exists only in dreams.

I take the line "Your time, your place", to mean, "I want to be with you again so much, you name the time and place, and I'll make it happen." I've also seen that line interpreted as "your time, your price", though I always hear it as "your time, your place", but I'd take it the same way in any case.

I love all the raw emotion in the performance, and the gaelic is powerful, whether it means anything or not. I used to joke that the last line of it sounds a lot like "Leather, cheesecake, hard-on."

Via Audio – Modern Day Saint Lyrics 9 years ago
Hmm no comments yet? I wanted to see if anyone else thinks this song is about death? I feel like there is a lot to the song and I just can't grasp it, at least not consciously.

Suzanne Vega – In Liverpool Lyrics 13 years ago
This song really speaks to me, and always has. I have dissociative
tendencies, having only recently remembered trauma from 30+ years ago.
To me, the boy in the belfry is the part of the psyche that holds the
trauma until it's safe enough to feel it and grow past it. The bells
are a signal from the unconscious that life isn't okay the way it is:
the horrors of the past must eventually be reckoned with. The
longings and homesickness are a side effect of this type of coping
mechanism: some good things have to be banished along with the bad, to
be remembered only when it's safe to remember everything.

Sarah McLachlan – Possession Lyrics 13 years ago
To me, this song is about an inner lustful alternate (i.e. "multiple" or "dissociative") personality... the kind that would make someone go out, find someone to use them sexually, then black out and not even remember that it had happened.

I also agree with some of the other posters that it does sound like a woman's point of view. Perhaps the letter from the real-life stalker awakened an "inner stalker" in Sarah, which obviously is under control and channeled into her music and her healthy relationships, but which nonetheless may exist and have a voice.

The production has a wonderful way of creating that murky, dreamlike quality that accomapnies such feelings and experiences. I especially have to say the bass does an amazing job of being compelling, driving and accurately played, yet elusive, muddy and indistinct at the same time.

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