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Five Iron Frenzy – Rhubarb Pie Lyrics 13 years ago
ilovetorun, its exactly the same, but different.
I think they have equal value to the community [heart]

Five Iron Frenzy – Never Ask Us To Play This Lyrics 13 years ago

Five Iron Frenzy – Day We Killed, The Lyrics 13 years ago
hmmm, makes me glad I live in England. Then again, we weren't much better. Although I think controlling 3/4 with strategy is better than controlling a fraction of it with brute force. :P that one about treaties with oil etc. oh so scarily true. Maybe thats why they want to confiscate "WOMD", because WOMDs are full of oil?

Five Iron Frenzy – Banner Year Lyrics 13 years ago
And this is why I'm English, not American.

Five Iron Frenzy – One Girl Army Lyrics 13 years ago
I hate to say this, but in Jewish culture, God favoured women more than people like to make out. per examplé, the kippah is worn by men to elevate them, because God made women on a higher spiritual plane than men. Anyway a neat li'l song all the same. Oh, Blithe, what was that supposed to mean, I'm a guy and all but that sounded pretty chauvanistic.

Five Iron Frenzy – Get Your Riot Gear Lyrics 13 years ago
Undoubtedly one of my favourite FIF songs. Gets stuck in your head big time!

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