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Alexz Johnson – There's Us Lyrics 11 years ago
this song isn't about friendship at all. it played on the show when tommy dumped jude again and left her without explanation to chase after darius' kid. at this point, jude didn't know what to make of her relationship with tommy. she knew he cared about her, maybe loved her, but was completely unable to commit. was it love? infatuation? were they just afraid? yet, it doesn't really matter because it was special, no matter the circumstances, and whether it worked out or not she'll always have the memories and what could have been. i'm still pissed at the end of this show. jude needed to be on her own, but i wish tommy had been endgame.

Voxtrot – Soft & Warm Lyrics 12 years ago
This is one of my fave Voxtrot songs, and the meaning has always been very clear to me. It's about the end of a relationship which falls apart because the partners change and they're no longer compatible with one another. The narrator (male or female, doesn't really matter) is clinging to a dying relationship and reflecting on times when it used to work and what went wrong.

Maybe it's that "Baby I'd leave you for the person you used to be" just jumps out at me as one of the best lyrics I've ever heart, but I also feel it explains the entire song: a narrator yearning for a person, and by extension, relationship, that no longer exists.

Bruce Springsteen – Backstreets Lyrics 13 years ago
CheekyBoy099, that's my favorite part of the song too. I'm a little young for Springsteen -- I didn't really discover him until high school in the late 90's -- but he's definitely my favorite musical artist of all time. "Backstreets" is one of my fave songs, and the way his voice cracks in the bridge is an incredibly emotional, painful moment. I've always assumed Terry was a boy, the narrator's best friend, and the pain isn't so much losing the girl but losing the girl and the best friend. As a teeanger, your friends are often your family (cause parents just don't understand!), and there's no greater betrayal than losing your girl to your best friend.

The first verse or so describes an idealic summer where the narrator has his best friend and his best girl and gets into all kinds of innocent teenage trouble, before moving into the darker elements of young love, through descriptions of the seedier side of town and the ultimate betrayal. Then, he moves back to those blissful days when things were simple and easy and hurt wasn't something he understood firsthand.

I don't normally have trouble interpreting Springsteen songs, but "Backstreets" has always been tricky for me. The way the narrator flits between characters, Terry and the unnamed girl (at least, that's who I think it is), makes the song so hard to understand. For me, the most logical interpretation was a betrayal so painful that the narrator forever confuses the two, which is why it's all the more painful -- because he can never have a relationship again with either party without being reminded of the mistake they made when they were young.

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