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Aesop Rock – Daylight Lyrics 12 years ago
After reading through some comments, I think I finally get what ties all of this together.

Start with the hook... it really is the centerpiece of this track. "All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day put the pieces back together my way".

The rest of the lyrics represent almost a stream of consciousness representation of what he experiences in the day that he'd like to fix (and I think it's more a human condition theme than an American Dream thing... just my $.02). Some lyrics may be a response to some negative emotions people are dealing with (the "Life's not a bitch" lyrics gave me chills the first time I really heard them... one of the best phrases in hip hop imo), capitalism/globalism, religion... whatever. In that sense, it's kind of like Atmosphere's "Scapegoat" (another genius track), albeit with Aesop's distinct delivery, perspective and a much more optimistic tone to it (even the sample - "yes y'all, and you don't stop, keep on..." - seems to indicate that despite these things, the only solution is to keep moving forward).

Anyway, as long as MCs are creating pieces like this, I don't think it matters who's better or worse, but I think it's unfair to criticize poetry like this simply because you don't understand it. And with that in mind, I concede I could be way off in my interpretation, but it makes sense to me and until Aesop tells me otherwise, I'm happy with it.


Dave Matthews Band – #41 Lyrics 14 years ago
Just curious if anyone ever considered the syntax with "Say Goodbye"? Beyond being one of the best transitions on a studio album since the B-Side of Abbey Road, it might also lend itself to understanding this song. To me, the two together have always stood for a breakup and brief reconciliation... very bittersweet, but that's life.

Steely Dan – Deacon Blues Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song, though it may be a reference to being a musician/jazzman, in a larger sense is about following your dreams ("already bought the dream") and being comfortable with the reality you've created for yourself even if it's sometimes dark, languid or bittersweet. Ultimately it's about living the life you choose and accepting that your choices may not resonate with everyone as long as they resonate with you. So yes, it's about freedom. Beautiful.

Kings of Leon – Milk Lyrics 14 years ago
I've hear d some confusion about the use of "comb over" since Caleb Followill isn't bald and doesn't rock one.

Since this song is about a woman leaving him, I think the "comb over" he's talking about relates to the typical arc of a relationship. You meet someone and initially you don't relaly know them, but as you spend more time together you get to know who they really are. So the comb over is his analogy for her seeing who he really was, discovering whatever he was hiding, etc. And when she saw whatever it was she'd missed before, she left.

But that's just my opinion.

The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home Lyrics 14 years ago
This is a beautiful song, no doubt, but the second verse in particular is one of the most beautiful uses of imagery I've heard in a long time.

The tree is quite obviously representative of the writer and, quite frankly, makes me want to plant a tree for my kids if/when I have them.

The line "branches were sewn by the color green" indicates the tree/writer has grown into a healthy mature being.

That said, the "cracks of the skin" with which the tree was climbed indicate that the growth experienced has not been without some difficulties/scars. The fact that the tree was climbed by these cracks is very poignant in the sense that we typically learn/grow from our mistakes and, provided we actually learn/grow, this is what allows us to "rise" and see the world.

The last part of this verse almost brought me to tears when I first heard it simply because of the simplicity of the comparison... hanging on for dear life atop a tree blowing in the wind is very much like hanging on for dear life amidst a dying love. I think we've all been there and I'm not sure I need to say much more.

Ultimately I think this song stands for the notion that, no matter how solid or stable or satisfying something is (whether it be a house, your beliefs or a relationship), nothing is permanent and no matter how tightly we hold onto things/people, sometimes they disappear anyway. Although it is sad in a certain respect, I think it really speaks more to enjoying the moments we have when we have them without any expectations of permanence. In other words, we can either focus on the tragedy of the fleeting nature of these things; the difficulty of choice between a past life and a new one; or we can focus on the beauty of the moments in which we live and have lived and will continue to live with the knowledge that they too will pass.

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