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Underoath – You're Ever So Inviting Lyrics 11 years ago
to corryncouture:
Just that statment.. "don't get me wrong, im a believer and all i just hate hearing about religion and shit". Can't believe I just read that from someone who listens to Underoath. That's one of the points of Underoath; they're not just trying to spread belief in God, theyre trying to help people TRULY follow God. Anyone who knows the teachings of the Bible knows that simply believing isnt enough.

Shop Boyz – Party Like a Rockstar Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is not making fun of white people/rockers/whatever you want to call it.

It's saying yeah we're still rappers, but damn these metal heads know how to party - so theyre changin the style a bit. (of music and how they do shows & party)

"Im on a moneymaking mission, but I party like a rockstar
Shop Boyz rockstarz, ya we bought to change the game"

(Just for the record, I dont like this song. But I thought I would comment on what I thought the meaning of it was instead of putting it down. This site is called isnt it?)

Killswitch Engage – As Daylight Dies Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't think this song is anti-war.. at least in the sense that Nyth was saying. I think in a sense its actually somewhat saying the opposite. Talking about how people or countries just sit back and "We watch the degradation of civilization". We need to stop watching and waiting for people to die and act on what is the right thing to do.

Killswitch Engage – This Is Absolution Lyrics 12 years ago
"They cannot break these chains of faith"
"We will live, live eternal"

It's about being a Christian and the tests of faith Christians go through from the non-believers and the decieving & tempting things of this world.

"Dont let the world deceive you
Dont let their words betray you
Dont let their lies deceive you
Let Them Do Their Worst"

Killswitch Engage – Reject Yourself Lyrics 12 years ago
Yes... KsE certainly has many Christian messages in their songs. This one especially. This song is talking about the general message of god - be selfless and love your brothers and sisters (other people in the world) as you would love yourself.

Killswitch Engage – Take This Oath Lyrics 12 years ago
"Open your eyes (Behold the path before you)
See the divine (Forsake our demise)
Open your eyes (Behold the path before you)"

This song is obviously talking about coming to god. Realizing that there is another path - one that leads to eternal life, that this world is temporary and just a passing state & that we will soon go to the grave but that there is more afterwards.

Antenna - you are mistaken. As beneathmeadows said, being a Christian is anything BUT mindless. It takes self control to not do things like steal and do drugs - and only believe what you see with your eyes. What's mindless is doing things like drugs and lying.. those take no effort and are very easy to give in to.

"Pierce the blinders
Behold the path that leads before you"

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