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Depeche Mode – If You Want Lyrics 12 years ago
Underrated to the max!

Depeche Mode – And Then... Lyrics 12 years ago
"Took a plane across the world
Got in a car
When I had reached my destination
I hadn't gone far"

Environmental issues here, perchance?

Depeche Mode – Shouldn't Have Done That Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it is about Hitler.

Depeche Mode – Shout Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it might be about sex.

"Carefully watching waiting as I
Stood upon the back streets and we start to play
I was screaming louder as the
Curtains fall between us in a twisted way"
-Obviously reflecting on a past experience with his girl

"Staring in the night
A picture in my room
And I think that she knew her lines"
-Looking at a picture of her, under the impression that she knew what to do and what to say when they were going to do it

"You could never run
You could never stay
And I think you belong to me"
-They must be together then in a relationship of some sort.

"Placing all the questions in the
Minutes of a game we won so long ago"

"Break away tonight
I wanna hold your hand
We've got to get it right
We've got to understand"
-He must want to have sex with her badly, and "understand" what its like to do it right.

Depeche Mode – Work Hard Lyrics 12 years ago
And reading the line "But a broken will" further confirms my suspicions. This means the man's view on life is not a pleasant one - one of injustice and how he will never get anywhere.

Depeche Mode – Work Hard Lyrics 12 years ago
This song might be a bit tongue-in-cheek. It says "you've got to work hard if you want anything at all" but I think there's a hint of sarcasm in there - indicating that he's not at all convinced that working hard all his life will get him anywhere because "NOTHING comes easy, but a broken back".

Depeche Mode – Nodisco Lyrics 12 years ago
Even though Vince Clarke openly admitted that the majority of his songs are just "pretentious lyrics he flings together in order to make the songs "sound better" even if they don't make particular sense", I'm still going to try and decipher something out of this gibberish...

I think it's about a guy who's having an amazing time at a disco (the opposite of a 'nodisco' - a disco that just sucks). And he sees a girl dancing who he thinks is very attractive and is a great dancer. And he's obviously glad that she's making an effort to look good on the dancefloor.

Depeche Mode – In Your Memory Lyrics 12 years ago
"Leave it in your past" I think it might mean a bad memory or something. Something absolutely terrible has happened in the past and he/she wants to ignore it (but not forget it).

Depeche Mode – (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me Lyrics 12 years ago
Very interesting. It's obviously about a pent-up sexual feeling. He/She is waiting for a release - "a reason to scream and shout". The lyrics speak for themselves. However, the third verse confuses me somewhat:

"But wasn't there more than this numb sensation?"

Martin Gore does that a lot; he will write a song that's so easy to understand and then make it a little confusing by adding something at the end, something a bit doubtful or against the grain.

U2 – Lady With the Spinning Head Lyrics 12 years ago
The "lady with the spinning head" refers to the actual roulette wheel.

When he speaks of "she's got the rent", it shows that he's not gambling for fun, he's gambling his money in order to pay for things and he thinks that its the "ticket out of town."
... he obviously isn't always successful though -
"Mean old man took away my car
those credit guys they've got the power"

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