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Fergie – London Bridge Lyrics 12 years ago
Someone was telling me that they liked this song the other day, and I appreciate that it is a fun little diddy, but come on! It is obvious she is putting these songs out to make money and not to "say something" with her music, and that makes me really mad. If you have this power and the ability to do something with it, you should make it worthwhile. She grosses me out!

Hall and Oates – You Make My Dreams Come True Lyrics 12 years ago
Just makes me happy

Reba McEntire – The Greatest Man I Never Knew Lyrics 12 years ago
This songs reminds me so much of what my mom has told me about her relationship was like with her father. He has never told her he loved her, was gone a lot as a kid, they just never connected and it broke her heart. He is still around, and I can tell that he does love her, and thinks the world of her, but has never even come close to telling her that.

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