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Dream Theater – A Rite of Passage Lyrics 11 years ago
I can't believe even uneducated Internet trolls take "Zeitgeist" seriously.

Bloodbath – Cancer of the Soul Lyrics 11 years ago
I like these lyrics. The major idea is that religion is dangerous to society, a "cancer of the soul." People often "follow" rather than "lead" in wars as a result of religion. Religious people also often pretend to have faith when "In their hearts, oh they carry fear." However, I disagree with the main idea that religion is a "cancer of the soul." If religion is a cancer of the soul, then so is communism, or the Enlightenment, or these lyrics, or any other worldview you can think of that has lead (or could lead) to tragedies. Rather, it think there is much good that can come out of religion - but that wouldn't make for a very interesting death metal song.

Now if religion was all this song is about, then it wouldn't be that bad. But it's not. At its core, this song is basically fascist and socially oppressive. Maybe religion is dangerous to society, but does that mean we should "kill them all?" No. That'd make us worse than the Crusaders. Specifically, to "kill off" the socially "dangerous" would be to infringe upon fundamental rights and freedoms - the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, and so on. At the end of the day, I think the lyrics to this song are counter-productive, as the lyrics introduce a new type of religion: anti-religion.

Opeth – Ghost of Perdition Lyrics 13 years ago
I believe the "ghost of perdition" is a metaphor for some sort of disease that the main character is dying from or had died from, most likely lunge cancer.

The song is obviously about someone dying, based on the line among lines that says "Lingering death."

What leads me to believe this character died from an illness like cancer is the lines that say, "Ghost of perdition / Stuck in her chest." Lunge cancer would affect the chest, seeing as that's where lunges are located. It was "A warning no one read" because the woman probably seemed healthy until she was diagnosed with cancer. Before society learned of the harmful health impacts cigarettes present, when people developed cancer, it was a warning "no one read," or expected, because, in many cases, the people who smoked and developed cancer were living otherwise healthy life styles.

"Black strands on the pillow" could refer to bloodstains--blood the figure coughed up in her ill health. These black strands are contours "of her health"--indicate her poor health, rather.

It's quite fitting to characterize a terminal disease such as lunge cancer as a "ghost of perdition" (ghost, because it is not directly visible, but its effects are) because after one witnesses such a person succumbed to such a disease, that's exactly what the disease seems to be--a supernatural-like phenomena, though scientifically explained, yet often times scientifically incurable, that in perdition, destroys the victim.

Opeth – Windowpane Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is a bit confusing to understand for me. It is very likely the song is referring to child abuse, based on the lines "Slurred voice over children cries" and "Haunting loneliness in the eye / Skin covering a secret scar ["secret," because the child has not told anyone about it, out of fear, most likely]."

On the other hand, it does seems likely the lyrics are intended to give the listener the image of a ghost. For example, line 3, "Disappears and returns again," at first glance, seems to produce the image of a ghost-like figure vanishing and reappearing; but, that line could more simply mean the figure went out of sight from the window, by kneeling down, or moving to the side, and then returned.

But what makes me think this song may be about a ghost is the repeating of the word "might" in the second verse. The word seems to strip the figure of human qualities. The person viewing this figure cannot discern his intentions at all. He MIGHT be waiting for someone, be in need of talking, and so on.

With those two interpretations combined, it could be about the ghost of a dead child who had been abused.

I wonder if the band made any comments on the songs meaning?

Dir En Grey – Filth (English) Lyrics 13 years ago
Everyone can care less about why you commentators like or enjoy the song, this website—correct me if I’m wrong—is purposed for users to interpret, to the best of their ability, lyrics. Not one of your comments provided an interpretation based on cultural facts, comments by Kyo, or even a formalist reading of the lyrics based on personal opinion.

I’m not Japanese, I know very little about the Japanese culture, and Kyo’s personal life, so it is extremely difficult to interpret Kyo’s lyrics. I like to hope Kyo’s lyrics have a deep meaning and comment on the society he lives in, and is not completely random, designed purely to gross people out. I came to this website to listen to other peoples interpretations, and all I found was a bunch of 4th grade fan girls talking about how the song makes them want to dance.

With all that said, here’s what I think of the lyrics with my little understanding.

GotForGimmick, I think you're on the right track, but let me expand upon your ideas.

This song is most likely speaking of a character struggling with masochistic and sadistic behavior--a character who both enjoys hurting others and being hurt himself, whether mentally, physically, both, in a subtle, or full fledged way, the details of which are not known. The character is clearly struggling, this is seen by his use of the words "awaken" and "bury." On the one hand, he wants to give into his old (or new-found) life-style ("Sadistic sadistic sadistic AWAKEN the sadist"), but on the other, he is ashamed of or wants to desert this life-style ("Sadistic sadistic sadistic BURY the sadist"). The constant repeating of "sadistic" could be merely to fill the bars of the song, or, to emphasize the character as disturbed.

The character agrees that he wants to begin this new relationship--which the reader knows little about--platonically. By this, the theme of the song seems to be sexual attraction versus friendship.

Next, Kyo uses some disgusting descriptions, such as insects and rotten food. I believe this is to color sex as something more disgusting than beautiful as the average person thinks of it. With the line, "Won't you try the soup of sexual desire?", it seems like the character is starting to lose the struggle, as if an inner voice is calling him to the life-style he was fighting against. "Filth hi" indicates the character has given in to his urges.

Finally, the chorus. The character is dating (whether or not they realize they are) this friend of his, typically, a movie and holding hands. The apple, which has become a metaphor for the character’s struggles with sexual and sadistic urges, has not gone rotten, so the character wants to enjoy it. This suggests that after the date, the apple will go rotten, and the two will have sex. Not really sure if “last supper” is a biblical reference, or what it means at all.

With the second verse, the character struggles in the same way he did in the first verse but he loses certainly. I’ve read from a commentator who translated the lyrics himself that a few word choices may have multiple meanings referring to female organs, but I can’t speak Japanese so I can’t comment on that.

With the conclusion of my song (the best part of the song, in my opinion, lyrically, musically, and vocally), Kyo uses rotten foods as metaphors for the things (what ever they may be) the character decides to do, which are probably sexual in nature.

Anyway, that’s all I can see in the lyrics, and I don’t speak Japanese and realize translations can be very flawed. Anyone else have an interpretation?

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