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COG – My Enemy Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's broader than just one guy. Like the rest of their album, I think it's a sort of Marxist-style revolutionary call to people to wake up to the fact that there's something more to life than the ordinary stuff that makes up most of it, to throw off our false consciousness and actually do something meaningful, speak out against injustice and not just be a passive consumer of whatever is thrown at you.

COG – Naming the Elephant Lyrics 12 years ago
The song sums up "The New Normal". It's about pointing out the elephant in the room - that people lead monotonous, repetitive and unfulfilling lives, that we are distracted by bread, circuses and shows about cops, that we are too stuck to do anything other than gape and watch our lives slip away into banality. I remember listening to this song on my way to my photocopying job. Oh the resonance!

Kashmir – The Push Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's more a wistful song about downshifting, leaving the city and modernity all their attendant worries, and moving to a place "where my bare feet are walking on dew without treading on needles". It also seems like he knows it's just a dream, that there are too many ties to the city life, no matter how unfulfilling he finds it. It's a great song.

Rammstein – Links 2 3 4 Lyrics 12 years ago
This is a brilliantly ironic song, something that most people above have picked up on. The marching music and military countdown contrasts perfectly with the lyrics about how people perceive them to be Nazis but their hearts "beat left". I agree with what British Kitten said about it being anti-war, but I think the talk of hearts may go deeper by putting Hitler-esque purity imagery up to ridicule. Sheer genius!

Dredg – Sang Real Lyrics 12 years ago
Dredg produce such fantastic yet utterly esoteric lyrics. I like the idea that it's about our common humanity but also about our downfall. The line "soon this all will come to an end" makes me think that it could be about global warming, that we feel we have royal blood, a god-given right, to exploit the planet whatever the cost.

Anathema – Pulled Under at 2000 Metres a Second Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree very much with ogretag and karou_nin on this one. Whether or not the image lasts for the whole song, it always reminds me of the way refugees who come by boat to Australia are treated: fleeing from tyranny, enduring horror by sea (the bassline) only to be shoved into a detention centre for years on end in the desert. It almost seems like a politican wrestling with their conscience over the issue.

Anathema – Radiance Lyrics 12 years ago
I can't believe nobody has commented on this yet! The meaning is self-evident, that the singer has found a temporary peace.

What I love about this song though is the ending, just phenomenal: the buildup, the solo and the final four lines send a shiver up my spine every time I hear them.

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