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Arcade Fire – Wake Up Lyrics 11 years ago
I was thinking...this is probably would probably be the best anthem for this generation (I am 16). The whole MySpace/YouTube/Obama/Iraq age ordered to snap out of it and make a difference or something. Also its universal appeal will stand the test of time tremendously, much more than another song of the 21st century like "Float On," which I have heard people calling it our generations anthem, but that song certainly covers the substantial passive and apathetic portion of the youth. What do y'all think?

yes, "catcher in the rye" makes a lot of sense for this song. "you better look out below!".....he is falling off the cliff.

David Bowie – Oh! You Pretty Things Lyrics 11 years ago
to me it seems to be about tensions between teenagers and parents. about how parents cant take the kids seriously and how the kids are expected to obey the "homo superior" (who are adults). i dont see how you guys think he was talking about himself with that phrase, even though im not denying he may have been cocky. i dont get the homsexuality thing either other than the songs having a generally gay tone. but not in a bad way. just me?

David Bowie – Life on Mars? Lyrics 11 years ago
it seems obvious to me that this song is about MOVIES. The chorus is about the ridiculousness of commercial filmmaking. the Life on Mars line is only there b/c it is a cliche. the whole chorus is a humorous list of cliches. they use "the girl with the mousy hair" to tell a very loose narrative about a girl going to the movies. then in the second chorus he does a more general rant about pop culture. makes perfect sense to me. any thoughts?

David Bowie – Black Country Rock Lyrics 12 years ago
black country = mind? thats pretty convincing, but what exactly gives you that idea? and how is it a tribute to Marc Bolan?

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