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Tom Waits – Cold Water Lyrics 11 years ago
Little thing, but it's:
I LOOK 47 but I'm 24.

Great, great stuff.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Abattoir Blues Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree mostly with what's been said, but just thought I'd add a little extra tidbit i picked up on

I always read this song as a bit closer to Nick Cave's own position, though transposed into the centre of todays world--the economy. I think the character speaking is a man who, as several people have mentioned, had good intentions, but was slowly drained of them along the way. Suddenly, the focus sharpens again and he realises where he is and what he has become. He can see that everything around him is dead and decaying, yet he does nothing about it, and he doesn't k ow why. He even finds himself sinking deeper into it. I feel this is akin to Cave himself, who started out as this crazy man with so much to say about the terrible condition of the world, but as he has gotten older finds himself more and more at home. He watches himself go docilely into the abbattoir that kills everyone. The song perfectly captures the modern malaise, even musically, as it is repetitive but entrancing, with a slowly driving beat propelling it to its conclusion, "I've got the abbattoir blues" and there's not much we can do about it. Which is a fucking awesome line to go around singing or whistling.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Tupelo Lyrics 12 years ago
This song, and his early albums until Tender Prey, dealt in a large way with a few themes. In his novel "And the Ass Saw the Angel" he brought most of them together in one statement. As the person before me said, this song deals with Elvis's birth, but as presented it closely resembles Euchrid's birth--the bottle, the box full of straw, the twin dying not long after birth. The Preacher of doom also is embodied and fleshed out in Abie Poe, the pistol wielding, self-anointed prophet.

Also, throughout the novel, and the songs from this period, are echoes of Jesus' birth and religious language, things Nick has long made a part of his artistic repertoire. I find it fascinating to see all these strains developing, even so early, in an writer of Nick Cave's caliber. I would say that we need more like him, but he has done his job so well, another like him would only detract from his work. Nick Cave is a true artist.

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