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Kevin Drew – Love Vs. Porn Lyrics 9 years ago
i hear it as:

"So i got addicted to watching the screen
like kids today i can't picture sex clean"

and then:

"Ladies on the screen can never replicate
All the fightin' and lyin' that skin doctors hate"

which i assume is a reference to all the arguments and stress in a relationship giving a person skin problems, but i dunno if thats even true

Frightened Rabbit – Snake Lyrics 10 years ago
"How very wrong could you be.
This is a beautiful song to listen to, and despite the possibly intentional trickery of the song, it is actually about a snake shaped draught excluder from ikea."

I did read that here: "Everyone thinks it’s about my penis, but it’s not,” he remarked after playing “Snake,” which he elaborated is actually about his plans to surprise a woman in New York City by showing up with nothing but the clothes on his back and a draft snake he’d been keeping for her. As it happened, the girl was “less than thrilled,” so he wrote “I Feel Better” as a sequel, reusing the music from the chorus." (

But there seems to be a contradiction here: "Well, basically, there's, the last song on, you know "Snake"? It's me going to New York. "I Feel Better" is me coming back from New York, having failed in my attempts. I took "Snake", I took the snake to New York. The snake, it's a snake, so I took him out to New York to visit my girlfriend, to see if we could sort things out. And then it didn't work, so I flew back. So "I Feel Better" is the sequel to "Snake." (

I prefer to think it's his pet snake.

Emmy the Great – MIA Lyrics 10 years ago
i think of it like something terrible had just happened and the way she grieves is to think of the good times they had

Ben Folds Five – Kate Lyrics 11 years ago
"I duno if he's referring specifically to a girl named "Kate", but he wrote this (I assume) while in Chapel Hill"

i once read that a friend of bens challenged him to write a song with a one-syllable chorus. so that probably inspired the use of the name 'kate' rather than a specific girl he knows

Ben Folds Five – Cool Whip Lyrics 11 years ago
um dont ask how but i accidentally posted that here rather than the kate page.

damn multiple tabs

Ben Folds Five – Cool Whip Lyrics 11 years ago
"I duno if he's referring specifically to a girl named "Kate", but he wrote this (I assume) while in Chapel Hill"

i once read that a friend of bens challenged him to write a song with a one-syllable chorus. so that probably inspired the use of the name 'kate' rather than a specific girl he knows

Bright Eyes – Train Under Water Lyrics 11 years ago
@flippant thoughts

a quick google search tells me this song was on a couple bootlegs before 2005:

2003 - Austin City Limits Festival
2003.04.10 - KCRW Radio Show:
2003.7.16 - Sokol Underground, Omaha, Nebraska
2004.2.28 - Live at Lupo's at the Strand, Providence, RI
2004.11.15 - Munchen

that probably explains it

Death Cab for Cutie – We Looked Like Giants Lyrics 11 years ago
personally i think this song is about a young inexperienced couple who are very much in love. but because they happen to be at a stage in life where they were experimenting with their bodies/sex the narrator feels like he was cheapening his love for her.

ultimately he lost her and their relationship was probaby considered puppy love (not in the song, guessed by me), maybe even by her.

he knows their love was real though and he looks back on the good times when they were together and curses the nights they spent that could have contributed to them ruining their love.

i think the line "than anyone will ever get" is the narrator reminding himself that their love was real, regardless of all the immatureness, and that she probably wont have that same feeling again

The Postal Service – Brand New Colony Lyrics 11 years ago
this is a beautiful love song. it reminds me of how i feel about pandas.

Say Anything – I Want To Know Your Plans Lyrics 11 years ago
i also wondered if this was a reference the ending of the movie say anything where they use the planes seat belt sign as a metaphor for their relationship.

so where they say "when they raise the landing gear
will your heart stay here" this could be a similar idea

Rhett Miller – Singular Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
i came here to get some insight on this song and find nothing, so ill take a stab at it

i *think* what happened is the narrator lied to a girl (May I remind you I'm under oath now?) who refuses to see/talk to him because of it (I could sit around all day worrying and wishing, I was one of them so you could tell it to me). afterward he realised that he was wrong and that she is special (I can tell You are a singular girl). so hes desperate to talk to her to let her know hes sorry ('Cause I can see you want the truth now, I've been trying to tell you)

Dashboard Confessional – As Lovers Go Lyrics 12 years ago
so far the only person i agree with is hardcmc..

i think abouts a guy and a girl who meet up and the guy obviously wants to get with her, for instance asking her back to his place. the narrator tells the girl that he doesnt just want a one night stand and that he has more feelings than that.

id like to think hes telling the truth, but we dont really know...

Barenaked Ladies – Hello City Lyrics 12 years ago
i think of it as a guy who moves to a big city (maybe for a new job or whatever) and just hates it. he spends his time wasting away his life, drinking and doing whatever (going home with women) just to pass the time in his horrible life
and he blames it all on the city

Barenaked Ladies – Bank Job Lyrics 12 years ago
i also think the song is too straight forward to be anything but taken literally.
theres still a lot to the song, so its not like it being literal makes it a worse song than if it was about relationships

Frank Sinatra – The Lady Is A Tramp Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah i got confused by it first but i reckon whats happened is some of the "broads" have been insulting her because she isnt like them, and she has a successful relationship with the narrator, so they called her a tramp.

and this song is what the narrator is sarcastically saying back to those bitchy women

Barenaked Ladies – Brian Wilson Lyrics 12 years ago
i think people are putting too much value into the brian wilson references. above all, i think the song is about the narrators depression and is only using brian wilson as an example

Elton John – Levon Lyrics 12 years ago
wikipedia claims:
The song describes a family living with mental illness. The opening line is the first clue to Taupin's riddle. "Levon wears his war wound like a crown" refers to being used as a "pawn" in warfare, and receiving a head injury. His son, irreverently named "Jesus", is growing apart from his father, who seems to fixate on religious and status symbols. The song's refrain, "He shall be Levon", contains a subtle pun which John's phrasing alternately obscures and punctuates: "He shall believe on.

before the time magazine featuring "god is dead" on the cover was released (april 1966) the new york times ran an article called "god is dead" (Jan. 9. 1966)

Ben Folds Five – Lonely Lyrics 12 years ago
i thought it was about an old man who was basically waiting to die. like the space in an empty room was a room at an old peoples home, and his wife and his friends had all died and he wasnt interested in trying to rebuild a life, he just wanted to die like everyone else he knew.
but then you guys seem to understand it better than me

Ben Folds Five – Rocky Lyrics 12 years ago
"He says "Ben
We both know you're asleep"

"As we watched the sun go down
He thanks me for my dreams"

i love those lines. when i heard it i thought it was about a friend he had who died (who he didnt know very well), and ben was talking to him and spending time with him in his dreams because he wishes he got to know him better

Ben Folds Five – Cool Whip Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah i think its fairly obvious, other than these lines:

"It seems that I'm the only one who's immune
No little girl's gonna tell me what to do"

i think the narrators pissed that all his friends are doing the same thing, and he thinks that a woman wouldnt do that to him.

whether thats because he hasnt met the right girl, or he cant get a girl and is bitter or if he really is immune, who knows.

Ben Folds Five – Kate Lyrics 12 years ago
i dont always get deeper meanings in bf's songs, but this one im pretty confident about.

kate is just a girl who, althoguh she isnt perfect, is comfortable with herself, always happy and her aura generally makes everyone else happy.

the narrator loves being around her, but also would love to be her.

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