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Meat Puppets – Taste of the Sun Lyrics 12 years ago
Brilliant song! Awesome music, but I just don't get it! The meaning. Someone.. anyone?

Linkin Park – Shadow Of The Day Lyrics 13 years ago
It totally like U2's With Or Without You!! I mean c'mon!! WOuld have been a great song if they made it b efore U2...too bad!

Kings of Convenience – I Don't Know What I Can Save You From Lyrics 13 years ago
Amazing! Just needed to hear it once to like it, unlike most other songs! Love the crazy beats.

Take That – Patience Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with ireneXY, lovely song, vocals done really well. The real vocal genius can be realised only when you try singing it yourself. throat.

Shania Twain – Forever and For Always Lyrics 14 years ago
Hmm looks like I'm the only guy here vouching for this song (apart from gayboyasian ofcourse). Incredible song! Lovely harmonics, well sung, heavenly touch! Goose pimple stuff! Hats off - Shania!

James Blunt – You're Beautiful Lyrics 14 years ago
This is an awesome song. It's got a pretty straightforward meaning. It's really nice the way James has put a common occurence like this in a song, but I think the lyrics are just horrid! Anyway still makes a great song! All about the music baby!

A-Ha – Stay On These Roads Lyrics 14 years ago
I can't believe no one's ever commented on this one! Wish I wasn't the first one for a great song like this. This one's probably about how two people need to go their own ways cus of where life takes them, but he's asking the other to "stay on these roads" and that they will meet again.
Looking from another POV, it seems like the singer is old and about to die and then go meet his love in heaven. Askin her to hang in there for him. "Old man feels the cold. Where joy should reign, these skies restrain." "Winter's callin on my home" (Btw that line hasn't been mentioned above) would probably indicate the end of his life.
Still doesn't explain "stillborn, by choice".
I just love such songs, that have a heavenly feel to them.

Pink Floyd – Lost for Words Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm in love with this song. IMO it's probably about how enemity and hatred can ruin your life, and that you get nothing out of it at the end, except defeat and frustration. I dunno if it's true that this song is directed towards Roger Waters. Shasta101, I did notice the similarity of the Wish you were here intro, but that's probably just a co-incidence. Same band after all! (Almost!)

Steve Vai – For the Love of God Lyrics 14 years ago
What a brilliant composition! Dunno wht inspired him to make this one.

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun Lyrics 14 years ago
Guys!! Is anyone thinkin what i'm thinkin'?
This song is porno!! I mean C' hole, snake, cream, hear you scream, my youth i pray to keep, hear you come!!! That make sense?!

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