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John Prine – Day Is Done Lyrics 9 years ago
This is such a sweet song, but on viewing the lyrics, I really think it's about two people who are both married to someone else, having an illicit affair.

The Statler Brothers – Class of '57 Lyrics 9 years ago
The Statler Brothers were always my mother's favorite band, so I do have the nostalgia factor working for me. But, ahh, the older I get, the more I believe that this is one of the saddest songs that I've ever known. All about the pain that comes with just growing up and growing old, and realizing that we will not change the world, and for most of us, our lofty dreams will not come true. The line "Or maybe we just thought the world would change to fit our needs" always breaks my heart, and the line "things get complicated, when you get past 18" gets me all teary-eyed. I, myself, was the class of '90, but the song still, and always will remain, poignant and oh-so relevant.

The Offspring – You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Lyrics 9 years ago
Just a phenomenal, high-energy song.
But all in all, we just all just basically love to scream the line;
"Dance, fucker, dance."

Mark Cohn – Walking In Memphis. Lyrics 9 years ago
She said, "Tell me, are you a Christian, child?" and I said "Ma'am, I am tonight."
Just beautiful. Probably my all-time favorite lyric. It's just that moment, when all the world just feels right, and you can really believe that God exists, and He's smiling on you.

Sponge – Drownin' Lyrics 10 years ago
I'va always thought that the lyrics were:
"I'm not happy, L.A.
I'm just not happy, L.A."

Indigo Girls – Prince Of Darkness Lyrics 10 years ago
kourakis, Where exactly do you get that this is about not enjoying sex? I'm not being obnoxious, I really want to know, as I just can't see it, anywhere.

Bryan Adams – The Best Was Yet To Come Lyrics 10 years ago
Thank you, jbreland!!!!! That honestly has haunted me for years, but I'd decided that I was the only person who knew the song, or even cared. Now I know!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary Lyrics 10 years ago
The correct lyrics are:
"pumped alot of 'tane down in New Orleans"
Although it sounds dirty, pumped alot of 'tane means, octane. So it's really just about pumping gas.

Audioslave – Doesn't Remind Me Lyrics 10 years ago
Don't know what Cornell meant when he wrote the lyrics, but I do know what this means to me. This song has become my theme song and touchstone. I lost my husband to cancer, then proceeded to lose my home and all of my belongings to his psycho, redneck family, over the following year. After starting over from scratch at 35, this has become my personal song of triumph. Not that it matters, just thought I'd mention it.

Elvis Costello – Seconds of Pleasure Lyrics 10 years ago
I've always wondered what that line is too! All i can come up with, is: "Though she'd gladly give up 45 years for seconds of pleasure"

Elvis Costello – Beyond Belief Lyrics 10 years ago
Just brilliant. But I've always heard the line as: " I'm just an oil slick in a wind-up world with a nervous tic."

Elvis Costello – I Want You Lyrics 10 years ago
Yes, I do understand what this song is about, but I also have to agree, that despite it's dark, violent nature, that this is an insanely sexy song. "Did you call his name out as he held you down?" God help me!
Ah, but that's what makes EC a master.

Michelle Shocked – Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy) Lyrics 11 years ago
This is about morphine addiction. Shaking hands, because he is waiting for his next fix.
"While in battle, a brave man I resemble
Alone I am a coward without will"
Alone, he can't stop himself from giving in to his addiction.

Tom Waits – Ol' 55 Lyrics 11 years ago
About a man driving home, after spending the night with his lover, and having one of those moments when you're just happy, and at peace with your life.
"Feeling so holy/ God knows I was feeling alive."
Sex as a kind of religious experience.
Ah, I love Waits. He has no equal.

Bon Jovi – Runaway Lyrics 11 years ago
Think it's pretty telling, that the chorus changes at the end of this song, (listen, and you'll see what I mean). By the end, the lyrics are: "Daddy's girl learned fast, now, she works the night away"
So, I definately always thought that it was about prostitution.

Nazareth – Heart's Grown Cold Lyrics 11 years ago
This is about being in love with someone who's sliding deeper and deeper into addiction, and getting to the point where you're ready to give up on them. While I love this song, it stirs up bad memories, of my ex, who I lost to narcotic abuse. Sometimes I can't stand to listen to it.

Bryan Adams – The Best Was Yet To Come Lyrics 11 years ago
This song has haunted me for years. For me, it has always been about a young girl's suicide.

The Refreshments – Interstate Lyrics 11 years ago
I believe that the opening lines are:
"Well, the fact of the matter
Is there never were no facts involved"
And the closing lines are:
"The velvet black interstate was something to feel
Spent $5.99 on a stone cold meal"

Hinder – Lips of an Angel Lyrics 11 years ago
My girl's in the next room. SOMETIMES, I wish she was you. Not all the time though, she's a pretty good cook.
Come on!!! Terrible song, god-awful message. Anyone over the age of 14 who thinks that it "rawks" should be lobotomized.

Avenged Sevenfold – Seize The Day Lyrics 11 years ago
Fantastic song! I do have to say though, that it's less November Rain and more a rip-off of Don't Cry Tonight, but who cares. If you're gonna pay homage to somebody, it may as well be G'nR. Still, a great song in it's own right.

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