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Darren Hanlon – I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You Lyrics 14 years ago
Mmyeah the lyrics in this song are superb.

"I dreamed that we were travelling on a bus
Speeding along an unnamed plain towards somewhere and nowhere there was us
Our hands lay useless in our laps
Like beetles on their backs"

What a beautiful verse.

End of Fashion – Too Careful Lyrics 14 years ago
"I'm not a saint, but I know I can behave"

Haha yes I love this. Justin has great style. It's like arrogance but tolerable. In fact, enjoyable.

End of Fashion – O Yeah Lyrics 14 years ago
A lil' trivia for those who think that End of Fashion are silly thieves.

During the tour for the debut album, Justin actually segwayed into "where is my mind" during "o yeah" when playing the song live and back into "o yeah" for the final chorus, just to take the piss.


Basically, face it. In music, it's not called plagiarism; it's called influence.

And on that note, the other songs on that album are classic original works and JUSTIN BURFORD IS A BRILLIANT SONGWRITER.

David Gray – Ain't No Love Lyrics 14 years ago
I suppose Jag's interpretation would explain the cyclic sound of the chords and melody David uses.

The chords and melody simply repeat in groups of three bars each, cleverly suggesting some kind of unfultilled routine.

This song, especially its lyrics, is just brilliant.

Bob Dylan – Heart of Mine Lyrics 14 years ago
Ohh beautiful. I adore this song. Has anyone heard the Norah Jones and Peter Malick Group cover? It's brilliant!

Norah Jones – Wish I Could Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah true. Very sweet song. Her friend doesn't know about their relationship and they are both anxious about his going to fight in the war:

She says "love in the time of war is not fair",
"he was my man but they didn't care",
"sent him far away from here", etc etc.

Yeah but it's a blissful melody and chord progression, not to mention beatiful lyrics.

Norah Jones – In The Morning Lyrics 14 years ago
Ahahah VERY good point annie. I like it. I suppose it can either be directly ABOUT coffee or it could just be a metaphor for a relationship or the other way around.

Norah Jones – Creepin' In (feat. Dolly Parton) Lyrics 14 years ago
Ahh yes the vocals are brilliant and I love her experiment into this type of country music, but the lyrics are brilliant!

It's so charming how (not sure who wrote this one) compares the inevetable attraction between two people to water seeping through the hole in your show.


Norah Jones – Carnival Town Lyrics 14 years ago
This is an absolutely incredible song I think. The chords, the melody, the lyrics and those harmonies in the chorus are just perfect. One of Norah Jones's best I think.

The Whitlams – Ease Of The Midnight Visit Lyrics 14 years ago
Ahh this song is brilliant. What an album closer.

This is about a narration of a man in love with a girl who lives in a flat with another man, and (Tim) keeps coming around to see her: "Show me a way to stop loving you and I'll stop coming 'round".

I LOVE the closing line: "When's a fool like me gonna drive straight home?"


Elvis Costello – Still Lyrics 14 years ago
Ahh what a sweet song. Frightening how Elvis writes such brilliant songs in such a different genre.

Thirsty Merc – When The Weather Is Fine Lyrics 14 years ago
Hahaha oball that's hillarious. I'll never feel the same way about this song!

The Cat Empire – The Crowd Lyrics 14 years ago
There are some absolutely amazing lyrics in this song. Just read the verses, they are incredible.

"Our houses are rectangular, but life if curved; not angular".

As a Melbournian myself, there's a kind of sense of relation with the city when you listen to this song. Makes me so happy.

The Cat Empire – The Wine Song Lyrics 14 years ago
The Wine Song is one of my all time favourites. I just love Harry's charisma. My favourite lyric is:

"'Cause I'm going to die with a twinkle in my eye
'cause I sung songs, spun stories,
loved, laughed and drank wine"

Gomez – We Haven't Turned Around Lyrics 14 years ago
Amen! Yeah I swear Ben sounds like Vedder. Gomez actually cite one of their influences as Pearl Jam.

Elvis Costello – Someone Took The Words Away Lyrics 14 years ago
Often, creative people can have trouble expressing themselves. Sometimes I feel this way myself, and when i do, i just recite myself these lyrics. It kinda comforts me i suppose. haha.

Elvis Costello – When It Sings Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah that's pretty much it.


Elvis Costello – Dust 2... Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeeah! This is poetic genius I think. Dust is a reference to all the little guilts, hidden truths and mysteries in history, and how they haunt us.
"What got into you is not a ghost as such
It was just dust"

Also, a very stong last verse:

Here comes the juggernaut
Here come The Poisoners
They choke the life and land
And rob the joy from us
Why do they taste of sugar?
Oh, when they're made of money
Here come the Lamb of God
And the butcher's boy, Sonny

Can anyone interpret this?

The Whitlams – Best Work Lyrics 14 years ago
This song, along with Ease of the Midnight Visit and Start My Cellar Again, contributes to Torch the Moon's break-up-song collection. Although it is not a conceptual album, perhaps Freedman was going through a tough time in his life when these three songs were written.

The Whitlams – Start My Cellar Again Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is, in my opinion, one of the best break-up songs out there. He refers to the relationship as a cellar; full of commodities that become better and more precious with age, and says quite simply and sarcastically, "Looks like i'm gonna have to start it again".

He still loves this person as clearly stated. He would like his friends to help his cause. And then towards the end, he hints at a second chance; "Maybe I am the best for you right now".

I love this song!

The Whitlams – Royal In The Afternoon Lyrics 14 years ago
This seems to be, no doubt, about Tim's new-found fatherhood. Rather than sappy and corny, he takes it from his trademark angle of charming sarcasm. Excellent song. Anyone know what the actual title line ("Royal in the Afternoon") may mean though?

The Whitlams – Beauty in me Lyrics 14 years ago
This is one of those haunting songs, that feels like it's been written for me... haha.

"She wants to get into film but it’s gonna take years
She wishes she wrote songs like the ones that you hear"

Of couse my passion is music, but i feel the same way.. then...

she’s telling herself “They’ll see,
They’ll see the beauty in me
They’ll see the beauty it’s in my soul”

I feel that this song is about youth vanity. Even though this girl may be vain, Freedman seems to have faith in - perhaps sympathy for - her.

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