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Paul Curreri – The Last Year of the Red Breast Lyrics 9 years ago
the lyrics are so amazing and rhythmic that they function on their own as poetry. they also sound great in the song, but just reading this off the page, it sounds incredible.

Deb Talan – A Good Day's Work Lyrics 12 years ago
i think it's actually:

"a good day's work
pack it all in
no time to live and learn

don't look up
the sky has fallen
watch yourself
taking that first step
out the door
out the door

{the rest the same up until:}

he takes the house
he leaves our friends
i keep myself, my hope, and my right
to not pretend

a good day's work

Carla Bruni – L'amour Lyrics 13 years ago
I feel like she's trying to convince herself that love is not worthwhile because it has hurt her. She's fooling herself--or maybe that's just how I would feel if I sang these lines ;)

The Fiery Furnaces – Ex-Guru Lyrics 13 years ago
I adore this song. I think it's pretty straightforward, but I love it all the same.

Emiliana Torrini – Snow Lyrics 13 years ago
I can't quite explain what this song means to me, but it's absolutely beautiful. I'm not sure if she wants to live her life over again, to spend time with someone who is only in her past; or, if she regains the desire to live just to see someone who she realizes she wants to see again, if only once and indefinitely in the future. either way, it's optimistic when it should be melancholy and i adore it.

Sarah Harmer – Dogs And Thunder Lyrics 14 years ago
i know i'm misinterpreting this song, but there's meaning in misreadings as well:

for me, this song unleashed a torrent of emotion when i was recovering from sexual assault. the lines "at least you don't feel/fear it anymore" unlocked something in me and made it possible for me to begin to move on, to deal with my pain.

i told sarah this after a show once, and she told me that she loved hearing about when people find things in her songs that she didn't even know she'd put there, gave me a long hug, and then told me that the song was indeed about her dog, Shadow, who died when she was young, but that the loss and grieving and reconciliation were definitely the themes of the song.

i'm really glad i got to have that conversation with the artist herself, but no matter what, i'm glad i got to read the song my way, even if i knew it was "wrong" because of how much it literally changed the course of my life.

The Be Good Tanyas – Only In The Past Lyrics 14 years ago
adore this song. "eventually you just let the stone fall"--i think that's the "warm, black stone" from "ship out on the sea," which symbolizes love. i think you have to let your love go when the words dry up. and you have to reach a certain point inside before you can do that. this song reflects such optimism while embracing the sadness--"we laugh and we cry"--that accompanies such a turning point.

Jolie Holland – December, 1999 Lyrics 14 years ago
wanting a relationship to make it through hard times, looking forward to realizing that someone has stuck by you to see things calm down again and to enjoy that moment of looking back together from a safe place. i think this is one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. i once shared this with someone i loved, but we didn't make it to that safe place. this song still embodies that wonderful ideal.

Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken Lyrics 14 years ago
oh and i thought the line was "can't stand a girl while holding a boy's hand" instead of what's above. also thought it was "my life of complication and disorder"

Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken Lyrics 14 years ago
jesuisbien, i'm not sure i agree with you. i do think it's a cole reference--how could it not be?--but i think the line "I can't see further than my own nose at this moment" is an idiomatic expression for not thinking about the longterm when making a decision, instead of anything to do with pretension or snobbery. i think in fact this song is the opposite of that; it's about being both giddy and blunt in the face of a new opportunity. it's about throwing yourself into it head first. not looking further into the future than your own nose. i second the questions about the video--maybe there is a critque there--she is definitely a stark contrast to the giddiness the song, and the dancers, suggest.

love it.

Diane Cluck – Easy To Be Around Lyrics 14 years ago
"getting what our name is" - to me this means that a relationship which lacks depth, one in which you leave behind the heaviness you normally would carry with you, you leave with the "same as what you came with" meaning you approach the depth of a meaningful relationship but then leave it behind--that, in the end, this kind of relationship really does leave both parties with nothing. their name is nothing, they don't label themselves or their status, and they end up with empty hands at the end--perhaps without broken hearts as well.

Sufjan Stevens – Opie's Funeral Song Lyrics 14 years ago
the fire in the tree reminds me of the movie pleasantville when reading books sets the trees on fire, symbolizing the way people's minds were opened--almost literally like learning to see in technicolor! maybe this person's existence or friendship initiated a reaction in the narrator's mind, setting their mind ablaze, maybe igniting passion or destroying old ideas.

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