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Travis Tritt – It's A Great Day To Be Alive Lyrics 15 years ago
Actually this song was written by Darrell Scott who is a great songwriter and musician. I encourage everyone to check out his other stuff. Unfortunately, mainstream country music has missed out on this talent in favor of the more "produced" stars.

The Chicks – Long Time Gone Lyrics 15 years ago
Written by Darrell Scott, a great songwriter and musician. Unfortunately, mainstream country music has overlooked him and others for too long.

The Allman Brothers Band – Melissa Lyrics 19 years ago
I think it is about a guy who is trying to get over a relationship. He wonders around, can't find a purpose, he dates some other chicks but can't really give himself emotionally to any of them because he is still in love with Melissa. He knows he has got to let go of this old life (The "dead man's ghost") but he just can't shake it for whatever reason and it continues to haunt him.

Neil Young – The Needle And The Damage Done Lyrics 19 years ago
I don't know about sympathy...the song seems to be more of a warning about the dangers of drug abuse. He has been around a lot of folks that couldn't get enough, turned into junkies, and are "like a setting sun" pushing themselves to an inevitable end.

Neil Young – Ohio Lyrics 19 years ago
When I hear this song, I always think of the famous picture from the Kent State shooting ( a stunned, horrified person kneeling over one of the dead students). What if I had known this person?... found them dead on the ground?.....I also like the way Young uses the cadence-like rythm to give you that feel of soldiers marching. Scary to think of the United States Military marching against her own (unnarmed) people!!!!!!

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