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Bayside – I Can't Go On Lyrics 11 years ago
love the line

"i left a note on your bed
i don't recall what it said
something like how i'm completely miserable
and I'm better off dead"

Bayside – Demons Lyrics 11 years ago
I think this song is a very smartly written for the audiance bayside are reaching these days the average (born to take 10th place out of 20 in a field) high school emo/scene kid full of the classic cliche's about growing up too many to quote but you can see them all there. I also think that "you search for months for something else" could be "you searched the halls" like school halls, or malls as someone else suggested but I dont know, dont have the lyric book. But while keeping the fans happy I think theres a slight contempt here that they are just copy other peoples styles "you cover up your bedroom walls with who you want to be" and the direction that the fashion is heading to "Oh, you're dressed to impress but you look like a drag queen". and maybe even that there scene is become too mainstreme "you read magazines and watch MTV" but maybe I'm miles off and it really is just a classic tortured teenager tune. that was a little bit of alliteration for you there, enjoy.

Smoking Popes – Rubella Lyrics 11 years ago
was wondering what the lines

"And the heart that she has stollen has now
swollen to twice its natural size.
I've lost six pounds since I laid eyes on her."


cant find the meaning or even close to a theory any ideas?

Bayside – Dear Your Holiness Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this is fast becoming one of my favorite tracks off the new album, definatly about questioning the existance of god.

The Traveling Wilburys – Tweeter And The Monkey Man Lyrics 13 years ago
Im sorry but the headstones version is in no way better than the wilburys version....

Bayside – Advance Letter Goodbye Lyrics 13 years ago
Dont run are good but so are bayside, this songs brilliant no one writes lyrics as good as these guys.

Saves the Day – Shattered Lyrics 13 years ago
this is my favorite off the new album... Definatly just about self loathing, thinkin youre not good enough in anyway done in a typical saves the day style.

Smoking Popes – Paul Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this songs about thinkin of an ex and how much better life was with her and thinkin you may have a chance to get back with her but she has someone else. I think the 1st person option is outta the window with the lines "Chocolate eyes at one time melting in mine But not tonight"

Smoking Popes – Pretty Pathetic Lyrics 13 years ago
brilliant song, i think the meanings pretty obvious tho no one seems to have noticed yet (or at least they havnt commented on it) but the last 2 verses seem hes telling this to someone else. "why don't i just be quiet." hinting he was being "pretty pathetic" all over again!

Smoking Popes – End of Your Time Lyrics 13 years ago
This is one of my favorites, i think the song is about josh realising how songs he listened to when he was younger probley ment completely different things to the artist than they did to him as he sees people doing the same with his songs... pretty fitting for this site eh?

Smoking Popes – Megan Lyrics 13 years ago
In my opinion this song is definatly about suicide after a break-up with this girl megan "bloodshot rearview mirror eyes" suggests hes been crying, "where the air was clean,
and the sun never goes down" suggests heaven to me to not to mention the stairs ect... the last verse i think is about meeting someone else and them helping him over it. "somebody came and took my hand.. i finally had to go" and when it finishes "butter on a summer day when shes around" I think hes admitting he knows the same thing will happen. but thats life.

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