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Queen – Misfire Lyrics 12 years ago
I didn't actually consider the lyrics any sexual before I heard that very many did relate this song to sex. And then I listened to it again, and yes, the lyrics kinda refer to having sex.
And as John has so many kids, he hasn't misfired too many times himself either... ;)

Queen – Don't Try Suicide Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is funny. In a bit sick way I guess but I can't honestly say this song wouldn't make me smile. When you think about teenagers in general, quite a many of them at some point, insist they want to die just to get some attention. Of course there are exceptions who really mean it and that's a sad thing.

Queen – A Winter's Tale Lyrics 13 years ago
Very beautiful. It was the first I heard this one probably five years ago when I was about 14 and I've loved it since then although it's hard not to cry when listening to it.
When Freddie wrote this song he was dying from aids. But he sounds so peaceful. He seems to find so much beautiful things in this world despite he must have been in such a terrible pain. In another track on Made in Heaven, Mother Love, he sounds much more bitter.

Freddie Mercury – Mr Bad Guy Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't think Freddie was bad at all, when you see him off the stage, in an interview for example, you realize that he actually seems quite a shy guy..
I think this song is about him asking some respect for himself. ("Can't you see, I'm Mr. Mercury?")
But how could I know...

David Bowie – All the Madmen Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this is about an mental institution. Quite desolate but really no worse than the "real sane world" outside.
I think he's questioning the whole idea of sanity.. Well, he said he rather stays with the madmen than the sadmen.
This song has sadly been underrated. Bowie has made many really great songs about this "sane or insane" thing probably inspired by his brother or himself maybe.. In an interview I watched about a week ago on dvd, I remember him saying that when he was younger he was really scared of going really mad someday because it runs in his family.
Though, I don't think he's ashamed of that, he said that in spite of his fears he always believed that the madness was caused by their intelligent, then he laughed and stated something like "But I'm not so sure about that".
He was so sweet.

David Bowie – After All Lyrics 13 years ago
There's something really touching in the line "I've borrowed your time and I'm sorry I called, but the thought just occured we're nobody's children at all".
That could make me cry.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 13 years ago
Freddie has said this song doesn't really mean anything. And I'm satisfied with that, maybe it just doesn't have a certain meaning. I think Freddie had something on his mind when wrote it, he got over it and the song always made a new meaning for him as time went by.
When I think of all the songs I love the most, I realize there are none that you just listen to once and immidiately know what the lyrics are about and the rest agree with you. Maybe that's the secret of a classic - never write a song with a meaning that's too clear.
When I first heard Bohemian Rhapsody I thought it was about a dying man who's regretting all the things he has done in his life. Now I rather consider it as a description of the battle between fantasy and reality.

Queen – I Want To Break Free Lyrics 13 years ago
It's written by John, not Freddie, so it's not necessarily "a gay song" despite of the drag theme.. In an interview long time ago John was asked what this song is about or where did he got the idea and I remember John answering something like "It came from frustration". He didn't say what he had been frustrated about so I just thought maybe it was his marriage.
Maybe he was just longing for the certain freedom he probably did not have as a married man with children. I think it's kinda natural, I recall he got married quite young.

Queen – Jealousy Lyrics 13 years ago
This song has been underrated indeed. And it's not the only Queen song that has been undervalued. Hey come on, haven't you ever wondered why a song like "The Invisible Man" managed to get in the Greatest Hits collection but "Spread Your Wings" did not?

Queen – You Don't Fool Me Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah, the meaning is pretty clear. But really nice though. This song must have been written by John or Freddie, they liked this kind of sound, didn't they?

Queen – Bicycle Race Lyrics 13 years ago
Well, darlings, just like one of you guys just mentioned, I really don't like to think that all the songs that Queen (or Freddie) made are about gay people.. It's like I'd stigmatized them or categorized them without even trying to get the lyrics in the right way.
But even so, I found very interesting the point that the song is about bisexuality. Referring to the line "I want to ride it where I like" for example it kinda makes some sense. It's like a more decent metaphor for a statement like "I fuck anyone and anytime I want no matter you say".
Sounds like Freddie wanted to snap some narrow-minded moralist. =)

Pink Floyd – The Thin Ice Lyrics 13 years ago
The beginning makes me think of a mother or father or any other older relative who tries to convince the gullible child that everything is always going to be just allright. Mommy loves you, daddy loves you, everybody loves you and nothing can go wrong.
Then the child grows up a man (or a woman, however) just to realise that all he's been believing in has been so absurd. He wants to do something to feel alive, he takes a risk although he knows it's just impossible - for anyone (referring to "the thin ice"). The people watch him wondering to the dead end, some silently reproaching, some tears in their eyes. But does anyone really DO anything about it? Well, no.
They see him struggling for his life, they might even get touched by his torture but still they look on, they watch his life like a bloody movie. And in the end there's always some afterwise one who can say: "Well, didn't I say so?"

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