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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Way Out Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's about Transcendency. Distance from it all. Experiencing something great, but disconnected from everything else. Probably by drugs or insanity, or both, lol.
"lies and love, it's all over me, all under me"
"im way out, one minute on the inside, you still cant get to me"

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away Lyrics 15 years ago
i like to think Chrissy is there as "pussy".

Belle & Sebastian – Beautiful Lyrics 15 years ago
Lisa is going blind. Suddenly she has to try everything the world has to offer, before she can't get it no more. Sadly the same world that Lisa wants to taste in every way possible, is the same world that is letting her go blind. She doesn't act sad, so people don't notice. Not that it would make a difference.

Belle & Sebastian – She's Losing It Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it's not about lesbians. It's about insanity. Going insane, or trying hard not to go insane. Lisa is losing it. Though Chelsea is the one who should have lost it.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me Lyrics 15 years ago
Janet has tasted "blood", when Frank'n'Furter slipped into her bed disguised as her boyfriend, Brad. She was normally very chast, but that was enough to wake up her libido. With a BANG! And Rocky happened to be there when it did.

Lucinda Williams – Side Of The Road Lyrics 15 years ago
crappy female crap. Stupid females never know what they want, but they want it badly.

Lords Of Acid – Pussy Lyrics 15 years ago
"Muff diving"? - sure. But don't forget "My pussy's always hungry for a big chunk of meat".

Damn cats are such perverts.

Lords Of Acid – Deep Sexy Space Lyrics 15 years ago
Damn, what a voice.

The Black Heart Procession – A Light So Dim Lyrics 15 years ago
there is no normal way of getting out of myself, i had to take a chance.
If you are what guides me, i'll be what carries a cargo that has forgotten its worth. But how long will this cargo believe in the promise of salvation. My inner doubt is becoming stronger. And it is harder to see myself. But you will see me trying. Trying to figure it out. For how long will i wait, because all that i have left to value is time. I will reuse my time, by taking some time out of using time.

Pixies – Broken Face Lyrics 15 years ago
Hehe, i also questioned myself lots of times about this song lryics. The written lyrics vary from place to place. I'm now conviced that the singers actually are singing two different songs with similar sounding phrases and words.
What exactly those are i don't know.

The song is about mundane insanity. Or how mundane insanity can be.

Arcade Fire – No Cars Go Lyrics 15 years ago
"Between the click of the light and the start of the dream."

When your perception is taken away, when your senses are stripped away. Nothing else remains. Nothing can take you there. If something, it is like a dream.

I don't really think it is about death. It is about non-existence. Children still remember what it is like not to exist.

Apart from this i agree with on's description.

I love the way they make "no cars go" sound like "no control". Didn't explore that, but it sounds great.

Ladytron – Playgirl Lyrics 15 years ago
Play girl lives only as a part of the world. Extremely popular but has none of an existence that can be called her own. Her popularity is the vehicle of her existence. She needs to make no effort where normally one would have to make one. She is being carried by the tidbits of existence that humans consider normal, and cares not to question or being interested in them.

Ladytron – Seventeen Lyrics 15 years ago
Girls, unlike boys, need to earn their freedom from their parents. They search it in relationships with men most of the time, men that are independent and mature. Some men are on the lookout for this type of girl, and model themselves as an escape pod. They're addicted to the innocent girl type, the girl that is looking for a way out of the prison that is everyday life. As soon as the girl stops being such - usually when reaching maturity - she ceases to be of interest. Just another item in their collection. They'll keep a souvenir and let them go.

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is quite literal. It's directed to a someone that has an aura of destrution. Intentionally or not, he/she leaves a path of ruin behind him. A series of events has left his heart cold and indifferent. He makes sure to kill off everything he leaves behind so it cannot stall him. The singer loves him, because she can see the inherent beauty in his fate.

Ladytron – Blue Jeans Lyrics 15 years ago
From a girl to a boy (or girl). It's about their dream-like coming-of-age love affair. It was led by the singer, clearly more mature (or more dark). Their relation is over now, but not in the boy's head.

The blue jeans - here a set of events or circunstance, that has the right feeling - will only fit when they're supposed to. You shouldn't force it.

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