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Fugazi – Latin Roots Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song illustrates Guy's best talent: filtering a song about emotions through a song about politics. He does it in "Do You Like Me?" as well as "Margin Walker." Portions of the song suggest it's about losing one's virginity, but then that motif is contrasted with a discussion of roots and origin. Thus, I think the metaphor suggests losing one's innocence in realizing that roots set people apart from one another.

Fugazi – Repeater Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this is about the crack war in DC. Repeater is a reference to a gun. Furthermore, "ink washes out easier than blood" is likely a stab at the press' exploitation of the situation.

Elvis Costello – Different Finger Lyrics 15 years ago
Here, Elvis channels his hero, Gram Parsons. The song has the same tinges of guilt and regret found in most of Elvis's material, but this time, there's a little self-loathing that drives the point home.

Elvis Costello – Next Time 'Round Lyrics 15 years ago
This is quintessential Elvis. He mentions his obsession with pop music ("a second-hand emotion on a battered 45"), he drops some dismissive cynicism ("you took two steps forward and then one step on your back") and squeezes in a tender confession ("I've got too much love for you; you've got too much pride"). Perfect.

Elvis Costello – Senior Service Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this is Elvis's neurotic comment on the world of work. Senior Service are working-class cigarettes, furthering the idea. He discusses how it's impossible to form any fraternal bonds with your coworkers when you know that their misfortune is ultimately to your advantage.

Elvis Costello – Two Little Hitlers Lyrics 15 years ago
Who knew the Holocaust could be made into a perfect metaphor for every relationship I've ever been in? Thanks, Armed Forces!

Elvis Costello – Battered Old Bird Lyrics 15 years ago
My understanding is that this song is a somewhat romanticized tale of the building where Elvis grew up. The dialog in the last verse is presumably between his parents, addressing a young Elvis.

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