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Panic! at the Disco – Camisado (Relax, Relapse) Lyrics 12 years ago

don't you guys get it yet?

this album is a story. "the only difference" and "london beckons" are dislaimer-like prologues. "nails for breakfast" is the introduction. we have a guy in a hospital bed. why? he attempted suicide. "this was no accident". actually, he was "theraputically" trying to cope with a "chain of events" by killing himself. what were these events? well the rest of the album functions to reveal the reasons why he is lying in this hospital bed.

he obviously did something pretty drastic, because he has made the "ICU hall of fame". he is a "regular decorated emergency". in a sense, he is defining his own self-worthlessness.

we have a lonely guy, who is looking for attention so he tries to kill himself. he calls the hosptial to let them know he is dying, he has a tone of "apathy" to show his lack of passion for living, hoping this will make the doctors more urgent to come to his rescue. now he is in the hospital and he realizes he is nothing more than the standard suicide attempt these doctors see everyday. the doctors were so careless the "anesthetic never sets in". in his quest for attention, he has only become just like every other "regular decorated emergency". a bloody mess.

if you notice in "the only difference" he says he is the narrator...well I believe he is narrating a story about himself. therefore he refers to himself when he says "I" and he is also talking to himself in third person when he thinks about how the "the bruises and contusions will remind [him] what [he] did [to himself] when [he] wakes". we he says "we deal" it is almost a satiric remark, because he is commenting on his own dillusionment- almost in a schitzophrenic type of way. it's actually kind of creepy.

after he realizes he is nothing more than the average suicide attempt he feels even more worthless, he creates another fiasco on the gurney. luckily the hospital camera's caught that one. i think this line is just added in to mock how ridiculous the whole situation really is.

it's ironic that he commits suicide, but calls the hospital to let them know. this shows he is "desperate for attention" as he says he is in "london beckons". when he calls the suicide "support line" in "nails for breakfast" this notion is further confirmed.

when he says "you can't take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid" he is saying that if you can't remove someone from their personal struggles (his is with suicide), you remove their struggles from them. i think this refers to hospitalization to ensure that he doesn't attempt suicide again.

basically, if you can't keep a kid away from attempting suicide, keep the ability to attempt suicide away from the kid. and that is why he is in this hopsital....which all falls in line with the story. it's kind of like we're traveling backwards.

Panic! at the Disco – Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is about suicide.

here we have a character who is depressed, and is prescribed pills "[he] knows [he] should take" but he doesn't.

in his depression, he has attempted suicide because he is not taking the proper medication, and his suicide attempt has failed. now he is in hospice. when he describes the hospice as

"A relaxing weekend getaway Where you're a cut above all the rest
Sick and sad patients
On first name basis with all the top physicians"

he is being completely sarcastic. he has tried to slit his wrists, and because of his fragile condition, he has been placed in higher priority than other patients that may have been at the hospice longer. when he says he is "a cut above all the rest" he is being completely sarcastic. his use of the word "cut" is ironic because it almost seems like he purposely cut himself to be sent to hospice, because it's "a weekend getaway" better than his "lonely bedroom".

he is now in the hospital bed, at the hospice. he is on the antidepressants he had previously refused to take. however, he shakes as a side effect to the antidepressants, so he is medicated even more to deal with this problem. he is so drugged his speech is slurred.

is god to blame for this situation? no no, he called in. it's actually the character, because he has tried to take his own life. god has nothing to do with this. it was his own choice.

when P!ATD says
"I am
Alone in this bed, house, and head
And she never fixes this
But at least she makes me forget
I am
Alone, in this bedroom
She never fixes this
But at least she
Prescribed pills..."

I think he is referring to a psychiatrist or doctor when he says "she". the character says he is alone. while the "she" does not fix that problem (he is still lonely) she just prescribes him pills that make him forget his is lonely. perhaps this doctor is a love interest? ...hmm...perhaps...if that were so, it is possible that he is resentful that she only prescribes him pills, instead of fixing his problem of being lonely.

this is my favorite song bye P!ATD and i like the album version waaay better. the demo is slow, whiny, and disgusting. lol.

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