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Placebo – Black-Eyed Lyrics 13 years ago
schizophrenia and bipolar can be related but are different mental problems in themselves. my mother suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, eventhough her moods are absolutely up and down, she is one person. And i think he just means he's got a problem with psychosis and since 'schizo' is a strong term, a well known one and compared by general people with "crazy", i think he was just trying to keep it simple, there are many types of schizophrenia too, and since he didnt really talk about that, i dont think we should look too much into it. I love this song though btw, and i think its just an expression. And pretty blunt.

Papa Roach – Tyranny of Normality Lyrics 13 years ago
“The Tyranny of Normality” is at least in part about the corruption of a government that appears to be acting out of concern for the common man, but is really motivated by greed and power.

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