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Wilco – I Can't Stand It Lyrics 12 years ago
This is a great song. I think it is about coming to grips with being an athiest. It is a big step to make, but you make it and the world goes on. And suddenly you feel free and find that there are others who think the same as you.
But what you believe is abhorrent to many others and you need to hide it in code.

Wilco – Jesus, Etc. Lyrics 12 years ago
I believe it is about comforting someone who is feeling spirtually lost.
"you can combine anything you want"
you can take whatever you want from what any religion preaches.

I think Jeff is an athiest, look at "I Can't Stand It",
"Your prayers will never be answered again" and
"No loves as random As God's love I can't stand it"

The song is saying believe what you want to believe, I don't believe in god and that makes the world a better place, no love is as randon as God's love. You don't need to have an understanding and a definition for life and the universe, I'm here for you and the beauty of people caring for each other is wonderful enough.

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