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The Verve – Weeping Willow Lyrics 12 years ago
damn, just cos i actually tried to analyse the song and read between the lines, instead of saying "hmmm.. sounds like a sad song, yeah its about suicide". anyway, im sticking to my guns! :) i do love this song though!

The Verve – Weeping Willow Lyrics 13 years ago
oh, and the last guy to post before me, pyros411, is EXACTLY 3 years older than me, coincidence eh? duh-duh-DUH!!! ;)

The Verve – Weeping Willow Lyrics 13 years ago
Alright! I love this song, but I'm afraid there's two spelling mistakes that totally throws the whole song off... the second line should be "We HAD our eyes and our LUNGS aching" Now for the real meaning of the song... pollution and the decline of the modern world!

Think about it, our eyes and lungs ache as the result of the decline of the countryside and the increase of urban sprawl, with the air pollution causing our lungs the ache. I'm not too sure about the whole "6 to 10" reference, but i think it's got more meaning that the hours of the clock, the general message here is that the world was given to us and we threw it away (like in the garden of eden and all that religious stuff)

The pre-chorus is a scream from the world, mother nature etc. to us to actually get up and do something about what's going on, with all our modern science and stuff there's "no better time" like the present to save the planet.

The chorus is then a reiteration of this plea, that the world hopes we see the plight it is in, the pain we cause it, and that we will "stand beside" it, and not stand idilly by and let our own lifestyles consume it.

The second verse returns to the fact that the world is diminishing due to our own greed, and by the time there is actually peace on earth ("freedom") the world will itself be destroyed.

Then the "Weeping Willow" bit at the end, well... if you've heard that song, I forget who it is by, maybe james taylor or neil young, anyway there's a line that goes
"why does the weeping willow weep?
because she's dying gradually
from the waste from the factory
down by the river"
it really puts the song into perspective. "Weeping willow" as a result of the effects of pollution, the "pills under my pillow", it's a take on modern life and the belief that everything can be solved by a pill (prozac etc.), and the "gun under your pillow", has got to do with the increasing lack of love and trust, increase in violence, and hence an increasing disregard for the planet and a civilisation slowly killing itself by it's own greed.

That's my interpertation of the song, and, although i'm convinced it's right, that's just my opinion, don't lyinch my if you think i'm wrong. Though I will say it is an absoluyely beautiful song, and it's fantastic to get totally baked to (like the whole urban hymns album really)!!
peace out

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