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Glasvegas – Lots Sometimes Lyrics 10 years ago
Pretty obvious meaning by the lyrics. It's about a relationship that ended and he still thinks about her and all the range of emotions it brings back. He misses her he hates her he wishes he could be with her forever and he wishes he never met her.

Sadly I can relate. Cleaning out my apartment that we moved into together 6 years ago, getting ready to move out finally. She's been gone for years but I keep finding stuff that reminds me of the good... and the bad. It's time I move away from this town and stop thinking of her... lots... sometimes.

Say Hi – Dots On Maps Lyrics 10 years ago
To me it seems like it's about a guy and a girl; the guy has trouble committing because the "magic" has gone. The trip is an allegory for the relationship; she wakes up from a dream and realises that they're not as far along as she thought they were, and then confronts him with it "is this all it's gonna be?". The guy can't commit "Oh I don't know", so she says "There's a trigger somewhere let's pull it", meaning one of two things; a) let's get married, or b) let's just end it. Either way something has to change.

turns out the nap was much shorter than you wanted to believe - she thought the relationship was further along than it actually was
nap - represents the "dream" state of the relationship
only in Dakota - We're actually nowhere
en route to bigger cities - she thought they were going somewhere, ie: marriage
we've played our only record front to back infinity - we've been together a long time and have been over everything before, and we're kind of getting bored now
Thinking back to all the days when we were kids Playing games And dropping hints And getting wide eyed at a glimpse - he's remembering back to the early days of the relationship when things were great and he used to be so excited about her
But now you're 'bout as turned on as a bottom feeder likes the sun - But now our feelings for each other have died and he feels nothing anymore

Bruce Springsteen – Downbound Train Lyrics 14 years ago
I get most of it, but what does it mean when he hears the whistle blowing in her room? That she left on the train? Did he just dream that she was calling him back? That's what I get out of this.

Peter Gabriel – I Grieve Lyrics 15 years ago
"In the - and the - "

^ I think he says "In the rot and the rust"

Either that, or "rod", but rot makes more sense with what he's saying.

Seven Mary Three – Lucky Lyrics 15 years ago

Mean Mr. Mustard is clearly a reference to the Beatles song; a jaded and cheap homeless guy.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams Lyrics 15 years ago
Funny how every woman assumes that only guys can be like this.

Women can be every bit as bad as men, and many times are much worse. My ex-fiancee used the hell out of me, and got me so emotionally involved in her that I literally turned my life around for her. I bought her two cars, found a job in a city hundreds of miles away, and almost bought a house for us before I realised she was using me, and I broke it off.

Then she drained my bank account and ran off somewhere. Because of her I have no friends, I live in a city where I literally know noone, I am dirt broke, and I am so honest to god fucked up emotionally that I can't even speak to anyone without feeling like they're trying to screw me over.


Billy Joel – All About Soul Lyrics 15 years ago
I always find this song particularly sad, because I think he wrote it for Christie Brinkley, saying how her strengths and soul have made his life complete...

and then she goes off and marries some other guy.

Billy Joel – Got To Begin Again Lyrics 15 years ago
It seems to me that Billy Joel has a song for everything dealing with life, and this one is no exception. I just broke up with my fiance and she ran off with over $5000 of my money. This song is about a situation just like that; he spent so much time trying to make something work with someone he really loved, but didn't love him back in kind, and eventually ended up hurting him. He knows it's for the better that it's over, and that he's got to get on with his life, but he still can't forget about it.

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