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Islands – Jogging Gorgeous Summer Lyrics 13 years ago
my favorite thing about the islands is that they sound like islands. tropical, that is. this song makes me wish i was at the beach.

Eiffel 65 – Living in a Bubble Lyrics 13 years ago
oh, see i always knew it was bubble. it makes more sense that way in my opinion.

haha... this song is my favorite guilty pleasure. it's like fifth grade all over again when i hear it. such happy feelings.

Belle & Sebastian – Judy and the Dream of Horses Lyrics 13 years ago
haha, the orgasm theory makes me laugh, but i think it's more about judy being unable to find a decent boy (or girl for that matter) but i'm sure her idea of a perfect lover involves someone who can give her an orgasm.


i'd like to think the book that judy reads is a horse and his boy by c.s. lewis. it's primarily about a boy who steals a horse, but another major character is a girl who steals a horse. of course that's just because that was my favorite book when i was a little girl reading under the covers with a torch... so that's probably why i think of it whenever i hear this song.

such a beautiful song too. one of their best in my opinion. gives me a warm sunny feeling.

of Montreal – Labyrinthian Pomp Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is so ridiculous! haha. i love it.

of Montreal – Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider Lyrics 13 years ago
hahahahaha. at the end when he's singing, "you ain't got no souuuul powah!" it's almost... sassy. i love it.

The Shins – Sea Legs Lyrics 13 years ago
actually ladybug, i'm pretty sure i read in an interview that phantom limb is about a lesbian couple in a small town. so if this song is a continuation of their story then you've got a pronoun problem.

anyway, i'm not so sure about the meaning of this song, but i have to say every time i hear the line "the choice is yours to be loved" i am reminded so very much of morrissey. anyone else hear that?

The Shins – Sleeping Lessons Lyrics 13 years ago
oh, and musically, i love the way it starts off sounding lonely and desolate and picks up steam. aaah love it love it.

The Shins – Sleeping Lessons Lyrics 13 years ago
this is my favorite song from the new album, absolutely. it's such a beautiful, hopeful kind of song to me. it says, be introspective. find the things about yourself that you believe in, that you think are right, and stick to them. love who you are. don't let anyone else's opinions of you break your spirit. of course, that's probably just me putting my own personal spin on it.

The Decemberists – Summersong Lyrics 13 years ago
ehh. not crazy about the new album, not crazy about this song. i guess i'm just being nitpicky really but i expected more lyrically from colin than "gets swallowed by a wave." something about that line bugs me so much. also i really love the accordion in mariner's revenge, legionnaire's lament, etc. where it gets a chance to shine, but here... donno, not so much.

Joanna Newsom – The Fray Lyrics 13 years ago
this song makes me feel light, like i'm falling or floating... probably the most beautiful song of joanna's besides en gallop. it's so entrancing... sigh.

Belle & Sebastian – Family Tree Lyrics 13 years ago
dreadhead, I don't see how this song relates to religion, but it's definitely about being bored with the shallow people in society.
my favorite line has to be "I'd rather be fat than be confused." god, i can relate. i'd rather be fat than be a stupid bimbo.

The Flaming Lips – Haven't Got a Clue Lyrics 13 years ago
bahahah. this song makes me laugh so hard. especially the part about wanting to punch your face. i can think of a good number of celebrities whose faces i'd rather like to punch.

Belle & Sebastian – Sleep the Clock Around Lyrics 14 years ago
this is what I listen to when I feel down, when I feel like I'm not much use to anyone. it's probably not good to wallow in my own self pity... but this song always makes me feel better.

"then the moment will come, and the memory will shine" that part especially is just sort of euphoric. it picks you up, gives you hope. what a fantastic song. I swear I'm on a permanent belle and sebastian kick, I just never get tired of them.

Belle & Sebastian – The Rollercoaster Ride Lyrics 14 years ago
sounds like the same judy to me, the teenage rebel who did it with a boy when she was young.

this song's very mellow, good listening for a rainy day when you feel calm.

The Boo Radleys – Wish I Was Skinny Lyrics 14 years ago
what a lovely song. so bouncy and upbeat. the meaning's a little sinister, if you really think about it, but the music is so happy that you don't even think about it.

The Shins – Weird Divide Lyrics 14 years ago
what a fantastic song. lovely imagery, the shins have a real knack for that.

anyhow, it seems to me like he's seeing someone that, for whatever reason, it might be taboo or wrong for him to meet. that's kinda vague, but it's what "the weird divide between our kinds" seems to imply.

my favorite line is "even time can do good things to you." not sure what those things are... wisdom I suppose? learning from your mistakes? improving with practice?

The Decemberists – Los Angeles, I'm Yours Lyrics 14 years ago
oh, that fluttering ochestral swell. what a fantastic song.

The Pillows – Juliet Lyrics 14 years ago
wow. that would be lizard, not retard. here are the right lyrics:

Yokubatte naiteta
O-ki ni iri no lizaado no kutsu'shita o
Yabutta puresento
Nanimo kikoenai ame no yoru ni
Rikki wo naisho de
Damatte tsuredashita

Kumotta megane de
Kurutta jidai wo nagameteru
Don't cry
Kimi no iro de machijuu wo nuritsuise

Imi mo naku saezuru kanariya to wa
Mou nidou to odoranai
Chikatta nichiyoubi
Machiruda to osoroi no
Raifuru o te ni shite
Shiroi juujika o neratte uchiruita

Tozashita kokoro ni
Yuganda kizu-ato kakushiteru
Don't cry
Kimi no kage wa sou nagaku nobi-tsudzukeru

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