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The Strokes – Vision Of Division Lyrics 15 years ago
lyrics are wrong, about julian only sees the negative side of things, and when he meets someone that happy and free
he put no effort, or expense into this
"i cant get along with your friends" i think friends, hes meaning friends in his wacked mind

The Strokes – Ize of the World Lyrics 15 years ago
wrong lyrics, i think some is political, but i think its about starting a relationship, instincts, and with all the shit and terror in this world, theres alot to be scared and hesistant about

The Strokes – Ask Me Anything Lyrics 15 years ago
"Does anyone else hate this song? First Impressions would be better without it.

"We could drag it out
But that's for other bands to do."

couldnt agree w/u more
i think some of its about him wanting a part, or the main role in a girls life, but he just had nothin 2 say to make that happen, for whatever his reasonings, him being shy, ect,

The Strokes – Heart In A Cage Lyrics 15 years ago
anyone get what he says at the very end after the last line "oh the heart beats in its cage" someone says something in the background, think he says "for her" check it out.
anyway julian wants a girl, he belongs in out in the country, where the farm animals reside, and he thought she would be at a concert but she fucked him over. his heart is in a cage
his heart is not in what hes doing in his life, his heart belongs to whoever hes speakin of
what is he meaning "I would steal your fire"??????????

The Strokes – On The Other Side Lyrics 15 years ago
i think this song is quite touching, obviously about someone who made him happy and hes obviously in the darkness without and he wants to be on the other side were whoever
is at and hes waitin for the time to cum
cause once you've tasted happiness ya cant go back

The Strokes – Razorblade Lyrics 15 years ago
love at first site

The Strokes – Electricityscape Lyrics 15 years ago
these lyrics are TOTALLY wrong, anyway, hes obviously wants this girl, um bad, and "she belongs on the radio" meaning a form of communication, hes waitin for the day they shall be faced, and hopes she doesnt reject him

The Strokes – Red Light Lyrics 15 years ago
forgot to add, "first impressions of earth" i think the title should be "first impressions" in all these songs he seems to be talking about someone he just met and is obviously longing for, haha

The Strokes – Evening Sun Lyrics 15 years ago
pepople jujus having an affar!! LOL, no but seriously this couldnt be about juliet, its something he already has, and this girl is not with him "go ur seperate way now, ect. ive come to conclusion thatmost of this record r about his longing for someone else, well if he obtains her, hell prob get a divorce

The Strokes – Red Light Lyrics 15 years ago
:i just said it to get u to laugh" is refering to possibly the
this is obviously about someone who julian just met, yet still cares deeply for. her looks n such were so inviting but getting a closer look he realized her heads on straight.he had"nothin 2 say" to make her want him but now he is willing to go that extra distance to be with her
im not sure about the whole red belt thing, could have several meanings behind that. BUT i will say, "i got your name and your home address" STALKER Julian, haha, well looks like he did his research "your never gonna guess what is"
that poor girl, julians going after, hes a cumin, i would be scared, hah

The Strokes – You Only Live Once Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah some of the lyrics are not correct. Um about the meaning-its about meeting this girl, it was actually the first and the last time he ever saw her. I guess they didnt hit it off from the start, julian i guess was not very nice and well i guess she just ignored his behavior. he didnt mean any of it and what he really wanted was attention from this girl and really wanted her to "sit him down and shut up" and put forth effort but she looked the other way and just thought he was an ass.
later on he cant stop thinking about her cause she was something out of the ordinary yet since he doesnt know if the day will come when he sees her again, he probably blew his chance. He just didnt realize it/and or didnt know how to handle the situation. he now sees the sunshine and will be waiting so if she ever wants to give it another round, he'll be there. this meaning is comin from julian, its was from their last tour,dont ask how, but this is what its about

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