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Counting Crows – A Long December Lyrics 13 years ago
Counting Crows is such a great band. And this is one of their more “popular” songs. Played on the radio a lot. Made it to “Buzz Ballads” album. Might seem to be overplayed, redundant, even ‘overrated’. But looking at the lyrics, I just have to say this is one of my favorite songs ever. The lyrics are just so personal and relatable. And the way it’s sung… He has so much emotion, passion in his voice. It’s just an incredible song. I’ll explain what the song means to me…

December. It’s such a cold month. It’s the last month of the year, so you cant help but feel like it lasts forever. The lyrics are bittersweet. So sad, but hopeful. “Maybe this year will be better than the last”. Everyone has that year, that moment in time, that just absolutely sucks. You feel like the world is out to get you because everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. So you just go on ‘living’ by not really living. You just let the days go by without appreciating anything around you and let time slip away from you. “One more day up in the canyons and it’s one more night in Hollywood”. The tone is very ‘whatever’ and mundane and dry. Canyons. I dunno, I think of loneliness when I think of canyons. Like desert. No life. Just nothing. Then Hollywood. I just think of ‘fakeness’ or as Holden would say ‘phoniness’. When you’re in that place of depression you feel like the whole world around you is fake and not important. And you feel alone.
“Smell of hospitals”- depression. When I think of one smell that makes me feel depressed and sad, it’s the smell of hospitals. Hands down. “The feeling that it’s all a lot of oysters, but no pearls”- again the sense of depression. No hope. It’s the feeling that nothing good is happening in your life.
The next lines are a sense of hope. “Light attaches to a girl”…it’s like the only noticeable thing in the crowded room. While the song looms with depression there’s that sense of hope seen with the light that attaches to the girl, seen with the hopefulness of the next year to come. The chorus then starts again. Even with that bit of hope, there’s still that depression looming. The idea of going to California. I think this symbolizes change. Change for the better which is later represented by the ocean.
He is thinking about the past year he has had. He concludes that the winter causes these feelings of loneliness and depression (‘laugh a little slower’, ‘talk a little lower’). Winter could be a metaphor for the coldness of society and all the people around him. Then we go back to the opening lines. It’s been a long year and now he is hoping to God, hoping to anyone, that next year will be better. The sense of urgency is recognized in his voice. Then comes the most important line. “I cant remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold to these moments as they pass”. There are good moments in life. There just are. And unfortunately we aren’t capable of remembering them all. But we can try to hold on to some of them. But instead, we go on ‘living’, we go on depressed thinking about how much our life sucks. We forget the moments that ARE worth it in the end. And before you know it, you can’t remember any of them because your too busy bitching and moaning about what you have now. Live in the moment. Look at the good things life has to offer. And hold on to those moments the hardest you cant because you can’t get those back. Then he goes into the chorus and then he says he should go see the ocean. The ocean is symbolic of change. Water is a symbol of birth, renewal, refresh. Just that last sentence has the hope the whole song is stressing. Everyone has their “Long December” but you have to be hopeful in the end. You have to go on living.

The Dollyrots – Because I'm Awesome Lyrics 14 years ago
sorry. but i think this is the worst song i have ever heard ever. its sooo bad its funny. its perfectly equivalent to the movie from Justin to Kelly. The lyrics are just terrible. "I dont need you because I'm awesome" hahahaah are they serious?!?! "I'm Cleaner"...ahaha.

song just makes me laugh. i thought a lot of people would have thought the same. not surprised...just the effect of modern music.

honestly just wanted to put my see if others would agree.

but basically this song is about a girl who dumped her ex boyfriend. she doesnt need him. know why? because she is awesome!!! ;)

Lifehouse – Storm Lyrics 14 years ago
what an amazing amazing song. has to be one of their best in my opinion.

well, I definitely can see how many of you see this as spiritual song about God. Members of lifehouse are very religious and spiritual, so that claim definitly makes sense. Literally, I think you guys are right. Just looking at the lyrics it makes a lot of sense that this is about God. About trust, faith, and believing. About getting out of the treacherous storm and having everything be alright. "shapeless form", that adjective and choice of words really makes me think of some divine force beyond anyone’s control. But having that faith, that trust… “if I could just see you”….then he knows everything will be alright. It is the test of one’s faith and trust in the almighty God. Thinking more about this song and looking within the lyrics I keep seeing more and more how this is about that. However, songs are meant to be interpreted differently by each person. All depends on your perspective and how the song makes you feel.

The first time I heard this and when I slowly became obsessed with this I saw it as more of a love song. The only line that make me believe that this is not about God is the line "and I will get lost in your eyes". When I read that line I think more of a love type of song and not a spiritual one about a man and God. I see this whole song as a metaphor, I try not to look at things literally and I tend to overanalyze. And when I did that, I saw a love song. “How long have I been in this storm”….how long has he been in this rut of his life. An argument, an uncontrollable obstacle that has hit him. He keeps going further and further has his life is just a mess. “waters getting harder to tread”… “waves crashing over my head”. He can’t he even stand up straight. And the chorus in my opinion is if he sees her then everything will be alright. If she comes back to him, the “darkness will turn into light” and everything will be ok. It just shows the effect she has on him.

I guess the thing you take out of this song is the hope that always exists. Even if your in that obstacle of your life you can find your way out. Gotta believe, have faith, and trust. Find that someone or something that will get you outta of there whether it is love or your faith in God.

Rush – Natural Science Lyrics 14 years ago
This song over the past few months has increasingly grown on me. I think Permanent Waves is Rush’s most impressive, artistic, and meaningful album to date. While others will say Moving Pictures or 2112 I have to stick by Permanent Waves because of the themes it crosses and the amazing lyrics present in every single song…especially in Natural Science.

Musically, Natural Science is genius. Lyrically it’s beyond genius.

Part 1: Tide Pools
The first two stanzas Geddy Lee has soft, slow, and quiet vocals. Lifeson strums his acoustic guitar slowly…nothing too advanced or complicated. Peart isn’t even in this part as there is no presence of drums. Listening to this song you’re not sure if this is actually a Rush song because of everything it encompasses and everything it doesn’t encompass.

The first two stanza’s set up the philosophical lyrics as well. The analogy between the tide pools as microcosms to the sea as the wider universe. The concept is quite interesting and extremely true when you think about it. Because those small little creatures “chasing out their destiny” (living their life) are not aware of anything outside their environment. They are not aware or “forget” about the big picture, about our big world, our society. The most essential line in the first two stanza’s is “living in the pools, they soon forget the sea”. Here we have the main focus of this song. And not only is this about the tiny little creatures and their own microcosms but as well as the human race and our world.

Then all of sudden it cranks up and within 5 seconds, Geddy’s real voice is back. Neil’s drums kick in and Alex is given another guitar. It is heavier and more alive. This is the Rush we know. Lyrically, this is another important part to the song. Our life is hectic… “wheels within wheels”…it never stops. It keeps going and going. Time passes and we are not sure about the magnitude of our causes. We just allow the world to move as it is without thinking exactly what were doing.

Part 2: Hyerspace.
Musically, there is a bit of special effects. A nice uitar rift by Alex is added and it sounds like there are other voices in the background. All of those weird, unique sounds in the background add to create a deeper meaning to this song; the theme that is so prevalent in Permanent Waves becomes clear with this track. The meaning is quite scary and eerie: our would has expanded and become a “mechanized world out of hand”. This part continues on with the last part of part 1 concluding that this, in fact, is about the human race. That our world, our society is out of hand. The lyrics of “their world is fashion. no wonder they don’t understand” shows that we are not in it for the right reasons. We have forgotten about the real reasons and have filled our minds with essentially nonsense aka fashion. The repeat of “wheels within wheels” forces more stress with what Neil Peart is saying. Time is passing and we are losing site of the way. The right way. This concludes this part well since the above stanzas of Part 2 are all examples of how we are losing the way. And how were aren’t paying attention to what our causes are doing to the grand scheme of the things (our world, our society)

Part 3: Permanent Waves
Here it is. This is the most important part (lyrically) in the whole song. Here we understand the tone, the attitude, and what is going in Neil Peart’s mind. While the first part introduced the song, and the second part created an eerie and scary feeling for the future and what has happened in our society, the third part shouts out a sense of optimism. Maybe we do have a chance…? There is hope for the human race.
First we get the lines shouted by Geddy… “science like nature must also be tamed”…stating we must watch what were doing. We must be aware of our surroundings and what is happening in order to secure our futures. Not only must we be aware but must have integrity. And there it goes with that word, integrity, it’s in a lot of Rush songs. Must be an important word for Neil. The next stanza also says a lot. “Art as EXPRESSION, not as market campaign”. It’s the same as Spirit of Radio…creating art for money even if it’s a job is not for the right reasons. Do it for yourself, what makes YOU feel good…not just to appeal to the masses. And again integrity is used restating that integrity “will surely help us along”. The third stanza is great to understand where Neil is coming from. Simply the first line says how few “honest men” there are. However, they are the ones that will survive the destruction and can help our society, our world. Saying to form a new world, that of a descriptive purpose; a word state that has “integrity” (not surprised by this word), and is “sensitive, open and strong”

The last two lines are the most thought-provoking and confusing as the audience is left to wonder the fate of the human race. Time passes and the waves go on as it was. It’s permanent in that sense. Permanent Waves. It’s always happening. The last lines are “leaving life to go on as it was…”. Maybe it’s in our nature to lose our way and then find ourselves in the end…? Honestly I believe that last two lines are up for interpretation. I think the “…” in the end and the sound effects of water prove that it left to your own interpretation. Like to believe in the optimistic ending.

Van Halen – Dreams Lyrics 14 years ago
I know I’ve heard this many times but the song was just re-introduced to me a few weeks ago. And I have to admit I have not stopped listening to it since.

This song is just emotionally satisfying. Emotionally attractive. It’s the song that I believe everyone would just love because of the arousing and affecting drive it gives you. It’s not only the lyrics but the way in which it is sung. The raw passion is present in his voice and the song just makes you feel alive. It calls for such a positive reaction. An optimistic feedback of the listener.

Like Chamiga said… “carpe diem” . It’s the exact conclusion that everyone should make after listening to this song. Live life to the fullest. Dream big. “Spread your wings” “Reach for the sky” Leave behind those obstacles and struggles.

The problem with this song is you completely become encompassed within the lyrics and within the emotion of his voice that you will not stop listening to the song. At least that is what happened to me. Problem is…you can not over-listen to this song. It’s like a Phoenix, that beautiful, fierce bird that is re-born every thousand of years. That’s what this song reminds me of. It’s beautiful and fierce but you cannot over-listen to it or it ruins the effect of the song. I feel like I need to be re-introduced to this song every few years and not over play it. I might be over-analyzing the meaning and effect of this song…actually I know I am. But this song is just worth getting obsessed over.

Rush – Fly By Night Lyrics 15 years ago
OMG if I hear one more comparison of Rush and Coheed and Cambria I think I may shoot someone!
The two bands are nothing alike. Rush=one of the best bands in rock history...while Coheed and Cambria= posers...I mean they have a song called "2113" for gods originial *rolls eyes*
I can't make fun of people who like Coheed and Cambria b/c we all have out different tastes in music...but to actually go and compare them to Rush...its like saying Pink Floyd sounds like Good Charlotte...or The Beatles compared to 50 Cent

Rush and Coheed Cambria don't deserve to be in the same state at the same time...they are two completely different bands...

I honestly think Rush has one of the greatest lyrics of all time...they are so deep and actually mean something...they are about life, society, literature, movies, and there are a few that cover love...and the instrumentals...Neil Peart is the best drummer ever...I don't see any contenders for Coheed and Cambria

Sorry....I know this is for Fly By Night...but it makes me really mad when people go and compare a classic band to a new band that will probably not make more then 4-5 hit songs...or even 1 or 2 hit albums...

Hey...I may be wrong...Coheed and Cambria could make it really big...and 20 years later people are still talking about how much they rock...but bottom line is they don't sound like Rush...their lyrics cant even compare to Rush....and they will never be Rush...

Anyways...For "Fly By Night" what a great Rush song...its one of my favorites...its about changing your life...starting over...perhaps erasing your past...I like the line "It's time I was king now not just one more pawn" I think we all feel like a Pawn...just like the common people or everyone else....everyone dreams to be recognized like a king

its a very catchy always gets stuck in my head

Rush – A Passage To Bangkok Lyrics 15 years ago may be right about the Opium thing but the phrase "burn the midnight oil" means to stay up really late

Well this song is about drugs, lol, its one of the fewRush songs thats actually deals with drugs...its a great song nonetheless
instrumentals and vocals are amazing as usual!

Rush – Roll The Bones Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with Z22
I this the song is great...but I hate the hip hop part...its just...well...its not Rush

I love the rest of the song though. I like the take chances in life and live by the moment...stop asking why...just go with flow...
and the beat of the song is amazing

but...just that stupid voice that comes in late of the song makes this one of my least favorite Rush songs...I've heard A LOT of Rush songs and all the ones I've heard I have loved! That voice though...ahhh...just makes this song go towards the bottom of my favorite Rush songs

Elton John – The One Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow...only 1 reply to this song. That really shocks me. This is one of my favorite Elton John songs.
The lyrics are so powerful and beautiful.

It's not really hard to understand the meaning of this song...its about "the one"...the person who you can't stop thinking about, the person you HAVE to be with, the person who makes your heart beat really fast, the person who your destined to be with

I love the fire metaphor in the first stanza "fire flying from your hands" me it means love at first site...when he first saw her...he saw the flames..the embers..the sparks of what their relationship could be

and in the next stanza thats what he says...he instantly fell in love with this girl..and everything seemed to fit...all his worries went away...and everything...makes sense

and the chorus perfectly written...
he says that all he ever needed was "the one"...thats what everyone wants....hopes for in life...they want "the one" for them...the one who makes them feel free. I love the simile "like freedom fields where wild horses run" just means being happy, free, content...
"No shadows block the sun"- when they "collided" and when they fell in love they believed in what they had...they had hope...there were no doubts(shadows) because they felt in their heart and followed it...
then the last part of the chorus "Your all I ever needed...oh baby your the one" - thats all that needs to be said...

I also the love the the last stanza "He walks along the beach and sees his future in the water, a long lost heart within his reach"...that is very many books...poems...etc... water...or the ocean symbolizes a persons life...because when you look out in the ocean you see water the continues becomes more distant and distant...thats what life is...even when you die your spirit continues forever and ever...and when he look out in the water...he sees her..."the one"...meaning she is his future...

It's a great song...a timeless love song that will never get old

Elton John – I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues Lyrics 15 years ago
I love Elton John. Almost all his lyrics are perfect. He is one of those singers that I could never get tired of. He is a classic.
I was watching VH1 Classic the other night and this song came on and I immediately fell in love with it. I'm not sure if I heard it before, but I seriously fell in love with this song in a span of 10 seconds. I think it's his voice...or the lyrics...its probably a combination of both...but it was 2 in the morning and I got up from my bed and downloaded it. I listened to at least 10 times in a row. The song is just beautiful.

Its about a couple who is not together. I always imagine its about guy who went off to war....or they were separated when they picked different colleges to go to. Either way the two are apart from each other. I think they are both having a tough time not being with each other. It's the blues...they are sad...depressed...and just want to be with each other. He tells her things can only get better and it's not forever...because they will be together in the end. He tells her it won't be long and tells her to wait for him...b/c the blues will go away and they will be with each other. He tells her...he loves her...more than life itself...

I think the last two lines sum their whole relationship up...the fact he loves her more than his own life is just a really special thing. The song describes true love...and even if there are the tough times...or the times when they are not have to believe and have faith that the love your relationship holds will come together in the end...thats what he says in the song...he explains he will always be there waiting for her...and asks her to do the same

In the video you see the guy and girl hug in the happy to see each other...the video is great

The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony Lyrics 15 years ago
Bellemusique, word!

well said...whatever you said...I agree basically covered

I just finished watching Cruel Intentions...dude that movie has me crying EVRY time...especially when this song comes up in the end...and you Anette in the car and you see flashbacks...that scene gets me every single time
the whole movie is bascally like this song

he was conformed by society...wanting to change...and the truth was he was only himself with Anette...and when he finally realized was too late

the ending of the movie just like this song is so Bittersweet...
its a great movie about being yourself..just like the song

I mean like the song "your a slave to money then you die"...its a shame thats how people live...I don't think you can really call it living because your not really happy...your going on with a life that is something you don't want and don't like...thats what happened to Sebastien except for the fact...he fell in love...for the first time he was happy...she made him smile...she brought something new to his life...its actually bittersweet that it had to end in that way...

Guns N' Roses – November Rain Lyrics 15 years ago
November Rain is without a question my favorite song by Guns n’ Roses…I like many of Guns n’ Roses songs but November Rain in my opinion is their best

Slash’s solo is killer…the lyrics can’t get any better….and the message of the song is definitely reached by the end
This is just one of those songs that will never get old…

I think I’m just going to tell you what I think the song is about by just dissecting each part…lol

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same

It’s about a girl and guy…a relationship that has always had bad timing in my opinion….because as of now they are not together despite what they are both feeling
He knows when he looks into her eyes…that its there…that their love…their connection, that the chemistry between them is still there…but their love is retrained…they are both holding back…either because something is holding them back…or because their not ready to give each other their hearts…which a very scary thing to do
But he tells her...he feels the same…even a simple hug…or a holding in the hand...he wants her to believe that his feelings for her are real…they are true…

'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

To me “November Rain” is the tough times…the hard times in a relationship…those days where it feels like your relationship is falling through the cracks and you don’t really know what happened to it
The candle is very symbolic…just how it is in all of Elton Johns song…the candle is the relationship and the fire is the passion and sparks within the relationship…its hard to make a relationship work when the timing is off…something is forcing this couple to not be together…something maybe outside of the relationship…therefore they cant be together…their fire…their passion…their sparks can’t ignite in the cold November rain

We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain
But lovers always come and lovers always go
An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away

I think for a long time they’ve had their feelings for one another…they have had to deal with pain of not being with one another…they are both hiding their feelings by going to other people…I think that’s what it means when it says “lovers come and lovers always go”…people come and go…people whom you think are “the one”… who you convince you love just to make the pain go away…but when it comes down to the facts…to how your heart feels then you know its just all BS because you know your heart is not in it

If we could take the time to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
just knowin' that you were mine
All mine

If they put their feelings on the line…if they act truthful for once…then all will be good…he can lay his head back knowing they are together…knowing she belongs with him…and he belongs with her…that’s what he wants…he wants to be truthful, he wants to lay it on the line…he wants all to be well

So if you want to love me
then darlin' don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walkin'
in the cold November rain

He tells her…is she wants to be with him then don’t hold back b/c he feels the exact same way...but he tells her other wise…I will keep on walking in the November Rain where their timing is just off

Do you need some time.. on your own
Do you need some time.. all alone
Everybody needs some time.. on their own
Don't you know you need some time.. all alone
I know it's hard to keep an open heart
When even friends seem out to harm you
But if you could heal a broken heart
Wouldn't time be out to charm you
Sometimes I need some time.. on my own
Sometimes I need some time.. all alone
Everybody needs some time.. on their own
Don't you know you need some time.. all alone

This sorta reminds me of when their relationship is on hold…not only being a couple…but friends as well…I think despite they were never together they were still friends and they were still close
But these lines…to me signify they couldn’t even do that…they needed some time…to be alone….to try to mend their broken heart and their mind by being on their own

And when your fears subside
and shadows still remain
I know that you can love me
when there's no one left to blame

I think this shows her realizing her feelings…her realizing life is too short and she must seize the day…her fears will slowly subside of giving her heart away to the person she loves…but “shadows still remain” meaning there will still be doubts…doubts can’t go away…but he knows that they can do it…that they can give their heart to each other because they trust one another…they both know they can love each other when they start realizing what they want…and go after what they want…I mean…

So never mind the darkness
we still can find a way
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
even cold November rain

This is my favorite part of the entire song…
He tells her to forget about the shadows…the darkness…the doubts…and lays it on the line…that they will find a way…together…they will be there for one another

And my favorite line…it goes back to the first part of the song…he says “cause nothing lasts forever” but this time he says “EVEN cold November rain” … I think that is so symbolic…
He is telling her that the wrong timing…that the tough times…that them not being together WON’T last forever…that their “love restrained” wont be restrained anymore…that their love will make it though the end…I think that line offers so much hope…because those bad days…those bad times…they don’t always last…

I love the ending too….

Don't ya think that you need somebody
Don't ya think that you need someone
Everybody needs somebody
You're not the only one
You're not the only one

They are talking about each other…they need one another…even though time goes on…it will always be about them in the end

Ok…I’m done…that’s my take on the song…

I think it’s a great song…it really plays with your emotions…its very sad but hopeful in the end “cause nothing lasts forever even cold November rain”…it’s a really beautiful song…I don’t get how there are some hard core Guns n’ roses fans that just flat out hate this song…I don’t really get that…I think the song is perfect

but then again...there is not one song that has ever been recorded or that will ever be recorded that is universally liked by everyone...its just not will never happen

Duran Duran – What Happens Tomorrow Lyrics 15 years ago
I would say this song was not originally written to refer to a certain relationship or love in general…for the most obvious reason it starts with “child…don’t you worry”

According taylnn it’s about a boy having a conversation with Simon about 9/11. That is very interesting…and makes a whole lot of sense…the song nonetheless no matter how you look at it is a hopeful song…if you relate the song to love, death, troubles in your life, or a specific event like 9/11…it ends up being a very hopeful and inspiring song. The beat is great for the message it conveys. I like how when they sing “If you let me, I’ll protect you” or “Hold my hand please….understand me” I love how their voice changes to a certain pitch, different than the other parts of the song. Also… the pauses in the song are very subtle but effective, and it makes the beat very catchy and upbeat.

Even though this song isn’t about love, me being the hopeless romantic I am related it to love and relationships. I think this song can be interpreted in many different ways but I thought of true love when I first heard this song. I think it’s about a relationship that has not had the best timing. There have been troubles and something that is out of their control is keeping them apart. In the mean time I think they are friends even though they are both very much in love with each other. Even though they will never know what’s going to happen “tomorrow” or the next day they know “it’s going to be alright in the end”…the song is about faith…destiny…people who are meant to be…

If they let each other in…they want to be there for each other…they want to protect each other…It seems to me that one of them is frightened of the relationship… “If you let me…I’ll protect you…however I can”…to me it means if she lets him in to her heart he will protect it any way he could…he wouldn’t hurt…he would only love her

But I think they are both frightened…perhaps frightened of love and giving each other a part of them they have never given before; their heart…

“there are time we punish those who we need the most”…I think that is very true when you are in love with someone…sometimes when your in a tough situation you push those away who you love…because you frightened of what could happen.

But in the end…it’s your own fault for not overcoming your fears or what you’re scared of to push it all forward and take a chance… “Only got ourselves to blame for this behavior”

But the chorus “You’ve got to believe it’ll be alright in the end, You’ve got to believe it’ll be alright again” I think is hopeful that in the end everything will be alright…and everything will work out…it’s as if he is convincing her of that… ‘Yes, maybe now were not together…but wait and see…in the end everything will be alright’ …I don’t know…haha…I guess that’s the way I see it…

“So don’t let go, Now that we’ve come this far”…I love that part of the song just because he is telling her, he is pleading with her not to give up, not to let go of their love and what they have…because what they have is worth the wait…even if it takes forever…

I think this part is just beautiful
“Hold me hand please, understand me, you’re never alone”…the lyrics of this part are just perfect…he is telling her to take the chance…take his hand and take their chance on love… “Understand” that he will never leave her alone…that together…forever he will be there for her…

I love the ending of the song…even though it seems like it’s the same as the chorus…there is a subtle yet effective change to the lyrics that makes the entire song flow perfectly… the last line of the song is
“and yes we believe it'll be alright again” and I think that is the best way they could end the song…in the entire song he is telling her “you’ve got to believe” that in the end it will work out…he is convincing her…and allowing her to believe in hope and have faith that it going to be ok in the end…
but in the end of the song…in the last line…they answer it…it’s a direct statement…they both believe that it will be alright in the end…to me that just signifies what will happen “tomorrow”…in a way…they both know that it will be alright in the end…

Not sure if that made sense…I had a lot of thoughts on my mind and just tried to get them all down…hopefully it was in an organized manner...

I related the song to a love…a relationship…but in general this song is just about life, fate, destiny…it’s about having faith and being hopeful that things can turn around even though it may seem impossible

Life is tough sometimes…there are always those days that just feel like hell…those “rainy” days where you don’t want to get out of bed…where it seems like the entire world is out to get you because of all these events that make your life just shittier and shittier and shittier…but things do get better…its pretty much a fact…it’s really important to just look at the sun…have hope…that things will get better

I think that’s what the song is really about…believing that after a “rainy” day the sun will always appear after…even if it takes awhile…it’ll come… “It’ll be alright again”

Billy Joel – Piano Man Lyrics 15 years ago
I see him the 16th ...haha

have I ever experienced people who are not where they want to be? people who are troubled?

hasn't everyone?...

yea I have experienced of my great friends is experiencing that right now...she doesn't like what she is doing with her life and doesn't know what to do...its a tough really is

Billy Joel – My Life Lyrics 15 years ago
song is great...its gets stuck in my head a lot...I like to listen to it when I'm just my parents...friends...or just life in helps me out a has a real good beat...very good song

this song is about...well basically the title ... "my life" is about making your decisions and making your own choices...sometimes people want to guide you and tell you what to do...but when people want to live their own life...they are stubbron and won't listen to anyone...I'm pretty sure everyone gets into the position in life...where they don't want to hear anyone else but themselve

when your in that situation....there is always that day...when the light comes down...and you will end up doing the right thing...but its no one elses business but yours...only you can do that for yourself...not your friends...or your parents...or anyone else

sometimes as a friend or parent you have to know when your crossing the need to know when you should back off and let the person live his or her own life...

living is about making mistakes and doing what is right for you...not whats right for your friends or parents

I think this song does that for makes me think its ok to be happy and live my own life...eventhough it may not be right for long as its right for you...I mean sometimes...just sometimes...its ok to be just a little bit selfish....

Billy Joel – She's Got A Way Lyrics 15 years ago
beautiful song...thats the best adjective I could ever use to describe this song...

the lyrics are amazing...his voice is perfect for it

just shows a guy who is completely in love with a girl and he is thinking about her...the simple things that she does...or the simple things about her...they just amaze him...thats what happens when your in love...your not exactly sure why...or what it just know that the person makes you feel something that you've never felt before

the smile...the way she talks...she inspires him to be a better person...and thats what love is about...because being with a person you love shows the real you...the true you...I think thats what this girl did for him...the only girl that could ever do that to him...true love only comes once...

Billy Joel – It's Still Rock And Roll To Me Lyrics 15 years ago
this is not AIM...not supposed to talk about memories...its site to give appreciation or thoughts about music...anyways with that said...

this song is amazing! its a very up beat song...I really like the meaning as well...just be yourself because it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks...
I love Billy Joel...he is so passionate about his music and is a really good lyric artist...he writes what he feels...from history to rock n' roll...all of his music is just so inspiring and of the best artists of all times..

Billy Joel – Goodnight Saigon Lyrics 15 years ago
i absolutely love this song

its very depressing since its about the horrors of the Vietnam War...
I love the beat of the song and his voice...especially the echos with some of the words...its very effective to the song

I like it a lot becuase it shows how close the soldiers got to each other...eventhough the song is very depressing...I think its offers just a little bit of hope...eventhough the nights are dark...noises are loud...people are getting injured...there is still a positive diction in the song...the fact they prayed and the going down together...this song is real emotional by still motivational in a way...
Billy Joel is just amazing!

Billy Joel – Piano Man Lyrics 15 years ago
sadnessoreuphoria...sorry but I would have to disagree with you
just becuase this is one of his more famous songs doesn't mean its overplayed or not as good...I dont think its annoying when people say its their favorite song...b/c the song is just amazing...I agree there are some hits by some artists that are just not as good...but Piano my opinion is different....its not like any other song that is overplayed on the radio...its played a lot and loved by a lot of fans for a reason

im a huge Billy Joel fan...I always have been...and this is definitely one of my favorite songs by him

I think it depends on the type of person...this song really inspires a way that not many songs do...this song makes me feel really emotional and even makes me have tears in my eyes...if I have a bad day I'll listen to this song just b/c in a way it makes me feel better..forget about my troubles...even if its just for a few minutes

the beat is amazing and I just love Billy Joel's voice

but like I depends on the person...I just think this is one of his best songs ever...of course there are many others...but I think Piano Man is different than the others

I think this song is about trying to reach your goals even if it is really hard and seems the song it talks about a lot of people who didn't become what they wanted...but the as a whole song just embodies the Piano man who could never get out of the bar

the piano man gives the people in the bar hope in my opinion... "son can you play me a memory"...
"And the manager gives me a smile
'Cause he knows that it's me they've been comin' to see
To forget about life for a while"
thats what the Piano man did for the people...he let them forget about their troubles...even if it was just for a few minutes

I agree with the person who said the song is about not having regrets

I think that is real important in life...and I do think this song is about should live life in the moment...carpe diem

Billy Joel is just amazing...I cant wait to see him in concert next month

James Blunt – You're Beautiful Lyrics 15 years ago
Lyrics are better than voice...

the lyrics are so adorable...its about guy falling in love with a beautiful girl who he knows he can never be with...the song is good because I think everyone experiences this in their life...maybe not actualy experiencing rejection...but a type of loss

the video for this song is just ridiculous...I watched it thinking WTF...the video does not do the lyrics justice...I am sorry....

the lyrics of this song are beautiful...sad...fulfilling..and pretty depressing....

in the music see a guy undressing then jump off a ledge...why would he commit suicide? to me....the video ruined the song

Ying Yang Twins – Wait Lyrics 15 years ago again...
no...maybe to you my whole "essay" was not necessary but to me it I said when I have feelings towards a song...I need to write them down...I guess they are more for me than anyone else...
besides I was giving my opinion on this song which is what this site is about...unlike you who devalues my opinion without an explanation of any sort

"retarded as dorky nerd, loser-ish person"....whatever the fuck that means....

The Cure – Pictures of You Lyrics 15 years ago
This is one of my favorite songs by The Cure...I think this song is just amazing. I love the lyrics...
The song is definitely about...remembrance and regret. For some reason his relationship with a girl ended. It was love. All he has left are the pictures of her…even though they seem real they will never be real…they will never give him those feelings as when he was with her…He dreams and thinks about their good times…what they shared…and what they meant to one another…but in the end he awakes and its just a dream…I think an unfortunate event happened and he lost her…he didn’t know what to say or do to get her back…and now all he has left are the pictures of her
It’s a sad song but its really cute…since it showed just how much the girl meant to him…maybe he took what they had for granted…and he regrets that he didn’t salvage or save their relationship

Ying Yang Twins – Wait Lyrics 15 years ago
Rapala46, thank you very much! I love everyone who respects or understands where im coming from.

and yes, Slim gringo...STEELERS ARE THE BEST!!!

Ying Yang Twins – Wait Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm going to try very hard to not bash this song, this writer, or anyone who wants to claim this a "good" song.

with that said....

What is music anyways?

Well to me, music is a term that expresses your emotions, feelings, or what your going through in a piece of art. Art that is laid out in lyrics or in different instruments. Music can be expressed in different ways to different people. So in a way there is no such thing as a right or wrong song.

If music, to the Ying Yang Twins, is defined as prooving your the most dirtiest scumbag that ever walked the planet then they deserve an Emmy Award for best song of the year followed close by Candy Shop by Fifty Cent.

I am not saying this to be mean. Because if you are speaking the truth then it really isn't mean, it's just fact. The whole song is not only about sex, which is supposed to be a magical moment with a person you love, but it degrades sex, women, and just humans in general. The whole song is just dirty. I just can't believe anyone would go so low and actually write that song. I don't get it....

I guess in a way I did end up hurting the people who want to claim this a "good" song, and I am sorry if I offended anyone. I try not to post these comments since I would hate if someone would bash an artist who I think is really good. But, songs like this just stay in my mind becuase it absolutely amazes me how people can listen to it. These songs stay in my mind until I talk or write about them. I don't care if anyone doesn't like my opinion. I dont care if anyone reads this at all. This comment was more for me then anyone else.Becuase I doubt someone who likes this song and reads my comment will actually see my point of view. And I get that. I understand that since we all have different opinions. But I guess I needed to get this out for me. Now I am sounding repetitive, but oh well I really don't care what anyone else thinks or says.

Collective Soul – How Do You Love Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree XX sunshine

This song is about falling in love with the "one", but a person in the relationship is denying that or pretending they don't want to be in the relationship...sometimes finding the "one" can be scary, it can be something you dont want to admit because your giving that person apart of you that you never gave before....and thats a scary thing

thats what the song says.. "the truth you find" finding your true love... "will always be the truth you hide" and hiding/denying that true love

even though its hard/scary to face the "truth" it's even scarier not to..because then "how do you love"....or worse how can you live without facing the truth??

Rush – Tom Sawyer Lyrics 15 years ago
whoops...i meany *subdivisions

Rush – Tom Sawyer Lyrics 15 years ago
I love Rush...definitely under my top 3 favorite Rock bands along with Pink Floyd
Tom Sawyer is definitely one of Rush's best songs!!!- the beat is soo damn good!

I think what makes rush different than any other band is their lyrics, almost all their songs can really speak to you, they just take a whole different approach then most bands...for instance Sundivisions talking about conformity...or Freewill...or The Trees about employers vs. employees

Geddy has the most amazing voice every, it is so original, its just amazing
Neil Peart is one of the best if not the best drummers in rock history, he is amazing
I think Alex Lifeson is definitely underrated, I consider him one of the best guitarists in Rock history,
Alex+Geedy+Neil=the best rock band

not to mention the endings to their songs are amazing, like Anthem, the beat in the end is so amazing...or Bastille Day...

Rush – Presto Lyrics 15 years ago
i love this song so much!
i agree Beemer...thats why the lyrics are so great b/c anyone can relate to it...every person would like to make "everything alright" with just one wave of a magic wand

Metallica – The Unforgiven Lyrics 15 years ago
its definitely about someones life... "new blood joins the earth" up to... "The old man then prepares
To die regretfully"...he didn't have a good life, trying to please everyone but himself he led himself a bitter/boring/depressing life...he was probably like this because the people around him made him this way....made him follow their own rules, whipped him, and took away his will...w/o free will...what exactly is left???

I like how the chorus is in a different perspective than the other parts of the song...the chorus is in first person saying how that boy and that bitter man are him...but the other part his descring the boy and the man...I just think the beat and lyrics are awesome

my favorite part is "You labeled me, I'll label you, So I dub the Unforgiven"...its a great part...

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters Lyrics 15 years ago
amazing song!
one of my favorites by Metallica, I agree this song is about love, true love that you really cant explain...true love where its the two of you against the world...what other people think and say doesn't even effect your relationship b/c its just strong

the important thing about love is following your heart and being truthful, other than that nothing else matters.....

The Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Lyrics 15 years ago
LSD or not...this song is AMAZING no matter how you look at it...
I'm not sure is the LSD thing is true....but nobody can deny that The Beatles were drug addicts...

I love the imagery in this song and do think he was on drugs when he came up with the lyrics to this matter how you look at it there are drug references in this song

But drugs or not this song is one of my favorites by The Beatles...the beat is sooo good...and his voice is soo damn good...I think the song is very calming and relaxing especially the very beginning of the song!

To me this song is about getting high....whether it be off of drugs or something different, like a natural high...I do not do drugs....but in ways music is my natural allows me to drift in another world where there are no anything... certain songs do that to me...if that makes sense

The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun Lyrics 15 years ago
i love this song!!!!
definitely one of my favorites by The Beatles

its so optimistic...and I agree this song is like the epitome for The Beatles...its so great!

I love the beat to it just gives so much hope and optimism, it just makes me smile

Because of this song I always relate the sun to hope/optimism...the way it shines...the way its calming and comforting...and how it makes a lot of people happy....the sun always comes back after a rainy day or a hurricaine or a tornado....just knowing a me comfort

^ that may seem weird...but I guess that's just how the music makes me feel

The Beatles – All You Need Is Love Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song, great lyrics
the meaning of this song is just awesome!

ALL you need is love...

so perfect!

The Beatles – Till There Was You (Meredith Wilson cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song...very cute, and lyrics are amazing

I didn't know it was originally by Meredith Wilson....but if it was then I give a lot of credit to that person...

It's about a guy having a boring, dull life until the love of his life becamea a part of his life....after that everything changed..its true b/c love is so powerful that it can make a big impact/change in your life...usually one for the better

Anyways I thought this site is to show what you think the lyircs mean or at least to show respect for the person who wrote it or group who sang it...not to call it "the biggest piece of shite"...anyways....thats just one persons opinion....

Rush – Cinderella Man Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is ****ing AMAZING!!!!

I would definitely like to watch the original Mr. Deeds....the one with Adam Sandler...I dont know...I wasn't a big fan of it...I think the original might be better

I just think the lyrics are amzaing...and the beat is amazing!

"Because he was human
Because he had goodness
Because he was moral
They called him insane "

^i absolutely love that part...

another fantastic song by Rush....

Rush – Something For Nothing Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with TheSuperSpud...your right the song is about having to put some kind of effort to get what you want in life. You can't just take the easy way out or "looking for an open door" just doesn't work that way...

in order to have a good life, have a good house, job, must work at it, you wont just get wise/smart/rich if your lazy or don't do anything....the song shows one that they should strive to reach the life they want

This is one of my favorite Rush songs because it has my all-time favorite quote...
"In your head is the answer
Let it guide you along
Let your heart be the anchor
And the beat of your song"

that quote right there shows what the whole song is about; how one should live their life
use your head/your brain/your mind/ your ego to get you where you want in life; use that as your "answer"

and I LOVE the comparison of your heart being your "anchor"...its so original and so anchor, yes is something that docks a ship, but its also defined as a source of security, stability, and that not what love is?

when your in love you feel stable/ secure with that person...if you follow your heart it will lead you to that path of love....

i also LOVE how Rush compares your life being a song, "and the beat of your own song" this maybe a stretch but I think it means, a song that is written by you; the lyrics represent what YOU do with your life...the BEAT is the emotional/love factor that your heart provides

Rush is my favorite band ever....I just dont think lyrics like this song or Cinderella Man, or Xanadu, or Closer to the Heart....can get any better

Rush – The Spirit Of Radio Lyrics 16 years ago
Definitely one of my favorite Rush songs...its hard to pick a favorite when they are all good. I agree with Philosophic_Musings about the meaning of this song. It's about the music industry and basically the horrid truth of what music has come down to: money/fame/profit. The song is explaing music doesnt have to be this way it shouldnt be about this. The chorus...
Invisible airwaves crackle with life
Bright antenna bristle with the energy
Emotional feedback on timeless wavelength
Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free

that there explains the beauty of music. It's invisible air waves but yet music means so much to people. It shouldn't be about the price of money, but about the passion of music, the love for music, the freedom they get, but mostly how it affects them as a person and their fans...these things are priceless, yet mean EVERTHING to ...
It's sad to think this is what music has come down to...throughout the yrs there has been a steady decline of good music. I don't there will ever be a band like Rush or Pink Floyd or Zeppelin....the fact that these bands made music for the soul reason of their passion and love or wanting to express themselves or just letting go with the freedom of their soul

Rush – Tears Lyrics 16 years ago
wow....i cant believe nobody posted anything about this song. I love it, I love the beat, the sound, basically everything about it. I think this song is about love, which rare for Rush to sing about. I think it's about that unexplainable feeling you get when you are with that person. Tears, happy ones at least I think, to be in love...for knoing and understanding the meaning of true love. I don't know I could be wrong about the true meaning of this song but that is just my opinion of what it means to me. True love is something that just can't be explained, its just a unbelievable feeling that you get...

Rush – Chain Lightning Lyrics 16 years ago
I absolutely love this song, then again I love every song I have ever heard from Rush and I have heard a lot. The song is very moving. Even if it was about Neil and his daughter I think this song can affect anyone in a different way. To me the song means that there is a reaction to every action. That society, people, and the world in general can affect the way you feel. I love the theme of this song, its awesome.

Rush – Anthem Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is amazing. This song makes you realize how amazing Geddy Lee's voice is. Its so original, yet so amazing. He has such a unique voice but its unbelievable. I heard about how Rush dedicated some of their stuff to Ayn Rand and I would be very interested to read some of her stuff. I love Neil Pearts lyrics and themes so I would think I would like her type of work.

But this song is amazing, and I think the lyrics are good. I dont no what your talking about Brat Moj, but the meaning to me is your mind and heart will get you where you want to be in life. It's ok to be selfish sometimes becuase you should live for you. Strive for yourself, and do what you want to do in life. At least that is what I got from the song. I think the music is just amazing. Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson do a great job in this song....the beat is amazing and the ending just blows you away....I love it...No band will ever be like Rush...they are seriously one of a kind....

Rush – Anagram (for Mongo) Lyrics 16 years ago
This is a great song. The music is just amazing and the lyrics will just bow you away. I love how they have an anagram in every single line, that is just amazing. The song is very interesting, but I it is hard to analyze the meaning of this song. I think Rush did this on purpose to allow it effect people in different ways. I think the song explains how not everything has answers. The fact that some things just can't be explained...they just are...

Rush – Available Light Lyrics 16 years ago
I can't believe only one person put their thoughts about this song. This song is definitely one of the best on the album. I agree the song is very powerful and moving. Song affect people in different way, but to me it explains the power of the world and how the simple things like wind and light can convey so much. The song is also about hope and optimism in the world. "Look at the available light" look at the good things in life and stay optimistic. "Run to light from shadow" stay away from the dark/depressing thing in the world or the darkness. To me the sun has always sumbolized promise and hope and I love how rush says "Promise offered in the east and broken in the west"....damn this band never siezes to amaze me...they are jsut amazing

50 Cent – Candy Shop Lyrics 16 years ago
what is wrong with our society? can someone listen to this an think its a good song???

R.E.M. – Losing My Religion Lyrics 16 years ago
First I would like to say this is one of the best songs out there. The lyrics speak out to everyone, and I must say Michael Stipe is very musically inclined. His lyrics are just amazing. I also think this song just like many others have different meanings to different people.

The song to me is about insanity/depression. How when one looses their way, their belief, their fate they internally loose themselves. The isolation, “that’s me in the corner”, and the feeling of being under the "spotlight" by society is a very symbolic contradiction to life as of now. It’s a hard thing to explain but you can feel isolated and under the spotlight at the exact same time. It’s a horrible feeling to have but unfortunately it happens from time to time. To me the person in the song feels like there is no more hope left, "that was just a dream", as if it is too late. Because when he lost himself along the course of his life he ultimately lost his mind.

I think this song is just great and very important because everyone feels this way along the course of ones life. It is something you go through, it's life. No matter what the situation is everyone feels like they are in fact "losing their religion" at one point or another. It may be because of a meaningful relationship that had ended, a bad decision along the way, or merely an unfortunate event. I know I have felt like I have lost my way sometimes…as if I didn’t know who I was. It does happen to everyone and the reason why I think the song is so great…it makes you think…what would you do if you lost your way?.... This song in a way provides me with hope that there is something better out there and with time you can heal. Of course you have to do something about it. Also in a way this song is depressing because the person in song…to me…feels like he given up…as if he lost hope and he doesn’t know where to go from there.

Of course this is just my opinion of this song. This is how the song relates to me and how it makes me feel. I realize it is something different for each individual. I do know that these lyrics really get to me, just like “everybody hurts” gets to me…they make me hopeful that there is something to look forward to in life b/c things will get better…yet it’s still very sad b/c its going to get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better…you just have to toughen it out and hold on. I love REM because their lyrics makes you realize your not the only one “losing your religion”…like I said before it is something everyone experiences at least once in their life….its “life”

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