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Foo Fighters – The Sign Lyrics 14 years ago
A nice and simple meaning here, i think.
It's most likely about some chick he loves and is really devoted to (although it could fit to anybody who is a loved one i guess, relative, friend, yeah).

I think something's wrong in whatever relationship it is, and the person he's singing to has been in some kind of trouble. However, because of the fault in the relationship he can't just up and go and help her (perhaps they just broke up and put a distance between each other?). Instead, he has to wait for him/her to "give me the sign" so that he can go and help her. But it sucks for him, because he "doesnt wanna wait to save your life" even though he kinda has to, and thinks he knows "a way to make things right".

That's my opinion :)

Foo Fighters – Best Of You Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah i think you've all pretty much nailed it, its about a nasty relationship. I agree in particular with what yello muse said.

I can relate to this song too, im going through it atm, glad there are awesome bands out there making powerful songs that aren't just fucking shitty emo. \m/

Muse – Space Dementia Lyrics 14 years ago
Interesting..even though you posted like a year ago, I agree with MapleLeaf's interpretation entirely. I'm in that situation at the very minute, and it really does feel exactly how the song describes:
you love this person -so- much, but they treat you badly (dirty tricks) and so it makes you feel horrible and unwanted (you make me sick because i adore you so). It feels like you want to die sometimes (make us want to die), and the whole thing just won't leave your head, it's like you're going insane (link to space dementia? dunno). You want to do anything you can to either take away that pain (cut your name in my heart) or make her realise what you mean (destroy this world for you).
And then of course, there's only one way out, to end the relationship...peace will arise, to make us meaningless again.

It might -not- be the right interpretation, but it sums up exactly how i feel. Quite bad really ;(

The Killers – Mr. Brightside Lyrics 14 years ago
Oh, where did you read that, pixiestixs? it fits pretty much exactly how i interpret the song *points up at his post* :)

Audioslave – What You Are Lyrics 14 years ago
My personal interpretation is the same as Stoneys: he's tried so hard and given all the best for this girl, but in the end it was useless, she just took it all for granted, and never gave the same devotion back maybe...and now that they're separated he's all like "well i'm finally free, no more struggling for a lost cause...but oh fuck, she's just going to go off and do the same thing to other men".

Also, i hate to be the one to bring the "MAYBE ITS ABOUT DRUGS LOLOL" suggestion in, but it could be on some obscure level. I mean, the whole thing sounds like an addiction anyway, whether it be to a girl or drugs (i choose the girl interpretation myself, but ehh). And now he's getting over his addiction, being "free from what you are" etc, but he knows that some other poor sap will get addicted to drugs "i know you'll find another slave". There's all the stuff about veins and stuff, y'know,

Audioslave – The Last Remaining Light Lyrics 14 years ago
It could be about drugs...possibly. LOL i've become one of those guys that thinks -every- song is about drugs ahahah! Not really, but yeah...

Basically whoever wrote "and you to the herd" is an idiot, it sounds nothing like that. To ME, it sounds like "and yield to the herbs". Herbs are drugs, right? And it talks about curling like smoke, and thirsty veins, and taking over his nervous system and stuff. Sounds like drugs to me! Especially the first line "roll me" LOL can we guess what's being rolled? and frozen fields, maybe that's a reference to snow(aka cocain?). Dunno, i could just be fishing for things here.

How that relates to the whole song, i don't know, i don't really have a meaning of my own for this. As you guys said though, it's pretty chilling, sounds remorseful or something. Audioslave rock so much, cornell's voice adds so much to the sweet band *_*

Kings of Leon – Milk Lyrics 14 years ago
Am i the only one who thinks the chorus is about a teenage girl?
Hourglass body - perfect figure, hasnt lost it to age yet
Problems with drinking milk - as you get older you stop being so picky about your food and stuff, y'know. Or "milk" could be sexual, ie semen or something, but im starting to doubt this song is sexual at all.
Being school tardy/loan you her toothbrush/bartend your party - typical teenage activities, y'know, still at school, having people crash at house, working at a local bar to earn some bucks, whatever.

No idea how it fits to the overall song...perhaps he had a short relationship with some girl, who took part in his old-guy stuff (going to the matinee and drinking wine and stuff, i dunno i'm not old yet lol), but she got bored and left him ("stay for me," etc) for some other guy ( "he's on his own but his own is you" - to be literal about that, it means the new guy is busy having sex with her lol).

The Killers – Mr. Brightside Lyrics 14 years ago
Well, now that you mention it it -could- maybe be about a prostitute, but that's not the way i personally interpret the song.

The way i see it is...ok, no idea what the first bit about coming out of his cage is, perhaps that's just him taking a turning point in his life and like gaining confidence and going out and meeting a woman.
k, so, yeah, he meets this woman and it "starts out with a kiss" but then he starts falling in love with her when perhaps he shouldnt (maybe he knew that she would not be interested) so he asks himself "how did it end up like this" ie, how could he make the mistake of falling in love with a woman that's only interested in having a spot of fun.
--That's just my theory on the first half of the first verse, really.

My main interpretation comes in when it starts to talk about this other man that the woman is spending time with. Now, there are one of two situations this guy is in.
1) Him and this woman have just been seeing each other, she's not attached to him really. However, because he's fallen in love with him, he's angry and upset because he knows that she doesnt want him, and is just going off with 'the next guy on the list'.
2) They are together, and they do want each other, but every time she goes out with other male friends he starts getting jealous and worried. He imagines("and it's all in my head") these other guys getting with her, and it starts "taking control" of his head; that's all he can think about.

(2) seems quite likely to me, it fits in really well with the end of the verse and the whole chorus:
the talk about jealousy, sick lullabies - his thoughts&dreams(turned to nightmares by his paranoia)
and then he says "but it's just the price i pay" ie, he has to put up with this paranoia if he wants to be with her.

Dunno, i could be -entirely- wrong, but that's just what i think :)

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