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Sonic Boom Six – Shareena Lyrics 11 years ago
This is a beautiful song, it's really apparant. Seems to me like a message of hope to young women who feel trapped by their culture into not following their heart, and instead being pressured into such things as arranged marraiges.

I don't think it is criticising arranged marraiges themselves, because for some people they really work, but rather it's saying that sometimes it's just not appropriate, especially when someone falls in love with someone else.

It's just a message to say 'stand up, shout loud', and not to allow yourself to lose something wonderful because of something you don't agree with. This is why i love SB6 so much!!

Sonic Boom Six – Bigger Than Punk Rock Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is great - it's addressing genre-snobbery. There's loads of people who would identify themselves as 'punks' yet scorn other types of music, even though many of them carry an identical message. As the lyrics say, change and progression exists outside of 'punk rock', so if we want change we have to work together as opposed to within our little cliques.

Great song to come from SB6 as they straddle so many different styles of music too.

"We're better together"!

Akon – I Wanna Fuck You (feat. Snoop Dogg) Lyrics 11 years ago

Congratulations, Akon, you just set the benchmark for a new generation of young men to regard women as play things. You jerk.

This song disgusts me, Akon and his whiny little voice disgusts me, and the way he represents women in seemingly all his lyrics disgusts me.

If you have a functioning brain cell, your conscience should be screaming in protest at these lyrics.

Listen to the song 'Fuck Machines' by Propagandhi, it nicely sums up how ridiculous the representation of women is at the moment.

Don't you go running your sodding mouths about me posting negative stuff, everyone is entitled to an opinion on that's the damn point of the site.

Akon – Smack That (feat. Eminem) Lyrics 11 years ago
I find it quite disturbing the number of people stating, 'who cares about the meaning, it's a great song'.

Well, you should care about the meaning, music is a form of art and art is incredibly influential. This song sends a message about shite treatment of and regard for women, and considering yourself to be above everyone else because you drive a car who's name has lots of syllables in it.

Nice one, Akon, you're a great role model for kids everywhere, you knob. Music like this is 'prole feed'.

Anyone who wants to complain about me leaving a negative comment can lick my sack, the point of this website is to allow it's members to comment on their reactions, so you have to hear both points of view.

Lil Jon – Get Low Lyrics 11 years ago
The beat of this song is about the only decent thing about it. The lyrics and the video absolutely disgust me. They are so derogatory to women, it makes my blood boil that:

i) someone can write a song that objectifies and dehumanises women so much.
ii) someone dares allow the song to be recorded and released
iii) people can listen to it.

"Bend over to the front touch toes back dat ass up and down and get low"

"Artists" like Lil' Jon humiliate, insult and trivialise women, yet the West prides itself on its apparant 'sexual equality'!
Congratulations, Lil' Jon, you just set us back another 50 years.

And if anyone starts complaining, 'why are you looking up the song if you don't like it': well, I have a reasoned opinion on it that goes further than 'i don't like it'. Since this is a website that allows you to share your reactions to songs, my thoughts are fully entitled to be here. No one has to agree with them, but the point of websites like these is to allow debate and discussion.

hellogoodbye – Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn Lyrics 11 years ago
For everyone who likes the use of IM sounds and stuff in this song -

you should check out Sabrepulse. He makes all he tracks using Nintendos etc.

Rihanna – Umbrella Lyrics 11 years ago
It really bugs me when people snarl, "Who would write a song about an umbrella? How stupid!"

Think outside the box!

The umbrella is a really sweet metaphor. Umbrella's offer shelter and comfort; they're basically a symbol of protection; and this is was Rihanna is offering the person to whom this song is addressed. The umbrella is a medium by which she explores their relationship. I could literarily analyse it to death but I think it's pretty clear :)

Not my usual choice of music but a sweet song.

Tom Waits – Watch Her Disappear Lyrics 11 years ago
"your champagne laugh..."

one of the most beautiful descriptions i've come across. he is truly a poet as much as he is a song-writer. his voice gives this song it's power though- the way he purrs the line, "one in your hair and one on your hip" does as much for the atmosphere as the alliteration does.


Lily Allen – Smile Lyrics 12 years ago
I think the lack of depth of this song is what makes it so likeable. It's about the simple pleasure of seeing an ex-partner unhappy. Those are exactly the kind of ignoble emotions people DO get, it makes the song very relatable. That's what I like about Lily Allen, she sings about the small things that are nonetheless relevant to a lot of people. Her voice is so pleasant as well.

NOFX – Leaving Jesusland (7" Version) Lyrics 12 years ago
Ah, I just read 'culturerevolt's comment, and that would make sense. Thanks for that. I'm honestly not a huge listener of NoFX so I didn't realise Fat Mike wrote so much satire! I'm going to be listening to some more NoFX now.

NOFX – Leaving Jesusland (7" Version) Lyrics 12 years ago
I have to admit I like the lyrics to this song, but they are VERY generalising. Personally I apply them more to the Christianity and the Church itself than specific people, because to say all Christians are the way they're described in this song is just ignorant, selfish and closed-minded: interestingly the opposite of what they're calling for with their 'open-minded philosphies'.

I love the little bit at the end, "Nihilists are welcome too." Yay.

Protest the Hero – A Plateful of Our Dead Lyrics 12 years ago
Even though this isn't my favourite overall, it's probably my favourite lyrically.

"There's merit in construction when it's done with our own hands,
There's beauty in destruction, resurrection, another chance."

I mean, that's GORGEOUS.

And the line;
"If I had a gun I'd pump your ethics full of lead."
is priceless.

What an album. The first time I heard it I would listen to nothing else for a week, there was this stage where nothing would satisfy me other than Kezia. Wow.

Nelly Furtado – Say It Right Lyrics 12 years ago
And speaking of the video... I never realised how beautiful she is. Stupidly gorgeous.

Nelly Furtado – Say It Right Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with the comment that say it's a sad song. I get a real sense of sadness whenever I listen to it. Some of her facial expressions in the video reflect that. Her voice is lovely in this.

I honestly don't know what a precise meaning is, but the overwhelming sadness and the lyrics like 'set me free', 'when your will is broken' and 'you don't mean (no) nothing at all to me' suggest there's some kind of emotional damage and frustration there.

Great song, I've never been a particularly big Nelly fan but this is really good.

Rise Against – Ready To Fall Lyrics 12 years ago
"really good song. i dont really like rise against but they arent bad, i really like this song though. uh, interesting video. they look cool playing on all that wood, looks like fun. "

Okay I'm really sorry to do this, I hate criticising other people's opinions but this just made me angry, FallOutBoyGirl4Life. "LOOKS LIKE FUN"?!

They are performing on a blasted, ravaged, bare landscape and you dare call that fun?! Don't you realise the incredible sadness of that image? Goodness sake.


Okay to the song. Bearing the video in mind- which everyone shouldsee, regardless of how squeemish they are- I think it's about the bands frustration at what is currently happening in this planet. I can't direcly link much of the lyrics, but the chorus, "I think I'm at the edge now" just sounds as though the pressure and frustration has built up to breaking point.

If you consider that Rise Against are a massively political band, and are all vegan and environmentally concious, I think it's a song trying to galvanise people into action and into doing something for the planet, for the animal population and for ourselves.

The line "I count the times that I've been sorry"- I think that could be about people who like to think they are helping out but aren't doing much and so apologise, but still just keep doing what they do.

Regarding the video, like I said you SHOULD DEFINATELY WATCH IT. It's shocking and contraversial, just the way Rise Against want it to be, but lordy it will make you think.

Rise Against – Roadside Lyrics 12 years ago
This is a beautiful song- rivals 'Swing Life Away' in my eyes. Tim constantly amazes me with the amount of emotion he can carry in his voice- "And hang me up and out to dry."

I think it's almost definately sang from the point of view of someone in the aftermath of a relationship. The idea of being left "at the roadside" is so sad- it suggests he feels used up, torn up, discarded.

Great song. There whole new album is fantastic I'm so impressed with it.

Rise Against – The Approaching Curve Lyrics 12 years ago
What an amazingly poignant song. The lyrics build up a lot of atmosphere- "The windows were cold to the touch." and it creates such a feeling of disconfort and despair- "She hadn't so much as turned the steering wheel two degrees in the last twenty minutes. Nor had we spoken." The straight road they're driving on is highly symbolic- it suggests a stagnant relationsship that isn't very sucessful. I adore that line about "pouring confessions"; that's such a dramatic image.
The chorus is retrospective- looking at how the couple will be remembered by other people- "They'll remember only our smiles, 'cause that's all they see." They don't see the problems in the realtionship. And then she drove into a wall/off a cliff.

Strapping Young Lad – Love? Lyrics 12 years ago
There's no need to argue on here. It's about expressing yourself and sharing interpretations and opinions, not trying to make yourself more assertive.

Anyhoo, I think ericab and burbster have it down. Pivotal line in the song is "Love; the paradox of needing". To me this says love is the need to be needed, and can become quite empty.

Probably my favourite song off the album, the drumming is sensational, and his singing is spot on.

Eighteen Visions – Tonightless Lyrics 12 years ago
The missed out lyrics in in second verse are "Our souls (are lost without each other)".

I think this is a beautiful song. It's really well done. The idea of being "tonightless" comes from the way that people, especially in songs, talk about "tonight" as being something special or the time something will be achieved, this song is saying, we might never have "tonight", we might be "tonightless". The singer's questioning, "Am I gonna be tonightless again?" is expressing his doubts in whatever relationship he's in.

Good song, lovely concept too.

The Blood Brothers – Pink Tarantulas Lyrics 13 years ago
the first person is the closest in my opinion - it's a portayal of the generation.

"I pledge allegience to the small talk nation"

"TV fed us our first footsteps"

"Wrapped! Packed! Soiled! Stacked!"

and the amazing:


The modern life. Laziness, unfaithfulness, hypocracy, trash culture, apathy.
This is what makes the Blood Brothers so incredible. Their songs are charged with meaning. They deny it because they want people to decipher them for themselves.

Thank fuck for the Blood Brothers. They stop me going out of my mind with boredom.

Her Words Kill – Watch Out Vegas, I'm A Showstopper Lyrics 13 years ago

Set your cameras (It doesn't...)
To black and white (Feel like...)
'Cause I'd give (Paradise...)
My everything (Anymore...)
To have
You back tonight
I'd give my everything
To have you back...

Dance with me, one last time
Sing with me, before

Set your cameras! (She's the only,
Girl left on the... dance floor…)

To black and white
I would give
To have you

...-night I stole the show
In these seats, she's no Romeo

Remember when the world was falling?
Remember when the world was falling?
At our feet, and each inch
Of the dance floor raped
Every move we made?
Every move we made…

And jealousy takes his place,
Leaving a bloody covered face
She grasped my hand
And whispered "I love you, my dear."

Embrace me tonight, tonight for I am lonely
And put your best dress on and look your best girl

Since Paris has been painted for us…

Embrace me tonight, tonight for I am lonely
And put your best dress on, and look your best girl

It's all we deserve, it's all we desire
It's all we deserve, it's all we desire

So you, go back
To your ghost town
Because she's my girl
She's my girl

Now I know why you hate goodbyes
Now I know why you hate goodbyes

I am breathless, I am kissless
I am breathless, I am kissless


The Blood Brothers – Trash Flavored Trash Lyrics 13 years ago
Oh this song...
Incredible, incredible, incredible...

I think it's a little more specific than the Media, I feel it's more about trash culture. Celebrities, scandal, materialism, gossip, reality TV. That sort of thing, the modern world "zoo".

"I wanna see more dirty places
Take me to the hall of filthy faces"

Fake lifestyle, longing for glamour, people who wear "toupees" and speak "in resumes".

People who's goal in life it is to be on a magazine cover- "I wanna wear the kin of a magazine, baby!"

Lust after celebrity lifestyle- "Take me to the pit of celebrity pregnancy!"

So much so that reality becomes a dream, important things appear immaterial in comparison-
"The five o'clock news is a fuckin' fantasy!"

The Blood Brothers – Ambulance vs. Ambulance Lyrics 13 years ago
First Blood Brothers song I ever heard- got me hooked on them.

My own interpretation is that it's about materialistic, shallow or selfish people: people who spend all day in "tanning complexes" and choose "hookers" over their "wives and children".
I can't decide whether Ambulance X and Y are rival gangs or partners, but either way the Ambulance Angels go around taking these people, kidnapping them or injuring them and 'aquiring' them to make them realise they need to live their lives in different ways, or else eradicating them.

I also agree with the person who noted them being reference to X and Y, the axis' on graphs- vertical or horizontal. Realistic or comfortable.

Fantastically clever song. Blood Brothers lyrical ability continues to astound me- they are all statements on society and life... a band for the disillusioned generation. Also ridiculously catchy.

Bullet for My Valentine – Tears Don't Fall Lyrics 13 years ago
Definately about a broken relationship, but I think it has a little more to it than 'just a love song'.

I think it's about a guy who in in love with a girl but he does something that hurts her a lot:
"Would she hold me if she if she knew my shame?"

I think perhaps he has a past that is coming back to haunt him, or perhaps he cheated on her:
"There's always something different going wrong...
...There's always someone fucking hanging on"

He talks about her tears not 'falling' but instead they seem to "crash around" him- so her pain is really felt by him and he is really remorseful.

When I saw them live a few weeks ago, Matt dedicated it to "all the couples out there... all the people who are in loooove..." so I think it's a message about being true and staying strong.
Good song, I like it. Has a romance to it.

Bullet for My Valentine – Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do) Lyrics 13 years ago
My interpretation of this song is about being in lust with someone who is a real get-around. She "sleazes all around" and is "so predictable", yet he can't help but see her as "so beautiful"; he's "intoxicated". The pressure this puts him under is "Suffocating".
Cool song, lots of energy, lots of rage! Killer riff too =)

AFI – Untitled Lyrics 13 years ago
I think maybe this song is nicknamed "Rabbits Are Roadkill"- the drawing and words are on the page, and it deals with the issue of mortality, which would make sense about the rabbit/davey/chinese zodiac thing.
One of the most beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure of hearing :) I listen to it repetitively. And no, its not sad. I can't help it, its addictive.

AFI – Death of Seasons Lyrics 13 years ago
AFI's songs are almost impossible to decipher because they all have such a range of meanings. Everyone's interpretations on here are really impressive though :)
To me AFI just epitomise what music is about- making you empathise with the artist. No matter what the song may be about, you get a sense of what Davey is feeling- anger, despair, elation- you can feel is so acutely, its incredible.
I think I'm with most people's opinions on this one, thats its about humanity's fall from grace.
afier, thanks for clearing up the last few lines.
Over and out.

The Used – I'm a Fake Lyrics 13 years ago
If I'm completely honest I don't really like The Used, but this song is really good.
I think it's about a confused state of mind, how he dealing with a lot of things, but it boils down to his celebrity status, and maybe getting over a relationship that left him cutting himself. They're all intertwined- he was in a relationship, it ended, he began cutting, he became famous, began to heal, and suddenly his old girlfriend seems interested in him again because of his fame- not for him, but for his rock-star persona. In this sense, she's "looking at him now", and he's saying she is looking at the "fake" him. Maybe the spoken introduction (which I find quite annoying) is the former him, before he began to heal. I'll do a breakdown, bear with me:

"Look at me.
Can you tell,
By the way I move and do my hair?
Do you think that it's me,
Or is it not me?
I don't even care."


"I'm alive, I don't smell.
I'm the cleanest I have ever been."


"I feel big, I feel tall, I feel dry.
Just look at me, look at me now.
I'm a fake, I'm a fake, I'm fake, I'm fake.
Just look at me, look at me now.
I'm a fake, I'm a fake, I'm fake, I'm fake."


"Do I drink?
Do I date?"


"I've got perfect placements.
All my ink satisfied,
In your eyes."


"I'm the biggest fan that I've got right now.
I made sure that I look how I wanted to look.
The people around me,
The people surround me."


"My stomach hurts now,
And all tied off in lace."


"I pray, I beg, for anything to hit me in the face.
And this sickness isn't me.
I pray to fall from grace
The last thing I see is feeling"


I'm sure plenty of you will tear me to sheds saying I've over analysed this, but this is what the song says to me. It will speak different words to every different person who hears it, but I just wanted to share my interpretation of it.
Over and out.

Avenged Sevenfold – Streets Lyrics 13 years ago
Definately their most punk song, I wish they'd do some more songs like this, it just sticks in your head for days on end.
split17 pretty much summed up accurately my opinion of it, about the different ways people live their lives and how neither one is right nor wrong.
A great song on all levels, musically and philosophically, with Shadows proving he can sing as well!

Avenged Sevenfold – Warmness On The Soul Lyrics 13 years ago
While I don't think the lyrics are as good as 'I Won't See You Tonight' (the ultimate ballad), this is undeniably sweet. Just a song about purely loving someone and being so grateful to them for that. Bless.
And the solo is kick-ass, the effect he has on it works perfectly. Combination of guitar and piano is beautiful. Aaaww.

Avenged Sevenfold – Lips Of Deceit Lyrics 13 years ago
Neat song. I think it's about staying strong when people try to drag you down "Stand tall, they'll smash your ego" etc, and in the end they'll suffer for what they do. Shadows opening scream in this is great, but his screamed-lyrics just start to blend together into one big ball of fuzz. Still its great to yell along to when you're mad. Fucking love A7X, every album has been amazing.

Avenged Sevenfold – We Come Out At Night Lyrics 13 years ago
The imagery in this song is pretty cool. It's just an overdose of gothic, dark shit, but it works somehow. And the opening to the song is great.
I think maybe its just a reflection on life, all the stuff it involves, in this case a lot of the darker aspects.

Avenged Sevenfold – The Art Of Subconscious Illusion Lyrics 13 years ago
Wicked as Valery's screaming might be, whats the song actually about? The words "serial rapist" spring to mind. :/
But then the ending of the song sounds as though it's a guy who murders people to try and feel close to them but he never quite gets it. Read this book by Robert Cormier called 'Tenderness', theres a similar character in it called Eric who assaults and murders girls to feel a moment of 'tenderness' when they're helpless, maybe its a similar scenario? I'm not sure this song has me stumped. Meh.

Tsunami Bomb – 5150 Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about suicide. She's persuading someone who's considering suicide that "if we all took our own lives when living in troublesome times we'd all be dead!", saying that everyone has hard times in their lives and it's not worth dying for.
I'm guessing 5150 is some kind of pun on 2120 then, being an opposite, perhaps sadness as opposed to happiness? Hope that clears it up for you Vash.
Great song either way, very uplifting. I like the repitition of "Your life is your own" in the background, it's great to yell along to, and I suppose it does have quite an AFI-esque sound to it.
Over and out.

Bob Dylan – Blind Willie McTell Lyrics 13 years ago
What a spectacular song. Probably my favourite Dylan track.
I think it's about suffering in the world, and how we should try to move on from our past ["ghosts of slavery ships", "where martyrs fell"] bringing it all back to this character Willie McTell, who despite being blind, manages to get on with his life and be the best blues singer (Bob Dylan) knows, a trait he obviously admires. Beautiful, beautiful song.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – When Good Dogs Do Bad Things Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm with NothingMan's interpretation of the lyrics, that's spot on dude, but I agree with panasonicyouth99's figuring of the title. It's as though the song is the reasoning for the 'Good Dog' doing the 'Bad Thing'.
The music is just so intense, all the time changes are amazing, it's like one crazy tale being swirled and sucked down a plughole. Wow.
Over and out.

The Killers – Mr. Brightside Lyrics 13 years ago
This is definately a song about irrational jealousy, how you can become paranoid. I think the title 'Mr Brightside' is derived from the fact that he may be fighting off his demons but he maintains a stable exterior, always appearing happy, and he's questioning whether he should just give up on his relationship as it's causing him to deviate from this more desirable persona.
Other people have pretty much explained what I think when I hear this song, zeve got my ideas of Jenny from 'Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine' down nicely.
Over and out.

Tsunami Bomb – I Bought You Lyrics 13 years ago
Astounded no one has commented on this one.
It's such a real song to me, I understand exactly what Agent M is trying to say here (well I think I do if my opinion on the songs meaning is right).
It's about how you can admire someone, or fall for them, based on what you think they are. Instead of for their own personality, which may not be what you imagine, you create a character and apply it to them, and in effect fall for the person because you believe them to have the characteristics you want to see.
I did this a while ago to a boy, I thought he was perfect but in effect he wasn't the thoughtful, poetic person I'd imagined him to be. He was too arrogant, but I was still reluctant to let go of this image of him I had- "You could be anyone
My fantasy would be undone
I want to continue
Looking up to you"

"I'm quite content knowing that I don't know you
I can pretend"

Brilliant song, I've never heard one that deals with this issue before.
Over and out.

Dropkick Murphys – The Gauntlet Lyrics 13 years ago
This is such a cool song. It epitomises everything the Dropkick's mean to me- energy, loyalty, fucking fun!
"Stand up and fight and I'll stand up with you! We shall succeed!"
The Dropkicks have an almost tribal feel to them, it's indescribable, songs like this really put that forward. You can either consider the historical significance of this song, or I prefer just thinking of it as a 'stand up for your rights, and I'll be there with you' song.
Over and out.

Propagandhi – Back To The Motor League Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song. It's such a kick in the face to the rest of modern punk, all of which is too obsessed with trying to be political with the kind of moral message a primary school child could decipher.
"Take back your fair-weather politics" ---
--- Makes me think of all the political messages that are in punk songs, and all the people who wear them like badges instead of (if they felt strongly enough about then) doing something about them
"like-father, like-son "rebels” bloated on korn, eminems and bizkits" ---
--- all the fans of these bands who feel rebellious for listeneing to them, when they are in fact, awful and one-dimensional [THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION HERE]
"Success, the ability to perform within a framework of obedience"---
--- amen. notice all successful artists songs are very flat and have no feeling in them. assholes
"silencing competing messages, rounding off the jagged edges"---
--- visciousness within the music industry, how agencies, management etc. try to have a grip on what artists release, limiting their expression
What a fucking awesome song. Tsunami Bomb's 'Dawn on a Funeral Day' is similar and equally as fabulous.
Over and out.

Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country Lyrics 13 years ago
This is inmy top three off City of Evil, I couldn't say a definate favourite as lots of them are awesome. Like AFIncinerate, or Michael, I think this is not necessarily directly from Thompson's work, but evidently strongly influenced by it.
A lot of drugs reference, paranoia, lack of self-control. I love the way he's used the quote "I'll make a beast out of myself, get's rid of all the pain of being a man." I think as well as being a cautionary tale about drug-use, it's about the pain of humanity--
--"Sometimes I don't know why we'd rather live than die"
"We may get some solutions, but most just pass us by"
I fucking love Shadows voice on this track. Growly, angry, raw, down-right sexy in a wierd way. I like the over-all sound of this album, even though it's startlingly different to Sounding the Seventh Trumpet and Waking the Fall.
Over and out.

Bullet for My Valentine – Hand of Blood Lyrics 13 years ago
Fucking incredible song. Bring back this kind of metal. They are awesome live, don't surpass the chance to see them!
I agree with beni_ffaf, it's about anger and emotion. I'm surprised no-one's thought about the obvious surface meaning...murder.
I think it's about a guy who's relationship was dissolving, ("I saw you look away", "Is what I've done too much to take?")it made him angry and drove him mad ("I can't help what I hear in my head, it's the flip that I switch")and he ended up slaughtering his girlfriend, hence 'Hand of Blood'- blood on his hands for her death, and the first line, meaning he believes she got what she deserved.
This is just my interpretation. There is so much fury in this song, it's alive!
Over and out.

AFI – This Celluloid Dream Lyrics 13 years ago
This is my favourite song from Sing the Sorrow.
I think I agree mostly with xMidnightEyesx (and well done for pushing back the 'this song is obviously..' crowd!), about the idea of this person being so beautiful and graceful they are in fact, "cinematic". It's about pure adoration, love and lust for this person. I like how it's making the point (in my opinion) that anyone can be susceptible to visual charms.
I believe there is definately an element of paranoia from the writer's (let's just call him Dave) perspective.
"Oh I wish I could remain, but it's just a visit" - he wants to spend more time with her [the cinematic person]
"Bathed in your radience, I melt" - he can't compare to her, he pales to insignificance
"Calling tears from deep inside, oh you're so exquisite" - that pretty much sumarizes the song- she is so "exquisite, she moves him to "tears from deep inside" his soul.

Beautiful song. Keep giving your interpretations, it means something to everyone who hears it.

Avenged Sevenfold – M.I.A. Lyrics 13 years ago
can anyone tell me what MIA actually stands for? i'm afriad i haven't twigged that one yet.
i wouldn't necessarily say this song was about the Crusades, although it's definately possible.
it's undoubtedly about war, i think most likely about one founded in religios clashes- "Fight for honour, fight for your life, pray to God that our side is right"
i'm with meddlehead tho, theres not enough detail to point this at a specific war- it's generally just about conflict. great song, good ending to an amazing album.

Avenged Sevenfold – I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1 Lyrics 13 years ago
I really can't say enough about this song. It's my favourite song in the world on all levels, lyrically, musically, emotionally, it has such a power and energy it's very hard to find in music now-a-days.
Shadows voice is at it's best, he was made for this song. I absolutely love it.
The meaning, as people have already said, is definately suicide after dissolving of a relationship. I'm guessing the final lines,
"No more breath inside,
Essence left my heart tonight"
are about life leaving his body. Incredible. If you havn't listened to this song yet, do it! You can't imagine what you're missing.

Avenged Sevenfold – Seize The Day Lyrics 13 years ago
Awesome song. I'll be awful and say it doesn't compete to the last ballad, I Won't See You Tonight Pt 1, but then again nothing ever will.
I agree with bassige_girlie, definately about losing someone. Maybe as a sort of cautionary tale- 'sieze the day, don't lose what you have'. Shadows voice is perfect, even though he sounds different since his surgery it still works for these songs and that's the important thing. When he sings,
"So what if I never hold you, or kiss your lips again"
it sends shivers up my spine. Fantastic.
and the line "...don't wanna die alobe without you here", it's so simple but very powerful.

Avenged Sevenfold – Sidewinder Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree, the acoustic stuff throughtout is awesome. It really puts me in mind of a lot of films which have spanish-classical influences (think Antonio Banderas in Once Upon A Time In Mexico). I think possibly this song is written from the point of view of a character like that, a "bearer of fate"- someone who has the power to take life. A parallel I did, notice, though I doubt it was intentional, is the name- 'Sidewinder' was the codename for Michael Madsen's character in Kill Bill, and he's also a Desperado-sort-of-chap. Thats what makes me think maybe it's about that sort of person, metaphorical-ised (I dont think thats a word but hope you understand) as a snake,hence the murderous lyrics. Among the best songs on the album.

Joey Cape & Tony Sly – Violins (acoustic) Lyrics 13 years ago
The acoustic version of this song is just beautiful- the perfect song to listen to when you feel awful, it's so wonderfully sorrowful.
The meaning of it is pretty clear, it's about longing for someone after the dissolving of a relationship, but unusually it focusses on the negative aspects as the ones he misses the most, they're the most intimate memories he has.
"'Cause I forgot to service you" -he acknowledges maybe he didn't put in all the effort he could have done.
"How are ya, how have you been?" -he is longing for news of her, just for some contact.
"I bring out the worst in you" -it wasn't a happy relationship but it was their relationship non-the-less.
"Girl, I miss you
Wanna kill you again." -the relationship was killing both of them, but he cherished it so and he wants to be with her again so much, to the extent that he'd return to the unhappy partnership again, just to be close to her.
"Girl, I'm slipping away..." he is losing himself, he needs her again.
Adore it, check out this version of the song- it's ace.

Slipknot – Vermilion Lyrics 13 years ago
Wonderful brooding song...
I have to admit I think it's about obsession, most likely with a real person- the "not real" factor is possibly his lack of connection with her, she is in effect not real to him because he has no communication with her, it's a longing from afar.
Called 'Vermilion' in a tribute to Corey's wife, Scarlett, for his depth of feeling for her.

Couple of sample lines...
"Hard to say what caught my attention"- he doesn't know where his fixation is from.
"I exist through my need"- his yearning is driving him, keep him awake.
"I won't let this build up inside of me"- he is desperately trying to pull himself out of this apathy of obsession.
"She isn't real, I can't make her real"- he is helpless.

The video might hold some clues: the girl in it is constantly searching for the butterfly, attracted to it's beauty, but if you think about it, what would she do with it when she found it? And when she finally does find it, it dies- want with no merit, echoing his longing for the girl.

Tsunami Bomb – Dawn On A Funeral Day Lyrics 13 years ago
great song this one. first tsunami bomb one i ever heard.
i interpret it as fear, oppresion and paranoia in the modern world, and i agree with tsunamichick about the record company restrictions...thats probably their embodiment of this. love it.

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