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Bauhaus – Silent Hedges Lyrics 14 years ago
hmm. this is in the flat field.

KMFDM – Dogma Lyrics 15 years ago
First KMFDM song I heard. It's a good song, but it does re-instate things that we already know.

Rasputina – Signs of the Zodiac Lyrics 15 years ago
God, this song is amazing. Prehaps the song could be analyzed as a questioning of conventional methods, as they used to leech people of their blood as a cure in olden days. Then the person questions the estoreric, as in "do you believe in the signs of the Zodiac?"

The song could also be about someone introducing someone to the method of self-injury, or bleeding.

The Sisters of Mercy – Amphetamine Logic Lyrics 15 years ago
Quite possibly the best underrated Sisters song ever. I think this song is about society, how people have hardly anything to live for. How most lives are brought so shallow by things like gossip and money. Andrew says in the song that he only needs one life to see this corruption.. (or corrosion..)

As to the actual title, an amphetamine is a type of drug that speeds up the process of the mind. Typical symptoms include psychological/behavioral changes such as euphoria and vigor or extreme social withdrawl, are just a few. However, on the CD, the song is only called "Logic." Prehaps this is something hidden; since an amphetamine can be so varible, so are people. If that makes sense.

The Beatles – Dear Prudence Lyrics 15 years ago
I would have to agree with dnspiral. He/she/it basically took the words out of my mouth.

There's also a cover by Siouxie and the Banshees. It's nice.

Bauhaus – In Fear Of Fear Lyrics 15 years ago
I cant belive no one commented this!

...but then again, it's obviously about setting yourself from fear, especially the fears that have been passed from generation to generation.

Bauhaus – Hollow Hills Lyrics 15 years ago
Hollow Hills to me, seems to be a lament for the faerie that lived in those hollow hills, and had their land invaded. The "violated sanctity" is the cause for mourning, and not only do witches and goblins mourn, so do the mortals.

Prehaps this stands for something more allegorical. Who knows.

Bauhaus – The Passion Of Lovers Lyrics 15 years ago
Bauhaus were always enigmatic when they wrote songs. The song could be about a girl who tried to seek pleasure and passion, but in the end, it became an allegorical death of sorts.

Passion kills.

The Dresden Dolls – Ultima Esperanza Lyrics 15 years ago
I think the song is about net dating, but moreso having an internet crush that you really shouldnt, or not knowing what they look like. The ultimate hope is that they are who they say they are, and thus comes the name Ultima Esperanza.

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