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Bob Dylan – Jokerman Lyrics 13 years ago
I believe this song is about Ronald Reagan. He's even in the video - there's a mushroom cloud at the end.

The Smiths – Half a Person Lyrics 13 years ago
Boss Man is right! You guys are missing a good joke!

See, historically, when a man is down and out and broke, he goes to the YMCA (Young Mens Christian Association) for a cheap place to sleep. In this case, he went to the YWCA (Womens!).

He asks if they have a vacancy (he's a man!) He offers his services as someone who will stand in the shower scrubbing womens' backs for them (as if that would seal the deal)!

Black Sabbath – Who Are You? Lyrics 13 years ago
There is a very interesting paradox in this song. I interpret this as an accusation of god not existing, but addressed to god.

Whoever this god entity is, were he to be real, he forces us to trust in him completely (faith) but judges humanity harshly anyway, oppresses us (Big Brother), and finally metes out death to every living being (cast our souls into the dust). Not everyone would fall for such a belief (you think that all the people who worship you are blind).

But the singer is on to him and demands he show himself if he really exists. Ironic is that he makes his demand "in the name of hell". He questions god's existence while implicity assuming the existence of hell.

I think this demonstrates the heavy cynicism in Black Sabbath lyrics. But there is also some hope for eternal life that lies somewhere within the supernatural realm, which in my opinion is the beauty of Black Sabbath's music. However, there is no hope in religion or blind faith.

David Bowie – Life on Mars? Lyrics 13 years ago
About this line:
"...Mickey Mouse...
Now the workers have struck for fame"

This is a reference to the 1941 workers strike by Disney cartoonists and animators. Aside from low wages, one of their notable demands was to have their names appear in the film credits. Hence "workers have struck for fame".

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