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Mat Kearney – All I Need Lyrics 12 years ago
...So we know this song is about two of Kearney's friends in Hurricane Katrina. We assume they are lovers or the same age. Now despite whether this is right or seems to flow perfectly throughout the entire song I think it works well to picture the two as a mother and her son.

lines like "You call me your boy but I'm trying to be the man" could reference the son's desire to step up and be a man in this harrowing situation while his mother looks to him to do something she can't.

The references that seem a little too intimate for this single mother/only son relationship could easily be justified considering the life or death circumstances they're in.

Single mothers and only sons (or children) cherish the relationship you've got...

The Rocket Summer – Goodbye Waves and Driveways Lyrics 12 years ago
The hidden meaning in some of Bryce's lyrics are uncanny. On the surface we could assume a couple is separating, but I think quite the opposite from the last stanza. He proclaims his love for her and hopes in a way to fix whats been broken. Lastly, it was Christ that said "remember me" to those close to Him before his sacrificial death. This relationship is one that won't fail as built on the foundation of Christ's unconditional and sacrifical love. just my take but how could you say this song ends in a break up!?

The Rocket Summer – Save Lyrics 13 years ago
anyone see the allusion to Matthew 14:29-30

The Rocket Summer – So, In This Hour... Lyrics 13 years ago
"so please take my life and use it, I'm ready"

I think this line nails down who its to... I don't really see this being sung to a girl

Dead Poetic – Vices Lyrics 13 years ago
Closure11, I have to say this isn't an "everything to everyone" type of song. I think there are songwriters out there who sing about actual subjects that can't be twisted to mean anything else. This is something close to the band, Dead Poetic, and they're inviting you, the listener, to share in it.

The structure of this song is quite amazing. The first relationship is the singer or "role model" to his fans. Next comes the singer as a child to his mother, and lastly is the singer as a boyfriend to his lover.

Contrary to the posts above, when the song comes to "While I bite my tongue to keep from breaking the heart that I’ve spent my whole life seeking." I think its still talking about the lover he's been searching for his entire life.

In the three relationships described he always confesses there are hidden parts of himself that would appall even someone as close as his fans, his own mother, and even his only lover.

As the song says these vices make him feel unworthy of being admired by any of these people. However, there is one thing out there he can't deny no matter how hard he tries to. That thing is Jesus Christ and the amazing forgiveness he has been shown of these vices. Jesus is the only one that knows your vices along with how much inner filth you have... and he still yearns for a relationship, proven by his death on the cross. He is calling...

Relient K – Deathbed Lyrics 14 years ago
Hey beau99 my intent is not to be controversial but I would have to say this song is one of the most joyous songs on the album. Most of the song does describe a rather lousy life... but it really doesn't differ from any of our's. The main character may have made the worst of his life but Christ was there at the end to take him home. As humans, we all are the wolf, blood dripping from our fangs. I love how the song describes Christ visiting the man and the only thing they reminisce is the moment he remembers Christ becoming the Savior and Lord of his life. It was the beginning of true significance in this man's life.

My favorite lines are:

"I was so scared of Jesus but He sought me out
Like the cancer in my lungs it's killing me now
And I've given up hope on the days I have left
But I cling to the hope of my life in the next"

I agree this song is incredible.

Chasing Victory – unrequited love Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is intense. To me this song has been a huge accountability to me in my personal relationship with my Lord and Savior. I'm not sure if that was the original intention. Anything you were thinking before it starts playing is immediately destroyed... it hits on so many levels. All I can say is thank you CV.

Bleach – Sun Stand Still Lyrics 15 years ago
they cranked it up to 11 on this one... but you know thats what praise to God is all about... nothing held back

Blindside – About A Burning Fire Lyrics 15 years ago
what better way to describe the presence of God than fire in the sky. So destructive, yet its love that burns.... pretty incredible imagery there

Demon Hunter – The Tide Began To Rise Lyrics 15 years ago
"I never saw the backlash when the tide began to rise" is one powerful line. I take it as any human living in gradually escalating sin. You come to the age of reason where you know you live in your own filth... but it was never completely obvious how you got into the mess because it happened gradually over time. This song is a realization of that, and call to do something about it.

Demon Hunter – Undying Lyrics 15 years ago
What does everyone interpret the "One final heart-break" to be? I guess I've been thinking it was the moment you dropped everything, let go of everything earthly that was your focus, (which is quite hard!) and started living for God.

Also before reading the lyrics I always thought "Free us our blind state" was "free our apostate". I guess it really doesn't change it all that much... ha

awesome song

Demon Hunter – The Soldier's Song Lyrics 15 years ago
Here's the band's take on the song from their site:

"For all of our fans fighting in the war overseas, we wrote the Soldier's Song. This is a song we wrote to give back to them, for their courage and strength in such difficult and unknown circumstances. We feel that alot of people, somewhat specifically, bands and a large part of the music industry, has the tendency to make these men and women feel unimportant. This is not the case in our eyes and we want these soldiers to know that DH supports you with all our thoughts, prayers, and this song."

...but yeah thats the great thing about music. It can mean something different to everyone.

Project 86 – A Shadow On Me Lyrics 15 years ago
I love the desperation on Schwab's voice in the chorus. I also the love the pure humility found in the line "When every word you ever said came true, all I missed in all of this was you."

How many of us can relate to that? Realizing we've got this Christian "thing" down when really we haven't even caught the tip of the iceburg.

the song gives me goosebumps

Emery – Playing With Fire Lyrics 15 years ago
The song starts off after the relationship is over. He's either composing another one of his letters, a journal maybe, speaking to her in an awkward meeting, or merely thinking about it. The relationship headed south when they realized what they were doing didn't reflect the lack of love they had for each other. After all its easy to get physical with someone and push the fact that the two of you aren't the right person for each other under the rug. Slowly the guilt seeps into both people and the relationship is destroyed. This song is indeed awesome because it expresses emotions in a couple most don't ever feel

My Chemical Romance – The Ghost of You Lyrics 15 years ago
Its about the girl and guy who met before he shipped off and they never got to tell each other how they felt about each other or if they'll ever get the chance to find out. He goes to war knowing that he might not come back and the thought of her. She either gets to forget him and fall for someone else or stay committed to him in hope he makes it home alive. A horriby meaningful song for many people today.

Five Iron Frenzy – Receive Him Lyrics 15 years ago
anyone ever seen Vengence Rising in concert? ...great band name ha!

Further Seems Forever – Against My Better Judgement Lyrics 15 years ago
care to elaborate?

Five Iron Frenzy – On Distant Shores Lyrics 15 years ago
This is pretty much a culmination of what Five Iron Frenzy is all about. As the band grew older it was less about the economy, big business, sellouts, and indians (btw I still love all those songs) and back to their roots and to why they first became a band. Reese Roper is a master at putting into words society's and our own arrogance and ungratefulness as Christians. Then by the end of the song its nothing but a humble yet very intense offering of praise. Can you fit anything more powerful into one song?

Terminal – Pillow Fighting Lyrics 15 years ago
I wanted to post the correct lyrics to the song:

If these candles don’t burn out before you make it
Let’s blow them out in celebration
Of a bad, bad year
You faded to lonelier places
And i can’t find you there
You pillow fight and flirt
Thought you’d never get hurt
There’s so much blood down on the ground
Come down, come down

the right words make it even more amazing!

Further Seems Forever – Call on the Life Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm sort of thinking if you asked Jon himself, he really couldn't give you an answer as to what this song means. He could probably tell you he needed a couple more songs to cut the new album and this one came aboard. Could the chorus be anymore redundant? and what the heck does Call on the life mean??

Further Seems Forever – Light Up Ahead Lyrics 15 years ago
The man is giving up his life to Christ. He looks to the light for forgiveness, comfort, and hope.

Now as for the different singers, Chris has the most nostalgic lyrics of the three while somewhat deep. Jason's lyrics are piercing and at times deeper than most of us can understand. (almost like he wrote them for only himself to understand). Then we have Jon Bunch. He doesn't go deep and he really doesn't sing about anything nostalgic. His lyrics are very straight forward and to the point. All three singers have different styles yet the music, as mentioned before has always been their point of sale. You could call Jon's voice more commercial but then you probably didn't know anything about Sense Field. They really hit it big now didn't they?

Further Seems Forever – All Rise Lyrics 15 years ago
You can certainly tell where the emotional and powerful sound of the music that has always been Further Seems Forever, meets the less wordy, more straight forward lyrics of Jon Bunch. As a whole the music is emotional and powerful while the words are very straightforward. Its about loving one another.

Further Seems Forever – On Legendary Lyrics 15 years ago
They guys named it after the hardest level in Halo but it really has nothing to do with the song; they just really like to play Halo. The song's about being married. He's thinking over the fact that they are finally one now and she is his and he is hers and its more than they could have ever imagined. My guess is this is Jason's wife's "song" so to speak. Instead of making some sappy title he made a funny one, but she knows how he really feels.

Mae – Suspension Lyrics 15 years ago
The character has found someone that has caught his eye. I wouldn't say he's in love yet, but she has most definitely grabbed his attention. All he's asking is that she be real with him if she really wants this thing to move into a relationship. He's not really sure how this thing's going to turn out

Mae – Someone Else's Arms Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song sums up the feelings of so many late teens to late twenties today. They're tired of being alone and long for someone else's companionship. Its a very wrestless feeling

Mae – The Ocean Lyrics 15 years ago
As we can see our friend is in love but with new found love brings alot of confusion and doubt. I'd like to think this guy is sitting on the beach at night by himself (or a whale... you know) contemplating the whole thing and feeling really alone and confused at the same time. So he looks up at the stars and asks God to guide hime through this one... because he really doesn't know what his next move is supposed to be.

Mae – Breakdown Lyrics 15 years ago
First off this is a great song. The character is pretty overwhelmed in his love for this girl. He thinks they can't do wrong while she is a little more careful, cautious, and if you will level headed about the whole thing. I'm thinking she's just making sure they don't go off and do something they can't take back... which in the next song they do.

Mae – Cover Me Lyrics 15 years ago
The song is placed right after "Mistakes We Knew We Were Making" so I'm thinking its a song asking God for forgiveness.

Mae – The Sun And The Moon Lyrics 15 years ago
This song, placed at the end of the "journey", leads me to believe the girl the character has been courting all this time, has a baby with, and maybe eventually marries has died. He regrets any wasted time while they were together while he admits to being caught off guard by her sudden departure. It is a sweet song of love and commitment... and happy memories of life spent together.

Sky's The Limit – Neverending Like The Sky Lyrics 15 years ago
I love the last 4 lines of this song the most:

"so vast and wide
so i reach out to the background
you pick me up and say keep moving
you'll be there to catch me when i fall and i fall so hard"

When you can't go much further, picture a huge hand sweeping down to pick you up, dust you off, and set you back on track. You're a little disoriented, but it gives you a reassuring pat on the back and then a voice says gently "it's ok, keep moving".

Such an encouragement

Sky's The Limit – Nostalgia Lyrics 15 years ago
Dave's explanation for this song is as follows:

"This song is about me trying to cope with my dad's affairs. I try to cover it up but it makes it worse. I think about the past; when my dad used to live for God. It makes things easier to deal with. Instead of letting his sin weigh me down, I go to God in prayer and he gives me peace. He says, "Let go and let me work on your dad." I must be faithful to God."

off of

Its a great message for anyone dealing with a loved one who they've felt has betrayed them. Don't let it compromise your walk with you Lord and Savior.

Skillet – The Thirst Is Taking Over Lyrics 15 years ago
I love how this song builds and almost sneaks up on you in intensity. I'm an avid runner and this song always finds its way onto my mp3 player playlist... so much emotion

Skillet – Come My Way Lyrics 15 years ago
This one's straight out of Matthew 9:20-22 and then again in Luke 8:43-48. I like how it starts off with the Bible story and then migrates to you and I. What I also love about this song is the fact that John sings it:

"I'm out of touch; I'm out of reach
I've got the faith to believe,
Am I out of touch, or out of reach?
what would it take to walk towards me"

as if the person doesn't have the faith or will, while in pain, to get up and go to Jesus, they beg for Jesus to come to them.

Then in the next stanza:

"I'm out of touch; I'm out of reach
but I'm running toward you and it's all I believe"

The character realizes they can be healed completely, summoning all their strength, and runs to Jesus for healing!

Great song...

Mae – The Sun And The Moon Lyrics 16 years ago
ADimeADexter, I've read three Mae songs in which you've posted the lyrics and all three have had major alterations to the correct lines. Why were you so rushed to post these??

Anyway, on line 17 ADimeADexter wrote:

"A light that cant reach at all"

The correct line is:

"A light that CAN reach IT all"

As you can see when you change "can't" to "can" and "at" to "it" it completely changes up the meaning to the line.

btw "skys" is spelled "skies"

Does the long ending to this song remind anyone else of "Skyline Drive" from their "Destination: Beautiful" release? ...and it was pure genius at the end for Mae to add in the last two lines:

"So when you say forever
Can't you see you've already captured me?"

...just when you thought they were done singing.

Mae – Someone Else's Arms Lyrics 16 years ago
There are three lines in which ADimeADexter wrote:

"Dove down and lost all his charm"

The correct line all three times is:

"Dove down and lost WITH all his charm"

This really changes up the meaning of the line when you read it as he didn't lose his charm, but lost with his charm still intact; it just wasn't good enough.

Also on line 16 ADimeADexter wrote:

"Is the man you say I’ll be?"

The Correct line is:

"Is THIS the man you say I'll be?"

...everytime I hear this song and the line comes to:

"All this blame, hammers your way to hell"

I swear it sounds like "hamburgers way to hell" ...mmm hamburgers, in someone elses arms, I could go for that.

Mae – Ready And Waiting To Fall Lyrics 16 years ago
Ok I've got a correction, and for those who keep putting up the wrong lyrics shame on you.

Jaycar2a wrote:
"And now I'm caught in the air
It's a good life"

"And now I'm caught in the air
It's a good glide"

When you substitute glide for life (like Mae sings it)it makes the flying imagery so much stronger and complete.

This song is great btw, especially if you have a special someone. It says everything that you're feeling. At first I thought the word "fall" meant something else, but its just good ole fashion falling in love. Great song Mae.

Further Seems Forever – Against My Better Judgement Lyrics 16 years ago
I think I somewhat agree with NYP but this song means something a little different to me. First off this is my very favorite FSF song, by a long shot.

We live in a society today where Christianity and Christian living is scrutinized to no end. Non Christians and those apathetic to religion are waiting for Christians to do something wrong to prove their point hence "With starving appetites for arguments". As NYP mentioned above no christian or anyone else is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes yet Christians are judged by society through how they carry themselves/act. "Did you know you were a saint?
What a shameful fall from grace."

Its your Christian brother/sister's duty as it is your's to not only hold you accountable but to pick you up and dust you off after you've screwed up... "But I'll catch you, I'll catch you"...

Now here's the meat of the song:

"Everybody's waiting for that something they can hold on to
While tripping over our own words to self-dug graves for an excuse to fall
Because every failure's just as sweet as the last"

Each and all of us no matter what we believe in are seeking something out of life. On this path those in disagreement with Christianity use examples they've seen in Christian friends stumbling to argue the realness and validity of the Christian faith. Non-Christians use these examples (...tripping over OUR own words...) to in a sense justify why they think Christianity is pointless and are thus digging their own graves.

As Christians, we must be careful in the way we carry ourselves because we're influencing people's decisions without even knowing them. Its also a message to non-Christians challenging them not to base their opinions off of imperfect Christians because Christians as imperfect humans will fail you everytime.

If you want to make an argument against Christianity strike it at the heart through Christ's teachings and not take the easy way out by observing imperfect followers.

To Christians its saying don't give non-Christians the chance to do this. Strive to be Christ like.

Everyone's looking for excuse to take the easy way out. They're all going against their better judgement.

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