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The National – Slipping Husband Lyrics 10 years ago
When I hear this song, I picture a man who is avoiding his family because he resents having to give up his dreams to settle down. Now the situation has reached the breaking point, and this guys friend is trying to get through to him that he's going to lose everything if he doesn't stop being selfish and pay more attention to his family.

In the second verse, we get the idea the friend is speaking from experience, as he describes what's going to happen if the man doesn't get his act together.

Finally, I wonder if the friend gives up, and gets the guy a drink so he doesn't have to hear more about "the important life he coulda led."

New Order – Sub-Culture Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree with dxmkrew, you guys are trying too hard, but my interpretation is a little different.

I think the song is about some guy screwing up a relationship, probably through infidelity:

"I like walking in the park
When it gets late at night
I move round in the dark
And leave when it gets light"

He's talking about sneaking around.

"I sit around by day
Tied up in chains so tight
These crazy words of mine
So wrong they could be right"

This the guilt of having been unfaithful.

"What do I get out of this
I always try, I always miss"

He asks himself what he gets from being in a relationship. He's tried to be faithful in previous relationships, but he's was unfaithful in those as well.

"One of these days you'll go back to your home
You won't even notice that you are alone
One of these days when you sit by yourself
You'll realise you can't shaft without someone else
In the end you will submit
It's got to hurt you a little bit"

Basically, this is his depression creeping out. He's telling himself that he's destined to be alone, and maybe he should hurt himself?

"I like talking in my sleep
When people work so hard
They need what they can keep
A choice that leaves them scarred
A view without a room
Unveils the truth so soon"

I think he's trying to say that if people who work hard to save an unhealthy relationship, that they're going to be hurt in the end. Because once the romance is gone, you can see all the things you didn't want to see because you were in love. I say this because to me, "a view without a room," is some reference to E.M. Foster's book "A Room with a View," where he's saying the romance is gone.

"And when the sun goes down
You've lost what you had found"

There are a lot of ways this can be interpreted. It could be that once you can see the truth, things can't go back to the way they were before. I can also see how he could be saying that when night comes, he knows he's going to go out and be unfaithful again.

Jem – 24 Lyrics 13 years ago
While agree this is a "Live Life to it's Fullest" song, I can't embrace the idea it's about people who want to die. People who want to die don't see themselves growing old. Here's how I see it going down:

"Been given 24 hours to tie up loose ends to make amends" - Maybe this person was diagnosed with a terminal condition...

"His eyes said it all, I started to fall, and the silence deafened, Head spinning round" - This is the initial reaction to the very bad news...

"no time to sit down, just wanted to, run and run and run" - whatever it is, this person can't get away from the, ahem, deadline.

"Be careful they say, don’t wish life away" - Here the person reminds us what 'they' say: life is short

"now I’ve one day" - and now this person knows life is too short

"Is there a heaven a hell, and will I come back, who can tell" - I think this person is telling us religion doesn't mean anything to them

"Now I can see, what matters to me, it’s as clear as crystal, The places I’ve been, the people I’ve seen" - Life's experiences are what is important to this person now.

"plans that I made, start to fade, The sun’s setting gold, thought I would grow old, it wasn’t to be" - I would say this person feels like they have been 'living in the future.' Everything they hoped/planned for, is now gone.

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