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Modest Mouse – Lounge (Closing Time) Lyrics 14 years ago
I find two interpretations....i find one to be Heroine use, or another injection drug....hence described by other people on this page....but my using someone for sex....Syllable lisp-drunk....The twist-sex....pornographer....idk....that was my first thought, but when i read the comments about heroine use, it did work......

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Lyrics 14 years ago
Damnit, put it down!!! this song rocks....and so does float on, and so does the fruit that ate itself....a true modest mouse fan would realize that some songs ar emore popular or unpopular than others....just ignore the people who have only heard of Good News for People Who Love Bad News, or the people that hate it....its a great album, and so is The Lonesome Crowded West, and so are all of their other releases, The Fruit that Ate Itself, This is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About, and all of the others.....damn, let it go....Float On is a great song, and you people that hate it for the popularity are just afraid to admit that you like it....i dont like popularity, but its a good song....Modest Mouse is a great band.....and for you people that "think" your a fan and only heard Float On.....damnit, listen to some other songs too

Glassjaw – Ape Dos Mil Lyrics 14 years ago
Hey, any of you preppy people commenting on this, you are not worthy of listening to such a great band. Glassjaw shouldnt have sold out, and i like the slightly lighter feel of this release, and i love the heavy feel of EYEWTKAS, and kiss kiss bang bang was okay too. HEAD AUTOMATICA SUCKS SO BADLY TOO!

Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby Lyrics 14 years ago

Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
how could people say these words? the postal service version is much better...this version is good, but the postal service, he emits much more emotion....with the vocals, and the music....its fast pace, does not your heart beat faster when you have the girl youve always wanted? the beeping at the beggining, reminds me of thinking, thinking about what shes up to, how she is....just her....the drum beat coming in, shes back home, and your excited to see her....when he starts singing, hes singing to her....the chorus....there together for a time, and there off, away from everyone worries....but thios version, it sounds more like...hes missing her...and hes dreaming of whats happening

Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) Lyrics 15 years ago
this song rocks....but pleez....of course its emo music.....but emo is probably the worst word in the english a short term for emotional....u dont hear people saying "us emotional's will get mad"...the word emo just makes u sound just means your sad alot....thats all it means....but if u say emotional.....that means your happy, sad, depressed, angry, mad, lovestruck, scared....anything...emo is just so retarded of a word

A Static Lullaby – Charred Fields Of Snow Lyrics 15 years ago everyone retarded? BUY THE DAMN CD! THE LYRICS ARE IN THE BOOKLET!!!!! GOD DAMNIT!

Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Lyrics 15 years ago
oops, that was actually a total and complete srry

Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Lyrics 15 years ago
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Help SongMeanings! Contribute lyrics to orphaned artists! Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
Artists > Moby > Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
Submitted by Demau Senae on April 25, 2001

Why does my heart
Feel so bad?
Why does my soul
Feel so bad?

These open doors


by Kitten_61 on 04-26-2002 @ 07:25:31 PM
I love this song. It's so sad...

by beachgirl4433 on 04-26-2002 @ 07:28:14 PM
i think this songs, shouldn't qualify as a song

by mboruza on 07-04-2002 @ 06:17:13 AM
..not as a song, but as an anthem?..
..anthem of sadness..

by Caroline7502 on 07-27-2002 @ 05:44:05 AM
i think it qualifies as a song, just my opinion tho. doesn't have much lyrics but the way he puts the music just makes the song perfect in every way...any more lyrics then it wouldn't fit. whoever the woman is singing in this song has a great voice.

by HRslammR on 09-11-2002 @ 05:39:01 AM
ya know that feeling ya get after a relationship that made you so incredibly happy... just ended? i've been there... he's trying to explain how when we all ask ourselves "why" and "what happened" "where'd i go wrong" and so "why does my heart feel so bad?" is a summation of all that. but then in the end... you'll find love again and how a new door has been opened now...

by Onmytrail on 04-26-2003 @ 01:14:55 PM
To me..this song isn´t´s different....
It is magic...i can´t explain....

by blow up blondie on 11-29-2004 @ 11:06:18 PM
awww HRslammR-been there, felt that, got the staple in my denim mini (don't ask!) and I'd never thought about it that way until I just read what you said. Heard the song on the radio earlier and I was just trying to remember it-it took me a while. Searched for lyrics on here because google was being mean, and I needed to find out who sang it cuz I forgot and it was driving me crazy. Woop panic over now :P

by nienna on 12-03-2004 @ 06:43:24 AM
At our school they had this weird mission thing (we're a catholic school) and during a really good short drama thing, they used this song in the background. Ever since then I really do love it, as does a good friend of mine, it's so sad and emotional, and I would say it counts as a song personally =)

by Hdowd on 03-10-2005 @ 11:00:13 PM
to me this song reminds me of the end of summer 2004. me and 4 friends in their apartment in london just chilling all day long making the most of each others company for as long as we could. whenever i hear this song it will always remind me of the happiness all day long and just the feeling of tension building as one by one we said goodbye and then the point where theyre gone and you know theyre on the opposite side of the world and you wont see them for 6 months. Moby took the feelings felt by all the expats i know put them in a song and this is it. So enjoy your friends whilst you can and remember no matter where they are in the world theyre always theyre for you, theyre just a phone call or an e-mail away. and at any point where you feel lonely or depressed for any reason they may even be thinking of you at that very moment in time.

by River Wolf on 03-16-2005 @ 03:07:35 AM
This song is beautiful. Moby has captured so much emotion and beauty and just shed it onto the listener's ear.

by hyper_skittles on 07-03-2005 @ 05:52:45 PM
weird...i was at a mission thing a while ago and they used this song. for a sketch involving an orange. was better than it sounds!!! it was a girl holding the orange (representing her heart) and it kept getting battered- her "friends" drop it her boyfriend chucks it away, she sticks a knife in it (self harm) and a drug dealer injects into it. then another person comes up (god) takes away the orange and gives her a brand new one. that to me is what this song is about- renewal. this person has gone through a lot and has a lot of questions. at the end tho there is hope as "these open doors" represent new chances

by wackydeli3 on 08-24-2005 @ 05:58:14 PM
i thought it was everlast that sang this for the longest time. then i looked it up and found this. didnt know it was moby. awesome song, lot of emotion to it

by princeyamiyugi2 on 12-14-2005 @ 02:28:42 AM
its know how when 'whoever' is singing "These open doors" and how it doesnt really sound like "these open doors".....i played it backwards, and it sounds like hes singing "god help me"....just a little interesting fact about's should try it.....anyway....THIS SONG IS AWESOME! really sad though.....i like the sound of the the weird cello and violins in the background when hes singing at the beginning.....sounds like their breaking....makes the song point toward the broken heart area....if u listen closely, you can hear them breaking....really well htought out, with that little soundthats hardly hearable


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Moby – Inside Lyrics 15 years ago
i put this song on here, just so people could coment on it....cause no one else did.....ths song reminds me of being lsot in space...that is all

Moby – Everloving Lyrics 15 years ago
lol....this song rules....keeps building up, them falls back down at the thinking its supposed to represent sleeep, and wen u fall asleep, it all builds up, good dreams.....until it all comes right back down....quickly, and you wake up

Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Lyrics 15 years ago
its know how when 'whoever' is singing "These open doors" and how it doesnt really sound like "these open doors".....i played it backwards, and it sounds like hes singing "god help me"....just a little interesting fact about's should try it.....anyway....THIS SONG IS AWESOME! really sad though.....i like the sound of the the weird cello and violins in the background when hes singing at the beginning.....sounds like their breaking....makes the song point toward the broken heart area....if u listen closely, you can hear them breaking....really well htought out, with that little soundthats hardly hearable

Glassjaw – Stuck Pig Lyrics 15 years ago
does no one know that this song isnt metaphorical like you think, everything is a nickname

The land of two suns-Russia
The City of Molotov-A City in Russia
The Province of Gun-a war stricken area
The Dope Fiend-Drug addict
Splashes Gash like a Nailbomb-Comes down on you heavy
My blow-My high
Goes like a Quickie in the Snow-Sex in the snow...melts the snow

Not many metaphors....just nicknames....

Its about sex....drugs....and relating it to war

Butthole Surfers – Pepper Lyrics 16 years ago
How could no one know exactly what this song means?

1. The people in the song, are the people he tastes and smells
2. As in the blood in his clothes
3. The sun shines only when somone is dying or doing something crazy
4. Technically their not in love with dying they just die anyway
5. The chorus isnt just a girl or boy, but both, as in all the people in the verses
6. "No one knows just how you look through other peoples eyes"- What other people think or see wen their dead
and finnally 7. It's telling all the extremists' that they must be stupid

-This is their interview on Y 100 in 2002, in my words

Moby – Machete Lyrics 16 years ago
scary song, prolly about suicide....i think anyway...MOBY rules

Bayside – Masterpiece Lyrics 16 years ago
AwSoMe SoNg, AwEsOmE bAnD!.!.!

Moby – If Things Were Perfect Lyrics 16 years ago

A Static Lullaby – November 24, 1995 Lyrics 16 years ago
this songs by A Static Lullaby dingbat

The Ataris – I Won't Spend Another Night Alone Lyrics 16 years ago
best song by the makes me cry because im in love with someone who only 'likes' me, alot though

Coheed and Cambria – IRO-bot Lyrics 16 years ago
Holy Shit! I don't have the same version of I, Robot...I have the un-released version! In the song, at 1 point or another he sings..."When I fall asleep, your face is all I see" and "Dear Mom, run like you ____" and theres a huge scream in it....and the beggining starts out with some light singing, like The Light & The Glass...its track num 23 roght?

The confused 12 year old

The Postal Service – This Place Is a Prison Lyrics 16 years ago
Constitution of Independence: Freedom of Speech! This is definetily about how the freedom of this country...and maybe even the world...has greatly declined. How the only way to make money is to gamble, and all because we paid our rent late, because we can't get a's like the great depression, only bigger!

The 12 year old 12 year old

The Postal Service – Sleeping In Lyrics 16 years ago
I really think this song is about how the world is actually a great place, people just don't want to show it. I mean if that guy never shot JFK then USA might be a better place to live in. How people either shouldn't contribute for global warming or say, "Aw, who cares? Le's go for a swim!" And it's November! What i'm saying is that, the world seems is inside, but outside is the hatred...let your emotion free!

The 12 year old of ice

The Postal Service – Natural Anthem Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this song is about how you shouldn't treat things badly...go home and do something useful...maybe sing a song, write a poem...let your emotions run wild...and don't get worried if you make a little mistake, life goes on.

The 12 year old wonder

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm 12, as you may know from my comment on Brand New Colony, and this song is beautifal! I bought the album a week after it came out and never stopped listening to it. As you may know from other comments, I have a crush, that I may be in 'love' with. As I also said, I wrote a poem. But this song isn't one that inspired me...but it does make me think about her (Miranda, where are you) when im away from her in school.


The Postal Service – Brand New Colony Lyrics 16 years ago
This song makes me think about my crush...not as much as Taking Back Sunday's: Summer Stars though. I'm a new member, 12 years old, and I love love songs and alt. rock. A few songs like Summer Stars-TBS and this song inspired me to write a love poem that was published in the Golden Book of Poems. The poem was for my crush, Miranda.

Your New Member

Taking Back Sunday – Summer Stars Lyrics 16 years ago
Hi...iv'e came here to find out what album this songs on...and i see it's on their demo? This is a very sad song, and it inspired me to write a love poem to the girl I have a crush on. I'm 12 years old and I want to say hi to all the TBS fans out there. This song rocks though, and it 'is' very sad. The first time I heard it and read the lyrics I cryed...And so the millionth time! I can't get this song out of my head. It's like my crush, can't get her out of my head.

The New Member,

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