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Fleetwood Mac – Albatross Lyrics 2 years ago
Reminds me of the time I was at the cinema and ordered two choc ices.

Queen – Don't Loose Your Head Lyrics 14 years ago
If you have no head, how can you love? no love equals only one lose that no head and no love anymore for you!

because you let your heart rule your head! if you let love in, love will win.

If love wins over your head, you can be decaptiated as many times as you will help you grow a new one.

It's a simple message folks, if you see Christopher Lambert in a dirty trenchcoat don't accept the love he is offering from his 'head'

It'll make a mess.

Chris De Burgh – For Rosanna Lyrics 14 years ago
I just can't see it....

De burgh, short, hairy......not particularly handsome..

Rosanna = Miss world?

Maybe Chris wasn't the only one playing away from home!!

Chris De Burgh – The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night) Lyrics 14 years ago
It's all about Vampires!

Chris being a rather short and ugly man makes for a crap and rather unconvincing vampire.

So actually Chris is a werewolf...a short and unfrightening werewolf that likes to dance a lot..and dance with slip on shoes.

He's a dancing werewolf..sleeps all days come out under a full moon and dances.

That's a scary image.

The ecstasy of flight refers to him being kicked out of clubs all night long for being a disco wolf!

Chris De Burgh – Eastern Wind Lyrics 14 years ago
The Eastern Wind he refers to is of course 'La Bise'

See 'Lonely sky' for more details.

Split Enz – Bold As Brass Lyrics 14 years ago
It's a jaunty little number used by doctors to cheer up victims of severe spinal injury.

Queen – My Baby Does Me Lyrics 14 years ago

I think the song is about a massive baby kitten in nappy terrorizing Freddie.

This is an early indication of the insane toxoplasmosis death via HIV that would eventually get him.....

McFly – Room On The Third Floor Lyrics 16 years ago
Room on the third floor? it's little wonder with this drivel going on.

Phil Collins – Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) Lyrics 16 years ago
'Against All Odds'

That's what I think when I hear the name of the chubby dwarf cockney arse face and his unexplainable career.

Chris De Burgh – Spanish Train Lyrics 16 years ago
See also 'Devil's eye' the classic sequel to this epic tale of the fight between good and evil, and no I'm not talking about his eyebrow(s)

Chris De Burgh – The Devil's Eye Lyrics 16 years ago
This is the sequel to 'Spanish Train' by De Burgh, and often over looked, it's a miniot classic, and as sequels go, quite well up to the standard fo the first. this time however the devil has given up on playing Chess and poker and has taken to buggering about with your TV remote. Also we learn in this song that the moon was once a thriving planet but God got a bit low on cash during a poker game with the devil (you'd think he would have learned after the Spanish Train incident) and had to call him with the moon, and the devil changed it from a lush green paradise into a piece of cheese.

Could also be taken as a rant againt television.

Chris De Burgh – Quiet Moments Lyrics 16 years ago
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful songs ever written, spoiled only by the mental imagery of De burgh taking a glass of wine and holding a woman closely (perhaps in the buff). if you try not to think about that, it is quite a lovely song.

Chris De Burgh – A Spaceman Came Travelling Lyrics 16 years ago
The great Monobrowed one getting high on 'La Bise' again whilst reading the bible.

for further info see 'Lonely Sky' by de burgh.

Chris De Burgh – Lonely Sky Lyrics 16 years ago
The cold north wind they call "La Bise"
Is swirling round about my knees.

In medievial times, peasents reffered to there fowl smelling gaseous profusions as 'La Bise'
hence 'swirling round about my knees'

"Trees are crying leaves into the river"

if you were a tree and De Burgh produced a 'La Bise' you'd cry your leaves off into the river too.

"I'm huddled in this french café
I never thought I'd see the day,
But winter's here and summer's really over,
Even the birds have packed up and gone,
They're flying south with their song,
And my love, she too has gone, she had to fly"

he huddle in the cafe to escape the waft of 'La Bise' even he found it too overpowering.

the effect of it all has bought about mass misgration of birds and the onset of winter (let this be a warning to us all on the effects off gaseous emissions or 'la bise')

"They'll trap your wings my love and hold your flight,
They'll build a cage and steal your only sky,
Fly away, fly to me, fly when the wind is high,
I'm sailing beside you in your lonely sky..."

it's fairly self explanatory when read with the verses, all the mentions of wind and flying and sailing in the sky possibly eluding to the gaseous psychedlic effects of 'la bise'

"The old cathedral lights are low
She and I we'd often go there
To admire and sometimes kneel in prayer; "

well, after a brisk southwesterly 'La Bise' you might well pay for your life.

I think the final verse reminds us of the possible disastrous outcome of 'la bise' (possibly the 'El Ninio' of medieval times'

perhaps the whole song is wrapped up by saying a stiff breeze, know as 'la bise' will cause much harm to the world.

Tom Jones – Sex Bomb Lyrics 16 years ago
Yes great song.

Tom told me one day (or someone pretending to be him)

That this song is about mixing spunk overies & semtex to produce the sexiest lady alive, whoooahh.

Tom Jones – It's Not Unusual Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about that embarrasing situation you're caught in when riding on public transport and you get an erection, it's Tom saying 'hey guy's, nothing wrong with an outward display of affection for the one you love'

Tom Jones – Mama Told Me Not To Come Lyrics 16 years ago
it's concering tantric incest sex with your domineering mother.


Tom Jones – What's New Pussycat? Lyrics 16 years ago
I read somewhere that tom is a big fan of the art of taxidermy, and this is his ode to his stuffed moggy which he idoliizes and dotes on 24 hours a day.

apprently he keeps tiddles stuffed down his frontage.

David Bowie – Little Bombardier Lyrics 16 years ago
yes, I preffer the term Childlike violinist.

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it's Michael take on the aftermath of Humpty dumpty falling 'off the wall'

George Michael – Careless Whisper Lyrics 16 years ago
It's all about George's experience while eating a cadbury's Wispa on a hot summers day, he managed to get it all over his lovely new white shirt, and Andrew Ridgeley scoffed and muttered under his breath 'clumsy with a wispa' which pretty much ended Wham and inspired george to write this epic soft sax, middle classs, masturbatory participation style black leather sofa and leopard skin rug 'sophistication' song.

Pet Shop Boys – King's Cross Lyrics 16 years ago
But it is actually about migration from Newcastle to London to find a better life, Kings cross being the station you arrive at when you come down the north line.

Neil has even stated that this is what the song is about. (being a Geordie n' all)

Pet Shop Boys – How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about a famous rock star, possibly (probably) Sting.

Crowded House – Something So Strong Lyrics 16 years ago
Yes I agree, the video certainly suggests some unresolved tension between the two of them.

Neil Finn – Loose Tongue Lyrics 16 years ago
It's been said that a couple of the lyrics relate to the breaking up of Crowded House 'The house is falling down because of my loose tongue' has to do with the 'tongue in the mail' mailing lsit on which rumours abounded and carless slips of tongue regarding the future of Crowded House by neil in interviews.

Crowded House – I Walk Away Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it's about the demise of Split Enz.

Crowded House – Catherine Wheels Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about a relationship gone wrong, possibly a abusive one. He's cheating it eludes to 'Claudes' sleeping around. she leaves, either through death or some other means.

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