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Sum 41 – Motivation Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't think it sounds like Blink 182, for example it's got a break-out bassline at times, and theres nothing about boobs or penises in it!




Now let's see Mark Hoppus do that!
Cone's a damn good bassist it's a shame he doesn't break out from the power chords more.

Sum 41 – Never Wake Up Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm tired of people hating a bands songs because the band gets a bit more commercial...YOU hate the PEOPLE in the band, NOT the songs!! Anyway, if Sum 41 wants to go on TRL and have their songs played on MTV, then they aren't sell-outs, now if they DIDN'T want to do any of that stuff, but they were offered a lot of money so they did it anyway, then they're sell-outs!

Sum 41 – Makes No Difference Lyrics 13 years ago
How is it pre-sellout era? Sum 41 is still on the same label they did this one on, aren't they? Anyway, there stuff sounds the same on Half Hour of Power as it does on AKNF, then they get a bit more metally on DTLI then a hella lot more metally on Chuck

Billy Talent – River Below Lyrics 14 years ago
Simple Meaning: He was once in the army and has an old bomb lying around, so he blows the world up after going insane.

River Below = Hell
Red Button = detonation
Simple Simple Stuff!

Sum 41 – Fat Lip Lyrics 14 years ago
P.S. Pop-Punk is only a term invented by MTV and Record Companies so that the name of the genre will appeal to parents, so they will buy the albums for the kids. I don't think the mass of 'good-rich' parents want their kids listening to the glue-sniffing sex pistols (god bless 'em though, their awesome).

P.P.S. I am from Canada, and I have no idea what the fuck a kuffufin is, oh well? AND QUIT BASHIN US!! Our government may be a buncha tea-sipping panzies who are too afraid to break their ties with Great Britain, but the people aren't.

Sum 41 – Fat Lip Lyrics 14 years ago
Dear Sum 41 Bashers:
You're just, a fuck
I can't explain it cuz I think you suck
I'm taking pride
In telling you to fuck off and die!

Dave = the best soloist of any of todays bands. Listen to a few solos off chuck, the in too deep solo, the handle this solo, then tell me who sucks at their instruments. Stevo is a pretty good drummer, and Cone is the same as any other rock bassist today except for the fact that hes got a few variations.

If a band does what they wanna do, then they are definetly aloud to make some money off their albums, are they not? I don't know when the term
'sellout' became a word that gets used as commonly as the word 'the', but I don't like it. Why don't the biggest bands in history become sellouts? Zeppelin, Floyd, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Sabbath? They all made MILLIONS off their records but don't get called sellouts...and the reason for that? MTV DIDNT EXIST!!! So now that bands are being seen around the world on TV, they become sellouts?

It's ignorant little pricks that bash the 'teeny-boppers' that are truly the ones ruining the music scene. They say you gotta look and act a certain way to listen to a certain music, but thats entirely untrue. Ears aren't eyes, and eyes aren't ears. I, go ahead and hate me for it, respect 'teeny-boppers', I was once one, and in some peoples opinion I still am. I listen to Blink 182, I listen to Sum 41, I listen to Green Day, and I'm damn proud of it! Atleast teeny-boppers aren't a bunch of mo-hawked pricks who think that just because they listen to punk, they think they can tell others what punk is. These people are, ultimately, jealous because they aren't as rich or famous as these bands. They're doing what they wanna do and thats all there is too it.

The only people who can truly say who's punk or not are the bands that are making money off it without selling out...but people don't know what selling out is.

Selling out = changing your style of doing something you don't believe in for fame, fortune, or appealing to the masses.
Example: Random band starts out playing Rancid inspired punk. All of a sudden there is an acoustic emo movement. MTV tells them that the only way to be famous is to be part of this movement, so, against their will, this band does acoustic emo.

Not Selling Out = A band that does what they wanna do, sings how they wanna sing, plays how they wanna play, acts how they wanna act. If that appeals to the masses and brings them fame and fortune, then this band has not sold out.

Example: Sum 41 - Chuck
Chuck is what I like to call a 50/50 album. Half the people I know prefer pre-chuck days, the other half love chuck more than aknf and dtli. So in doing this, Sum 41 cuts their fans in half, but are doing what they wanna do.

Green Day - Dookie
Dookie is more of a 25/75 album. a quarter of the people like pre-dookie green day better, three quarters like post-dookie better. I have smoothed out slappy and kerlpunk, and they sound just as good as dookie, and dookie sounds just as good as them. Green Day just kept on doing what they did, and made millions. This, makes Green Day a perfect example of not selling out.

Sum 41 – Grab The Devil By The Horns And Fuck Him Up The Ass Lyrics 14 years ago can people type this stuff about instrumentals?

people these days think music is all about the voice, but its songs like this that prove them wrong...

anyway, if sum 41 says there punk and do what they wanna do, then that makes them punk. pop-punk was invented by mtv and much to make the sound of the genre more appealing to parents, so they would then buy the albums for the kids. Hey, do you think any parent would let their 6 year old have a blink album if the word POP wasn't in the genre?

Green Day – American Idiot Lyrics 14 years ago
I interpreted this entire album and it took me days to do it. Every song fits in exactly where it's supposed to fit in.

American Idiot - Bit of a 'prequel' to the rest of the disk...basically, before Jesus is introduced, it talks about the bulk of today's youth being a bunch of conformists. The media owns the people, and these people are basically idiots. Jesus does not want to be one of these people...

Jesus of Suburbia - Intro to the main character, Jesus. The 'Son of Rage and Love'...basically, he grew up in a home where his father was hard on him and his mother loved him (reminds me of that 70's show), he basically turns to drugs and alcohol to stay sane in that home.

City of the Dead - Basically shows Jesus's life outside of his home. 'Graffiti in the bathroom stall'...'Holy scriptures of a shopping mall'...people are talkign about him...he's confused.

I Don't Care - Coming to grips with what's going on in the world, Jesus basically decides he doesn't care about anything if no one else cared...driving him to the point of suicide

Dearly Beloved - No one's listening, he's confused, does he kill himself or does he run...he doesnt know

Tales From Another Broken Home - 'To live, and not to breath, is to die, in tragedy'...suicide is to what does lil jesus do...RUN'S AWAY! He leaves home...what else do you need to know?

Holiday - I've heard some say that this song doesn't fit in with the story, when in fact it does. Jesus has left the protection of Mommy and Daddy...he now sees the real world, and what's goin on in the real world right now? THE WAR ON TERRORISM!!!! I also thing it has something to do with Arnold Schwarzenneger 'The representative from California has the floor'...but hey, what do i know?

Bvld. Broken Dreams - By far the best song on the album, Green Day probably would have released this first but who wants to release a power ballad for your first song in four years? Basically, it's really self-explanatory, Jesus is alone and confused...Hey, wouldn't you be to if you were alone?

We Are the Waiting - Not the best song on the album, but certainly the most anthemetic. This is Jesus's transformation from who he really is to who he needs to be to survive in the world - St. Jimmy. 'The Jesus of Suburbia is a lie'...he lies about his old life, he hates his old life...

St. Jimmy - Look what Jesus has become since he left home...the punk rock rebel we all know as St. Jimmy...everyone loves Jesus now...everyone but Jesus...

Give Me Novocaine - DRUGS!!! PAIN-KILLERS!!! Who wants an alternate reality, Jesus sure does, he wants to be St. Jimmy, it's who he evolved into, it's who he is now...he needs a numbing, welcome to your new life Jesus

She's a Rebel - Enter Whatshername, she's a rebel, she's a saint, she's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous! Well, Jesu--oops--St. Jimmy, meets her, begins to fall in love, sees her as a revolutionary, blah blah blah...but who does Whatsername want - Jesus or St. Jimmy?

Extraordinary Girl - lol trippy drums! Anywho, basically St. Jimmy is holding her up on a pedestal, as most guys do to the girl their in love with...and he would do anything to make her happy...but she's super sad

Letterbomb - Well, Whatsername and Jimmy are together...but not happy...Whatsername doesn't want Jimmy, she likes what he was, who he should be. This song actually has A LOT of depth. however, you can figure out this whole song and tie up any lose ends in the previous tracks. 'Your not the Jesus of Suburbia, and St. Jimmy is a figment of, your fathers rage and your mother's love, your now the idiot America...' and at the end when it says Whatsername is leaving. He's not Jesus anymore, he left who he was because he was scared. St. Jimmy is just an alter-ego made up by all Jesus had when he was growing up...his Fathers rage and his mothers love...and finally, think back to 'American Idiot'...what is Jesus...just an idiot...nobody likes him, everyones left him, there all out without him, having fun! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TRACK IN THE ALBUM'S STORYLINE!!!

Wake Me Up... - Love this song, no matter how heavy Green Day gets, every soft song they make is a knock-out...especially this one. Basically, what does Jimmy have left, Whatsername is's been seven years since he left, what does he have, where can he go. Obviously this takes place in September, and he's hoping that everything will be better by October...this song has a lot more death and it's even tied into rumours about Billie Joe's dad dying.

The Death of St. Jimmy - So what does sad, little, left with nothing St. Jimmy do? HE DIES!!! WELCOME BACK JESUS!!!! St. Jimmy is how Jesus spent most of his life, it was how he learnt how to live, love, and believe. Basically, the alter-ego St. Jimmy was the only thing he could turn to when Jesus was alone, dreamless, hopeless, so it's what he became.

IMPORTANT - Some might argue that St. Jimmy was infact not an alter-ego of what Jesus becomes, but infact was his sort of 'guide' out in the world, think about the last lines..."In the state, of mind, it's my own private suicide..."Basically, he just kills that state of mind, he is Jesus again.

East 12th Street - This is what Jesus is now, no St. Jimmy, he is now just Jesus...workin in some office 'Filling out Paperwork'...but he's still not happy...he still wants out...

Nobody Likes You - What do you think...Jesus is the American Idiot with nothing to do but drink coffee and watch spike tv...boring huh?...whered everyone go? wonders Jesus...

Rock and Roll Girlfriend - I don't know when or where this fits in exactly, but I know it does cuz everything does. I'm tired of everyone saying this song sucks, it's not Green Day, blah blah blah...I personally like it...I think it sounds old school jazz rocky! but anyway, my guess is that it's one of Jesus's old friends, named TUNNY,...first of all it's addressed to St. Jimmy, which Jesus's friends probably still believe he goes by...and that by staying where he was and working he got the ultimate rock and roll life, while poor Jesus is all alone.

We're Coming Home Again - After seeing everything he missed, Jesus goes there much more to it?

Whatsername - Some would think that the last song would be the conclusion, but in this case, i don't believe it is. All Jesus is doing is remebering Whatsername...and thats it.

That's my opinion, in short, it's a story about not running from your problems...can I get mor specific.

*This is my interpretation of the album, please do not believe the same thing because you heard it here, but make of it what you make of it.*

* This information can be up to 15 minutes delayed.
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