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Bright Eyes – If Winter Ends Lyrics 13 years ago
"And so you get six months to adapt
And then you get two more to leave town
In the event that you do adapt
We still might not want you around"

This verse seems to talk about discrimination and alienation. It sounds like here, Conor is accounting on the anxieties he faced when attending Catholic Prep School where he was bullied and discriminated against for having different ideas than everyone else

Colin Hay – I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You Lyrics 14 years ago
geoismyhero, I'm with you on this one - the song definitely seems to be about a much deeper kind of loss that just a break up. I saw 'Garden State', loved the film and completely got Zach's reasons for putting this song on the soundtrack, the way Andrew and Sam were burying her dead hamster reflected the recent loss of his mother. It's true when someone you love passes away, you never completely recover. I lost a friend about a year and a half ago, and even though I'm not depressed about it anymore, I know that I'll never get used to the fact that he's not in my life anymore. Great song, I love it.

Bright Eyes – Arienette Lyrics 14 years ago
Ok, firstly before interpreting any song on this album - its important to bear in mind that the entire record is a concept album, focussing on Conor's suffering from clinical depression, plus that he blends his own real life experiences with other people's and fictional stories. Anyway, here's my interpretation...

He begins by explaining the different emotions one goes through with depression and all the different aspects of it. Not just saying "uhh, i'm depressed...woe is me! *cuts wrists*

"The fragile keep secrets, gathered in pockets
And they will sell them for nothing
A cheap watch or locket
That kind of gold washes off"

He explains his fragility and his over-sensitive personality and because of this, his depression causes him to feel unable to talk to people about his problems and so they bottle it up. The locket refers back to 'A spindle...' in which the metaphorical locket holds a secret that isn't told, so it 'chokes your neck'. The 'gold washes off' means that you can only hide behind a front for so long, because people will realise how you've changed in personality due to the depression. Refering to 'Sunrise, Sunset - "when was the last time you looked in a MIRROR cause you've CHANGED."

"The sad at like lepers, they stick to the shadows
And long to ring bells of warning
To tell of their coming
So that the pure can shut their doors"

The sad refers to another symptom of depression. Again, this refers to not explaining your problems "they stick to the shadows" and even arousing self loathing, wanting to completely isolate themselves from those who appear good and pure, this reflects the symptom of feeling guilty and that no-one likes you anymore.

"The angry are animals, senseless and savage
They act without order in logical lapses
They stain their mouths with blood"

He talks about how his anger and frustration cause him to behave completely differently (Sunrise sunset - "Become everything you said you never would be") and the "logical lapses" states that he's fallen and has been degraded (evolution wise, he views himself as less of a human, like an animal) although now it makes sense to him, looking at his destruction in a hopeless manner, again bringing it back to depression symptoms, feeling constantly tired and feeling like a failure. "They stain their mouths with blood" is slightly unclear although it could refer to possibly saying things you don't mean, due to the confussion caused by medication or perhaps doing bad things which you regret later and feel like an animal for doing.

"So take my hand, this barren land is alive tonight
The corn has grown stalks that form a wall that hides"

The barren land appears to be metaphorical for his moods and emotion and its alive tonight with all the elements of depression (the lepars, the animals) and he's praying for redeption from it. The corn gives the impression of perhaps a farm house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by animals and the stalks reflect something that he hides behind, in fear.

"The wind carries sounds that I can’t see from beyond that line. Then the stalks begin to sway"

The goings on in his life and around him are unclear for him (the interview - "a lot of things are really unclear for me right now") A symptom of depression is confussion and the inability to make decisions. "Then the stalks begin to sway" The stalks which he hides behind begin to sway with the wind, carrying all his secrets and demons and exposing him.

"Oh stay with me, Arienette, until the wolves are away"

The wolves are obvious a metaphor for his fever adn resemble the different aspects of depression ("stick to the shadows"..."animals, senseless and savage")
And until he escapes and recovers from his depression he desperatly needs some form of redemption to comfort him, his 'Arienette' presumable a woman, judging by the interview but it someone who he's yet to meet, and lives for someone who may not exist, but the hope allows him to salvage some strength. (In the inteview "she's about as real as you or i" he means that both him and the interviewer could potentially be somebody's true love and bring redemption to another unfortuante individual) and this can refer to "June on the west coast (NOT on fevers and mirrors) in which, when he plays it live, he sings "I thought about my true love, the one i've never seen, with eyes that burn so bright they make me pure...i long to be with you."
Arienette is her current name until he finds her.

Right, i need to pop out - I'll interpret the rest later

Bright Eyes – Make War Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm curious, in 'You will...' he mention kissing a girl in the attic of his parents house - obviously a reference to 'you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet...' I wonder if it's a possibly that the "degrading song of praise, like the kind that converted you to me so long ago" was 'You are the roots that sleep beneath my feet'?

Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine Man Lyrics 15 years ago

Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine Man Lyrics 15 years ago
I don't why entirely, but this song appears to be about death, but in a more positive and optimistic percpective. Yes, Hunter S. Thompson really loved this song. It was played at his funeral and it was beautiful.

"To wierd to live, and to rare to die"

Bright Eyes – Another Travelin' Song Lyrics 15 years ago
i've written a poem:
conor oberst is an alcoholic
a chain smoker
and a coke-head
he's also a fucking genius
enough said

Aqualung – Another Little Hole Lyrics 15 years ago
i agree with fanducky, this song does seem to be about coming to the realization that everything ends. A beautiful song, but one of the most depressing i've ever heard. Even if a couple never split up or end their relationship, one will end up dying in the other's arms eventually. The line, "This life can only, leave us lonely" sums it up.

Beck – The Golden Age Lyrics 15 years ago
The album sea change reflects his depressed state after he split up with his long, long-term girlfriend. To me, this song seems to be written from the perspective of a lonely guy wandering through sadness and lonliness, pondering on whatever reasons he has left to live, "These days, I barely get by..."

The Dresden Dolls – Coin-Operated Boy Lyrics 15 years ago
i think this song is about a dildo, or sex toy to a small extent. To a deeper one, i think its about loneliness. The speaker is expressing loneliness through the description of a dildo. By the way, I'm not saying this song is about wanting cock. On the other-hand is could be having a fantasy about a boy who's perfect for you and doesn't give you shit, and this fantasy, is again, another way of expressing loneliness.

Razorlight – Dalston Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm confused. I heard this song was about Pete Doherty, which is made abundently clear saying "Don't go back to Daston". However, when it uses words like darling, and says "come on back to me" its sounds more like a love song. Maybe a girlfriend who was on drugs? I dunno.

Queens of the Stone Age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer Lyrics 15 years ago
This song fucking rocks. I find the title kinda funny, coz you know when some shitty pop group release a shitty pop song music critics will call it the "feel good hit of the summer"? I think this song takes the piss out of that and uses the term "feel good hit", as in getting a fucking good high, not some shitty pop song.

Coldplay – Til Kingdom Come Lyrics 15 years ago
thehiredgun, that's an interesting point. To me, however, it's about the undying love between a couple, who promise to wait for each other. But that's just what it means to me, to others it may be different.

Tupac Shakur – Changes Lyrics 15 years ago
Sorry, AmericanPieGuy but I completely disgree with you. This song isn't about about black's passing the blame, or Tupac stating that the world's problems are all because of whites; that's bullshit. He's talking about the corruption of society in the world we live in which has never changed, one of the elements of that corruption is racism and he's speaking out for equality. hence the line "BOTH black AND white is smoking crack tonight."

The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is beautiful; to me it seems to speak about redemption and change for the better, "believe
that life can change, that you're not stuck in vain", and redemption is found by recapturing your youth or spending time with the one you love "believe in me as i believe in you, tonight". He's looking upon tonight as his one chance to change things, which is why is he emphasises on the "tonight". I could be wrong but either way, this song casts a very positive view and I get sooooo pissed off with this idiot i know who thinks that smashing pumpkins's music is just depressing and gloomy, when in fact, this song inparticular, is beautiful and moving.

Madonna – Act Of Contrition Lyrics 15 years ago
Ok, I'm quite confused by this one. At first I thought it was Madonna apologising to God if this album is considered in anyway Blasphemous, but the ending of the song throws me "what do you mean its not in the computer??!!" If someone could interprete it, that'd be great.

Madonna – Like a Virgin Lyrics 15 years ago
whoever posted the script from reservoir dogs, posted one of the earlier drafts because the characters are all wrong. Anyway, I'd have to agree with the unpopular decision that this song is about someone falling in love for the first time, but I think tarantino was right about a slut who'd shagged a lot of men (sadly incorrect about the big dick) , and then she meets someone who means the world to her, and she realises just how lost she truly was. And this guy makes her feel like a shy and inexperianced virgin again, hence "like a virgin". However, the big cock theroy is funny and there's a chance that whoever this girl fell in love has a big dick, just for good measure.

Madonna – Ray of Light Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with TheModNymph and me4now777; thez song does seem to fit reflect the desire to have a child, but i also think its about rebirth from a former material self. Around that time, Madonna was getting married, having children and settling down, so I think its a rebirth from her former self when she was a bit of a slapper.

Madonna – Love Profusion Lyrics 15 years ago
Not sure if it's about God, it could be though; afterall Madonna did have a catholic upbringing. However I thought it was about her husband and finding refuge in him during hard times or when she "gets in a bad mood".

Madonna – Nothing Fails Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow, I can't believe there aren't more comments on this song; probably the best track off American Life. I'm not 100% sure on what this songs completely about, but its seems to be Madonna looking back on her life and feeling complete with the comfort of her loved one. I think its directed at Guy Richie. (For those who don't know, Guy Richie's the man who directed Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.) I think the verse about not being religious is another way of expressing her love amd describing how moved she feels when she's with him. I don't know, I could be wrong.

Eels – I Like Birds Lyrics 15 years ago
I can definatly see why this could be written in relation to his mother. However, when I first heard the song, I thought it was E's way of saying that he's tired of the modern development of mankind.
"I don't care for walkin' down town
Crazy auto car gonna mow me down"

"I can't stand in line at the store
The mean little people are such a bore"

So instead he prefers to dismiss modern society and relax in the peaceful comfort of nature.

However, the relation to his mother theory seems better; afterall many of the Eels songs are about his deceased loved ones.

Coldplay – Proof Lyrics 15 years ago
Christian band? I hope not

Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song is about expressing boredom and suppression. The boring holiday in a sea side town seems to be a spiritual place to reflect the boredom where everyday is like sunday; all the shops are closed and there's nothing to do. The first verse implies that he feels naked and alone and he wishes that the sea side town (his boredom) could just be destroyed and made rid of. This is one of the best songs I've ever heard to express unhappiness and boredom, which also cleverly makes fun of typical holidays, for instance "etch a postcard, how i dealy wish i was not here", replacing the typical "wish you were here" with a message more honest, almost like a cry for help.

Céline Dion – My Heart Will Go On Lyrics 15 years ago
I hate celine, i hate this song, and i hate the film

Damien Rice – Woman Like a Man Lyrics 16 years ago
what does 'kitch' mean?

Madonna – American Pie (Don McLean cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
Madonna is a very talented woman and has done some brilliant tunes. But this is just MURDER!

Madonna – Like a Prayer Lyrics 16 years ago
i think it's about having a deep and overpowering love for someone, intertwined with the religion concept and, well, sex.

"When you call my name it's like a little prayer
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour I can feel your power
Just like a prayer you know I'll take you there"

A couple often call out each other's name whilst making love. This makes her feel a heavenly sensation, like god is touching her. When she's down on her knees, she's firstly in the position for praying, but at the same time being submissive to her lover (maybe giving him a blow job), so her love and her prayer for god trancesend each other. She wants her lover to feel the same way, to feel touched by god just as she does when they make love. She feels both her lover's and god's power, the midnight hour may be referred to as something evil and distressing in her life, that she copes with, due to her love. For the final line of the chorus, she once again, describes her love for this man (the black jesus, maybe?) and again, tells him that she's willing to 'take him there'. 'There' seems to be the a spiritual place, that Madonna is taken to my her love, a heavenly place that she wants both her and her lover to be there.

Summed up, my interpretation is this song is pretty much about sex, but not in a filthy, pornagraphic "fuck ya all over" kind of way. But in a powerful, passionate way. Making love can be such a heavenly thing, that it can only be compared with a 'prayer' communicating with god, the sensation you feel whilst making love.

I could be wrong though, which means I've wasted quite a while trying to interprete this song, but its certainly what the song means to me.

Turin Brakes – Pain Killer Lyrics 16 years ago
there's certainly sex involved with the song. When he mentions "banging in the bed"

Tori Amos – I Don't Like Mondays Lyrics 16 years ago
Yes, it is a very beautiful song. Sorry to ruin it for you, but its not hers; its a cover. It was originally by the Boomtown Rats, she just misses the 2nd verse out. Mind you, I do prefer her version to theirs.

Eels – Selective Memory Lyrics 16 years ago
I too think its E thinking about his mother. he seems to talk about how he dreams of her, and recalls happy childhood memories that he spent with her. However, in chorus "I wish I could remember
But my selective memory won't let me", it appears that he wants to look back on the wondeful memories, but at the same time, it's just too painful for him so he tries to forget.

Damien Rice – Amie Lyrics 16 years ago
I can certainly see how the 'story of O' fits into this. For me, the whole album seems to be built up around sex, relationships, love, etc.

Avril Lavigne – Basketcase (Green Day cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
She covered chop suey?! Another thing to laugh at her for! corporate bitch

Avril Lavigne – Slipped Away Lyrics 16 years ago
At what point in my post did I state that I could write better? Never. I stated that this song is crap compared to other songs I've heard about grief. Plus, I'm entitled to an opinion and it just so happens that I believe that this song is pretensious and pathetic. I said before that I sypathise for her loss and anyone who's lost a loved one, but seriously, what type of song about grief starts off with na na na na na? Mind you, she does have one talent - managing to brainwash you lot with this crap.

Radiohead – Black Star Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is clearly about a failing relationship. I think that when he says he going to blame in the blackstar, he's refusing to blame himslef or take responsibilty for his problems.

The last verse seems to talk about after his girlfriend/wife has left him.

"i get on the train and I just stand about now that i don't think of you. "

He's constantly telling himself that he's over her.

"i keep falling over i keep passing out when i see a face like you."

The truth is that he actually really misses her and once again he's blaming all his problems on the "black star"

Franz Ferdinand – Michael Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about a friend of the band's who had a gay experiance. Its NOT about Michael Jackson.

Damien Rice – Woman Like a Man Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is great, not my favourite by him but still brilliant. I agree with was GoOgOoGiRL77, being about women who's lost her delicacy.

The lines "I'll get a cheaper tickket next time" and "It really wasn't worth the ride" seem to be saying that he tried dearly to make it work with her and made sacrifices for her benefit because she was such a difficult person but sadly she turned out to be woman with little delacacy and he's decided to move on and find someone who isn't so difficult.

Some people don't seem to like this song becasue of its raw sound and use of bad, vulgar language. I, however believes that the the rawness and bad language helps to deliver the song as being angry. The woman who this song's about has no sense of grace which is why Damien intentionally wrote the song like that to fit the meaning.

R.E.M. – Leaving New York Lyrics 16 years ago
Although the song is written about New York, I think that it relates to others slightly differently. To me its about change and knowing that changes are happening all around you and you can't just stay in the same place all your life, hence "it's easier to leave than to be left behind". You have to go through many changes, some which are painful. Michael Stipe is using New York in this song because its something he loves dearly. Beautiful song, one of R.E.M's best.

Eminem – The Way I Am Lyrics 16 years ago
probably my fave eminem song. i had no idea he was comparing himself to jesus in this. In this song he's just pouring his soul out. Classic

Oasis – Don't Go Away Lyrics 16 years ago
it was written about liam and noel's mum when she had a cancer scare. it's about the fear someone goes through when faced with the prospect of losing a loved one when you're not ready for that to happen. You can only hope for the best and pray that they don't go away.

Oasis – Morning Glory Lyrics 16 years ago
morning glory is when you wake up in the morning with an erection

Damien Rice – Eskimo Lyrics 16 years ago
the opera bit (with translation):

Kosketa minua.....Touch me
Halua käsilläsi.....Want me with your hands
Mua niin että.....So that
tunnen sinut.....I feel you
Halua minua.....Want me
Halua käsilläsi..... Want me with your hands
Huuto sielussa......A loud cry in the soul
Minä kaipaan.....Me miss
eskimoystävää.....An eskimo friend
Minä kaipaan.....I miss
eskimoystävää.....An eskimo friend
Minä kaipaan.....I miss
eskimoystävää eskimo friend

Levellers – Hope Street Lyrics 16 years ago
good point

Blur – Tender Lyrics 16 years ago
I think its about a guy who feels very down and depressed with himself and is looking for love which he knows will heal his mind.

Alanis Morissette – Head Over Feet Lyrics 16 years ago
One of my favourites by her. I especially like the line "You held your breath and the door for me." Seems that good manners go a long way.

Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know Lyrics 16 years ago
muddyfrogwater, shut up! If you don't like her, then don't come on to this page!

Alanis Morissette – Hands Clean Lyrics 16 years ago
I think I agree with what babieemelly is saying. Great song, but I prefer the acoustic version.

Levellers – 61 Minutes Of Pleading Lyrics 16 years ago
I heard that this songs based on a true story; a women was left to bleed to death after her husband killed himself. Something like that

Damien Rice – Amie Lyrics 16 years ago
'amie' is french for 'beloved'

Eels – Grace Kelly Blues Lyrics 16 years ago
oh by the way the lyrics are a bit incorrect, the actual lyrics are:

The cut rate mime walking through the dirty streets
Of Paris in the hot august heat
Sun melting the fake smile away
Just looking for a place to stay

The actress gave up all her old dreams
And traded up, now she is a queen
Royal families dont have time
for that shit
Your crystall ball you keep it hid

The tractor trailer driver radios
Help me someone I'm out here on my own
Truck driving the black night away
Praying for the light of day

The kid in the mall works at hot dog on a stick
His hat is a funny shape his heart is a brick
Taking your order he will look away
He doesn't have a thing to say

But me I'm feeling pretty good as of now
I'm not so sure when I got here or how
sun melting the fake smile away
I think you know I'll be ok

Eels – Beautiful Freak Lyrics 16 years ago
"Some people think you have a problem
But that problem lies only within
Just 'cause you are not like the others"
This line couldn't be more correct. Often people who look or act slightly strange or different get pointed at and critised by stupid people who think that some one differents has a problem, without realising that the one with the problem is themselves. This song is great!

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